Tuesday, August 31, 2004

the best teacher's day ever.

So today, i was almost late but father managed to wake me up and fetch me to school, which he always does. I was carrying the presents for our beloved chemistry and maths teacher. Me, jonathan, bing rong, jin jie and julian shared money to buy presents for them. We went to J8 the day before and bought a belt for Mr Lim and some relaxing stuff for Ms Jazilah(shall not disclosed the amount in case they come into this site by accident).
After morning assembly jonathan passed the present to Mr Lim. The present was so high class as the GOLDLION plastic bag caught everyone attention. Anyway, we proceed to the hall soon after, and thought it was going to be the same old teacher's day celebration, but it was not to be.
Firstly, Brother Anthony addressed the students and teachers, and named the Marist Teacher Of The Year- Mr Lim Beng Huat. The response was overwhelming as we stood up to give him a standing ovation. It was quite a big feat as this was only his 2nd year in the school. Brother Anthony then went on and talked about his contribution to the students and school. I was not really surprised cause i knew he would win this award, because in MSHS, hard work would not go unnoticed. I was happy as i nominated him and he got the award. Well, i guessed he would be glad and proud, but i think his bigger wish is for us to do well in Os, get into a good Junior College or Polytechnic.
Afterwards, it was the teacher's day celebration, and it started with a bang. "Let's start off by welcoming our special guest, miss singapore universe 2003. Then came Mcron in a short skirt, bra, wig, high heel shoes walking around the place and shaking hands with the teachers. Everyone burst into laughter as his joker face plus the girl outfit make it even worst. Thus, along the way, he would criticise some of the performance stating it as "Thank you to our william hung like singers" and making fun of the teachers. It was the best celebration ever and i think people would remember the 2004 teacher's day celebration.
After the celebration went for the Ace's day walk, nothing much happen and i went home after dismissal. I took a bathe, change, then soon after went to primary school to see my ex teachers. As time was short, i only managed to see my form teacher, my chinese teacher was not around at that time, so i went to marina square to meet justin gang.
When i reached there, they were already playing their 2nd game and i heard that Mr Lim was coming. Hence i waited for their game to finish before joining in. My first game was crap as i scored a pinfall of 90, missing the 1st frame completely. Then as i got used to the lane conditions, my score improved and soon after, i was back up among the top. Highlight of the day was the last 2 games that we played. Justin, dog, kah woon, jonathan and thia formed a team, me, cs, jin jie, trevin formed the other team. We were the underdogs but did not give up hope, so with the 4 of us giving our all, we managed to outplay justin team, with me scoring 164. The last game was the same, and everybody was getting tired by then, but i endured and again our team gave our all, and won again, with me scoring 154. My performance today was not bad, but i wasn't really happy as there were far too many open. In the end, we chalked up a bill of $150 and above, forgot the exact amount. I didn't bring alot of cash with me, so had to owe them money first. I declared officially bankrupt after that and could only go home and eat.
This is my last teacher's day in Maris Stella High, and is kinda sad, but well, life has to go on, people have to move on, most importantly is to do everything with 101% so to repay the hard work and effort the teachers put in for us.

Sunday, August 22, 2004

winners, not losers.

One by one, singaporean sportsmen and sportswomen went down in defeat. Thus, at that time, the pressure was on Ronald Susilo after he convincingly beat Lin Dan. However, it was not to be as he lost in the quarter final to some unknown thai player. Everyone was diasppointed, but at the same time proud of his achievements.
Hence, our attention turned to the table tennis team, which was favourite to win a medal for Singapore. This afternoon, we witnessed the battle of Li Jia Wei against another Korean player(she lost to the other one in the semis) in the 3rd place playoff. She looked impatient and wasn't in good shape, and so, missed a few shots and lost quite a number of marks. As the korean player was as usual, barking and barking, plus her mentality was defending, she forced Li to make mistakes and in the end, Li went home empty handed.
Well, I could see after the match that Li was not happy at all. We may be disappointed, but i can assure her that every singaporean is proud of her in how she forced her way into the semi finals. She may be 4th in this olympic, but in another 4 years time, she would be a force to reckon with. The deciding factor was the amount of pressure she handled. Without a olympic medal in 44 years, the hunger for olympic glory by the Singaporeans caused her to lose the bronze medal, and maybe the silver medal. If ronald susilo was still in his own competition and managed to win a medal, maybe there would be a different outcome.
Anyway, there is no doubt they will receive a standing ovation when they returned to Singapore. They have exceeded expectation and nobody could blame them for the lost. Life still goes on and hopefully, we will get a olympic medal in 48 years time.

P.S. that bitch in the final didn't have sportsmanship after losing the gold medal to zhang as she refuse to shake her hand. Shame on you and you don't deserve to wear that silver medal.

Friday, August 20, 2004

maths craze

I want to apologise to my faithful viewers who have been to my blog everyday hoping for a new entry, but to be disappointed when there was no update. This week, my time was mainly occupied by the loads of homework my undisputed maths pro teacher Mr Lim has given the class. Yes, we are maths pro in the making. Afterall, after doing paper after paper, we ought to improve.
My average sleeping time was extended to 2 or 3a.m., mainly due to the olympic events on the television. This week, records have been broken, we witness the rise of some people, and the fall of some others, but one thing is for sure, they worked their ass of to get to where they are, thus, all credits to the sportsmen and sportswomen at Athens. Anyway, our only hope now lies on Li Jiawei, who beat her opponent Wang Nan of China convincingly and proceeding to the quarter finals. Maybe, just maybe, Singapore is getting another olympic medal in say, after 44 years. I stayed up til 2a.m. last night to watch her play, and she didn't disappoint those Singaporeans watching live. She beat Wang Nan convincingly 4-1, but Zhang Xue Ling lost.
The pressure is now on Li Jia Wei, with everyone in Singapore hoping for Olympic glory, since Ronald Susilo crashed out of the tournament losing to Ponsana Boonsak. Anyway, i want to wish Li Jia Wei the best of luck, and hopefully, bring a gold medal back to Singapore.

Monday, August 16, 2004


Well, today was such a tiring day. I slept at 2 and when taking the Geography test in the first period of school, i was already dozing off. Earlier on, i was watching the Man Utd VS Chelsea, and as expected Chelsea won basically due to Man Utd injuries to 9 of their players, and of course, their defence failed them once again. After 2nd half, i was switching between channels as i was watching Channel 5, and saw Ronald Susilo, convincingly beat World No.1 Lin Dan without much difficulties, and you bet i was impressed.
I watched abit of the portugal match and went to sleep soon after, realising that i have to depend on my luck for the geography test in the morning. Thus, i went into the geography period without any knowledge on tourism, which was supposed to be tested. Anyway, i was able, much to my surprise to crap out 2 and a 1/2 pages of geography and passed it up, and just hoped that my winning streak is still there.
Anyway, next to kao peh on the list is Physics lesson, where we had our practicals on Monday. Everything was going on smoothly but i was getting tired by the moment, and thus, was yawning every 5 minutes or so. Then, he said:" you wan to yawn go out and yawn, no manners." I retaliated with "yawn also cannot arh", and he said no. Well, CKP, you can just fuck off for all i care you son of a fatherless whoremonger. What I do is really, non of your fucking business, so stop interfering. I then said to wei xiang:"If i am made MOE, the first thing i would do is sack you bloody asshole and if possible, exile you from Singapore, because you are definitely not fit to stay in Singapore." He then carry on to reprimand Nico for whistling, how asinine can he get? why don't he just go and be a parapazzi since he like to interfere in what people are doing. Why can't he be more like his wife, more effective and command respect from the class. CKP, depending on your wife is not good you know, ruan fan(soft rice) is not nice to eat and i can't imagine you, a man is depending on your wife. I figured out our principal didn't want to sack you on account of your wife, for her contribution to the Os students every year in the biology sector.
Ok, i shall not waste my breath on this type of useless civil servants, and the that perfect phrase to describe him is "lan yu chong shu". Put him beside Mr Lim Beng Huat, and you can even smell the difference, let alone see it.
Everything went on as usual and i went home after school. Me, Mervyn, Chee lim, Ming Yuan, Jonathan had formed a basketball team for tomorrow's P.E. lesson known as the Cartoon Dream Team. We have already formally issued a challenge to Justin's team and the game in expected to commence tomorrow at 0910. Well, I'm given the role Captain America, and yes, expect to see me use my finishing move tomorrow-FINAL JUSTICE.

Saturday, August 14, 2004

Oh man...

Well, today is one hectic day. I woke up at 0715 by my cousin, ming hong call and went to bathe after that. Then after some quarrel with parents, i went over to his house and we then proceeded to er jie office after breakfast. We picked elsa up on the way and went to millenia tower, don't really know how to spell. The office was of high technology and security was very tight. Everything was neat and clean, and the televisions were all flat screen.
Then, we went on to study for the next 5 hours until 2, and went for lunch after that. After walking to suntec city and deciding for a long time, we decided to hav buffet at a restaurant called Kuali. The food wasn't that bad, and since it was buffet, i was gorging myself. As er jie had a dinner appointment at 1830, we had nowhere to go but home, so i went to my cousin house to slack. well, my stomach was already in some disorder, but carry on with cycling and further eating dinner when his father bought food home. I was trying very hard to gorge the food down as i almost couldn't take it. After that went to his neighbour house to watch soccer, and was already feeling the after effects of eating too much. After the Tottenham VS Liverpool game which ended in a draw, i then went home, which is around the time now. Stomach is still quite screwed and hope would get better later, gonna take some rest now, so cya...

Friday, August 13, 2004


Today is Friday the 13th, so well, things shouldn't be going well, but i was not really affected and so, nothing much and embarassing happened. Well, school was as usual, and got the news on English Aural Examinations that everyone passed. I was thinking:"of course everyone passed." I can't imagine anyone failing.
Anyway, maths lessons now are practically doing and marking one after the other maths paper. If we keep on regularly do our homework at this rate, i supposed everyone should get an A1 for the Os, I mean, maths is just about practising.
After school went home, finished my chinese homework. I was actually quite pissed doing it, the comprehension was that damn difficult, and the answers could not be found in the passage, so have to inference and think. There was another chinese composition to do, but i figured out there was not enough time so off i went for an afternoon nap. Woke up at around 5 and went for tuition.
When i came home and switched on my laptop, i was in for a big shocked. Proceeding to soccernet website to see any transfer speculation, i saw the one headline that i was hoping and praying not to see. It states"Real deal as Owen leaves", my biggest nightmare has come true, may be due to the effects of Friday the 13th. I went to liverpool website for more information and realised he is going for just 8 million euro plus a right sided midfielder Real Madrid RESERVE player Antonio Nunez, i would like to emphasize on the word "RESERVE". I went to the forum for more information, and guessed what, if you have Championship Manager on your computer, you could go in and check his statatics for his estimated ability. It was said that he possess the stats of a Division 3 player. Why are Liverpool always getting the wrong signings, but well, it's a new manager so i hoped Rafa would turned him into a gem like how he did to Biscan. I'm still very sad by the fact Owen is leaving, when you think of Liverpool F.C., the first person on your mind would be Michael Owen, and now, he is packing his bag and leaving Anfield. I got no doubt that he took great pains to come to this decision, but...haiz. I just hope Liverpool can do without him and wish him the best of luck in Real. Keep on scoring, Michael, You'll Never Walk Alone.

Thursday, August 12, 2004

An end of an era

Today's activities and event can be sumed up by one word -disasterrific. I was so damn nervous about the exam, that i went to greet the male teacher good morning madam and the female teacher good morning sir. It was so damn comedic but i maintain my composure and did not laugh out. Everything was going quite well, except for a few screw up. Then came the question about leadership and whats makes a leader and a follower, and is it an inborne thing. Therefore, without any hesitation, i instantly reply with a solid example-Mr Goh Chok Tong, now being promoted to Senior Minister. They were nodding their heads, so i guessed that's a good sign.
Anyway, just now went to eat dinner, and went to queue for this famous fried oyster stall. My family has a weird habit of eating style, and when i ordered my food:"auntie, fried oyster dowan oyster", everybody looked at me and started laughing. Luckily, the auntie was good and prevent me from further embarassment by saying replace the oyster with prawn.
I just sort of reached home and is watching the handover now. Lee Hsien Loong has officially become our new PM and I'm kinda of sad that Mr Goh has stepped down. He has done alot for our country, and sharing the country wealth with the people, I really respect him. It's the start of a new era, so we just have to see what's going to happen next. Well, just want to say a big thank you to Mr Goh Chok Tong for all that he has done for Singapore and the citizens. That's about it, homework is getting more and more now, so cya...

Wednesday, August 11, 2004


Well, prelims are coming, so don't expect me to update everyday. The zhong dian is on tomorrow, GCE O'level English oral examination. 10 years...preparing 10 long years for this exam, so I hope i won't screw up tomorrow. I couldn't sleep last night, keep on thinking what's gonna come out for the exams, so can predict that i will be having lesser sleep tonight.
I'm feeling that damn pathetic now, and therefore, I'm going to force the study mood to come about, force it like i never force it before, and with everything i am. Now no time to write a long long blog for you readers to enjoy, so sorry about that. Zhong dian for tomorrow...DON'T SCREW UP!!!

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

I said before I'll be back...

Yesterday just came back from genting, damn tired so didn't update. Anyway, The Genting trip wasn't too bad, just that it could be better. Yesterday reached JB ar 9, and guess wat, cross the Woodlands checkpoint at 12. The custom checked at Malaysia were worst. Many people were waiting to get their passport chopped, and one of the custom officials, the one which I'm queuing, was talking and taking his own time, as if there were only a few people queuing up. That guy got me so pissed that i could have smacked him straight in the face if not for the glass window.
The weather in Genting was very cooling, but still relatively not high-tech compared to singapore. The place was clean, and it should be, but when u go out of Genting, you could see litter everywhere in the hills and mountain. The people should be more concerned about our environment, should teach them what's stewardship.
The place actually is quite boring, and as i was quite hum, didn't play much in the theme park there. The arcade was quite old too. The billard there was quite cheap, but didn't have time to play. The nightlife was cool, got a few pubs there. I went in one of them, and there was 2 girls shaking their butts and singing on the bar top. Deep inside, i can't but think they are sluts, keep on flirting with the old ah pek dancing. The second day i went to sportsbook watch soccer, then was too tired after that and went to sleep.
Actually got alot to blog, but no mood to blog now, will update again tomorrow.

Friday, August 06, 2004

I'll be back...

Today national day celebration was basically crap. I can't imagine i lost to yonglin, that fat ass keep on acting so serious and like he doesn't know the answer, but he knows it deep inside him. Anyway, he won't the so called the class most brainiest marist. After that went to ole for a while, then actually is go watch movie wan, but due to unforseen circumstances and miscommunication, didn't get to watch the movie. After lunch went home and took a nap then proceed to Ang Mo Kio for tuition. Then decided to go out and called justin, who happened to be in cineleisure with the KFC gang. I went to join them for raiders, and it was damn funny. For tonight, it was quite even, and Jonathan won the Player Of The Day. His camping place changes frequently and always take opponent by surprise. After that discuss for a while and decided to head home. I came home and was nagged for a while, then pack my bag for the Genting trip tomorrow. So, i won't be in Singapore until Monday. Guys, enjoy the national day and stay safe, wan pia zui wait for me come back then pia together...

Thursday, August 05, 2004

A tribute...

Today, I'm not going to talk about what i did. Today, I'm not going to say how i spent my mother's birthday, but today, will be the day, i pay this special tribute to someone special. This person has always been there for us, teaching us, but everyday pass by without him complaining about how tired he is.
Mr Lim Beng Huat is one of the most efficient and hardworking i have even seen in my entire life. Please don't be mistaken that other teachers don't work that hard also, they do, just that Mr Lim really gives his all for his students. I still remember the first time he came into the class and introduced himself as our form teacher for these 2 years. My first impression of him was strict and serious, and he meant business. However, he is not just a person who is strict and serious all his life. There are also times that he would laugh and joke with us.
During lessons, he would prepare mathematics notes compiled from the 3 Maths textbook used in Sinagapore, be it A.maths or E.maths. Every lesson, he gives 200% for the class. Rain or shine, he would always be there to help and assist us.
The notes he compiled are easy to understand, and if we understand a small part of the chapter, he would compile additional notes to aid us. Examples from the notes are taken from both TYS and textbook, and therefore, while learning, we are also practising past year questions. He is also very keen on giving us a lot of homework and papers to practice, and this means more work for him. However, some people just do not understand the hard work and effort that he puts in and constantly piss him off(e.g. never do their work). He has this red file that records the people who hand in and never hand in their work. Even though some of them constantly piss him off, like that Hong Kong Bastard, he never gave up on them, and keep on hoping that they would turn over a new leaf and start to get serious in doing their work.
I respect a lot of teachers in my life, but no one as much as Mr Lim. Sometimes, when we do something wrong that makes him go real mad, he would just scold us. After scolding us, he continues with his lessons. How many people could go very mad at one time and still have the mood and energy to continue with lessons? Not alot...not alot.
Today marked the day where he completed our syllabus, which meant, we would not see anymore of his notes. This also meant that we would not learn any more mathematics stuff under him. Today marked the day where he had finished what he was supposed to do, and it all depends on us now.
I just want to say a big thank you for Mr Lim for guiding us these 2 years, and therefore, i have dedicated this entry to him. For now, to repay the hard work he had put in these 2 years for me and the class, we just had to study hard and show him by getting the results he always expected from us, as a mean of repaying him for the effort that he had put in for us.

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Did you see me?

Today school didn't do much, but morning assembly that time witnessed somebody experience the strength of Dennis. How dumb could he get? Steal from a canteen vendor, and got caught doing it, man...its his lucky day. Lessons was as usual, nothing much happened. After school actually intended to go study with bing rong, but then the study place quite far, so i decided to stay back and attended E.P. I think that Ms Jazilah is a solid chem pro, her notes are all easy to understand and she explained all the complicated things in an easy manner, no wonder she is a former recipient of the Marist Teacher Of The Year.
After school i went to eat mac with Goh wei cong. It was quite funny, an old lady suddenly ask him to look after her bag while she go order her food. Wei Cong was definitely shocked and gave that "fuck off understand" face. The whole situation was damn funny and i laughed throughout our meal. Anyway, return home after that, did a bit of maths before taking a nap.
When awoken by mother to eat dinner, i hastily wore a singlet and went out. On the car, i was told we were going to Yohan(Upper Thompson there i think) to buy some kitchen stuff for our house, and i was dressed in shorts and singlet. Luckily, it was quite late by the time i reached there and there were not many people around, but it was quite cool walking around shopping centre in singlet and shorts.
After that went to eat chicken rice, and i must say it was one of the best i had eaten so far. The chicken simply melted in my mouth and i don't even remember chewing. The feeling was damn shiok. On the way home, i saw a sort of those 3-storey house, and on their porch, there was a vending machine. What the hell is a vending machine doing in the house man, it definitely caught my eye. I just returned home, so yup, going to study now...

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Where's the pace?

After clearing my maths relative velocity yesterday, i was in for a shock when i went to school today. They told me that there was another homework for chemistry, the november 2002 paper 2 section A, which i completely missed it. I wonder when I'm going to have a day where i have no homework at all and just concentrate on my studies. Anyway, school was quite interesting today. The long 1 and a 1/2 hour maths period was spent on doing relative velocity problems. Mr Lim, the undisputed maths pro printed some additional notes for us, making A.maths:Chpt 19 the most number of pages of notes he had ever given us. It was P.E. afterwards, and i once again landed in Ming yuan team, and once again, lost game after game(though we managed to win once). After that was Mr Chia lesson again, and as usual, he had to chased that Hau out of the class again. Take note, cause i'm not gonna repeat his name again. His freaking fuck face plus his attitude makes him a complete and perfect bastard, so I'm just simply to call him "HKB"(Hong Kong Bastard).
Anyway, the climax of school today was when in the opposite block, there came a series of shouting, which brought about our attention. Unfortunately, our view was blocked by the trees, and so, couldn't see much. The problem was quite serious as after less than a minute, we could see Dennis and Ms Koh proceeding to that particular classroom. After school, we went to find out and heard from the eye-witness that some guy was being punched. I didn't know marists had guts to punch somebody.
Ok...I have not been studying this few days, occupied with homework and slacking, and i wonder when I'm going to get serious. This is the worst time to slack, plus constant nagging, I think i should put away with those slacking. Hope tomorrow doesn't come so fast, cause i've got alot to catch up.

Monday, August 02, 2004

true velocity, b relative to a, due west due east...

This few days, my mind is fully occupied with relative velocity, which meant i think of it even before i sleep. Finally, i can temporarily free myself of these thoughts as i finally finished the 3 relative velocity worksheets. Looking at the time table for tomorrow, i saw 3 maths period from 740 to 910, all of a sudden turned moody. It's not that i hate maths period, since Mr Lim is my most respected teacher, but he said earlier on today that we are gonna continue relative velocity, which i dread very much. It's trying to deter me from being a mathematician, which is one of the jobs that i hope i can go into, since i got no ambition.
Anyway, school was usual today, Mr Lim gave me chocolates as my birthday present, and Ms Foo got back my geography test, and surprisingly, i passed. My morale is quite high after passing the last 2 tests, and hope this passing streak can go on. As usual, her sarcastic tone caused many to hav the "talk some more and i'll kick your ass" face. After that lessons nothing much liao, since today was both sciences practical. As usual, darrell ong was fooling around, and occasionally being "zap" by the teachers.
After school actually wanted to go eat mac with the slacker group, but mother said she bought food for me, so i decided to pangseh them, which i always do. and head straight home. I proceed on to finish my vectors worksheet, but halfway through, i was too tired and took a nap. I completed the worksheet after dinner and was exhausted by then. Now I'm trying to study physics but i figured out there would be not much progress, but nevertheless, I'm still trying hard to forced myself.
Dreading school tomorrow, since there's relative velocity period, but tonight, i would be able to sleep peacefully...

Sunday, August 01, 2004


Haiz...as expected, today turned out to be one heck of a crap day. Let's see, the probability of having a bad day on your birthday is 1/365 multiply by 1/2, which is = 1/730. the probability is so so low, but yet it happen. The day started off when i was awoken to go to the temple. I said i wanted to cancel my tuition, then came the whole load of crap from my mother mouth. As the saying goes, "seven morning eight morning, cry father cry mother". When translated to hokkien, it meant qi za bueh za, kao peh kao bu. Naturally, i was pissed, very pissed for the whole morning and afternoon, and it didn't help when there was the 2 vectors worksheets to finish, and i have yet to finish by now.
Then i went for the tuition, i am considering to stop the tuition. Firstly, I already have a wonderful maths teacher Mr Lim. Secondly, I go for the tuition basically just to do maths, so without tuition, i can still make time every sunday to do maths.
After that i went to some Hong Kong restaurant to eat dinner. The food used to be of world class standard, the photos of hong kong actors and actresses proved it, but the standard has dropped drastically since then. I was eating crap just now, and they have the cheek to charge $160 for the food 9 person ate. A bloody toufu charge $19, wassup with that...? I had no choice but to link the restaurant with that fucker, and obviously, many of us know who that fucker is. That misbegotten son of a motherless whoremonger, whom especially me and wei xiang, hate to the core. Anyway, my clearly irate auntie went to complain. My father was obviously not happy with her, shrugged and went off.
Anyway...enough with all the complaints, besides, today is my big day...how can i let these stuff spoiled my mood. Ok...i would like to take this opportunity to thank my friends for remembering my birthday, in order of sequence:

1. My mother
She wished me happy birthday before going to sleep.

Her superb memory never fails her, wished me happy birthday in advanced on 11+pm.

3.Katherine Teo
this "brother" of mine remembers my birthday clearly due to some incident, which i shan't elaborate on.

4. Cheng Siong
As u can see on the tagboard, if it can be seen, he remembered it.

5.Wei Xiang
This bio-chemist clearly wasn't obsessed with studying as he wished me a happy birthday through his blog.

6.Sze Jzee
This good friend of mine remembered my birthday and smsed me at 2+am and u bet i was surprised.

7.Cheryl(hao peng you)
It would be weird if my hao peng you forgot, but she didn't, smsed me at 11+am.

8.Chee Lim
He took one whole night to remember who's birthday was it...lol

9.Ming Hong
He remembered it and smsed me,I'm eager to exercise my privilege of being to play pool, and hone skills together.

Thats about it i think, remind me if i missed out anybody. This year no present, only got hongbao. haha...but not alot also. Sorry if there's no tagboard in my blog, i don know wat happened too, trying to fix it. Thats all, still have to go do my vectors worksheet. haizzzzzzzz