Saturday, October 16, 2004

My last day as a Marist.

Today is a day, which i would never ever forget. 16th of October 2004, the 44th leaver's ceremony class of 2004. I put on my uniform for the last time as a Marist and happily went to school. Luckily i had my auntie to fetch me as it was a damn hot afternoon.
Thus, in my school uniform, i reached school at 1645, went into the classroom, and i saw no one inside. I was wondering if i got the time wrong, but went around and saw quite a lot of people inside the class. I went into the class and sit for a while, before everyone started coming in. Then i realised, i left my tie at home. I went around searching frantically in school, then they found a tie under the table, which belongs to the Shanghai idiot, which i didn't want to wear it at first, but seeing ming yuan tie was so dirty, i got no choice. We went into the hall at around 530, and there was speech after speech, which was quite meaningful. Then was the prayer and then came the so called "2 seconds of fame". I went up, shook hands with Mr Lim, and got my certificate. Written there was an L1R5 aggregate of 13, which means there was double moderation. Not that bad afterall, but also not that good. Now i have to decide where to go, cause i don't seem to be able to go any of the top JCs. After that was singing of songs, Peng You and Auld Lang Syne. When singing Peng You, memories of my days in Maris Stella High flashes through my mind, everything seemed to go by so fast, and I'm finally leaving the school which i call home for the past 4 years. After that went to canteen for dinner, which is quite crappy, met up with my parents and they brought me my clothes, and told me to not go home late before setting off home themselves. I then proceed to taking pictures with my friends and classmates.
After dilly dallying for some time, we decided to go out, but didn't decide exactly where. So i was told that we were going to Aljunied, but actually, we were going to the geylang part of Aljunied, so since there was no turning back, we stepped into the Mo Gui Chen. They decided to go some coffeeshop and eat, then we abandoned the idea of watching movie, and went to "walk around". It was then that I received the shock of my life. As we were walking pass this roadway, there was a group of girls idling around, as you can guess, what sort of girls can you expect in Geylang. Therefore, i used my skills and dodged 3 sluts, so when i thought the area was clear, 1 bitch turn around and touch my breast! Oh my god, i was stunned momentarily and carried on walking for a few steps before coming back to my senses, and realised that freaking whore just touched me.
I then was on alert mode for the whole journey and swore to beat somebody up if another one ever touch me again. There was nothing much after that and our sponsor punched taxi home. I still can't believe that my pure body has been invaded, Mo Gui Chen has definitely lived up to her name.
Anyway, this is most probably my last post til Os are finished. I just wanna thank Maris Stella High School for giving me an opportunity for making such wonderful friends and providing MOST capable and committed teachers, and always making us the first priority in everything. I have never ever regretted upon coming to this school, even though i could get into a better one. Of course, I want to thank my friends for the wonderful memories that they have given me. Especially the gang, you know who you are, and Bing Rong, Wei Xiang, Ming Yuan etc. who motivated me to do well in my prelims, and many many more. Wish each and every one of you, my friends, the best in your Os, stay cool and rock on.

"what do you do when you miss or wish to see someone?"

"i will go and meet him"

"what if you can't find him?"

"they would then become part of my memories..."

Friday, October 08, 2004

Last day of normal school life in MSHS.

Today was the last day I attended normal school in Maris Stella High, which means that, I'm totally on my own now.
Well, actually wanted to skip school, but then got quite a lot of things happening, so decided not to miss school. First thing, assembly everyone was singing the school song out loud with pride, since its the last time. Then after that we attended a talk by the VP, telling us to focus and wishing us luck. There was math lessons after that, then after recess went back to class. Mr Lim let us watch a video titled "an interview with god". I'm no worshipper of god, but what the video says does makes sense. For example:
"People gave up their health for wealth, then exchange their wealth for health"

"The rich does not have the most...but they need the least"

There's a lot more of these phrases, which i can't seem to remember. Exam mass was on afterwards, which was quite boring, only this is the first time i stepped into the primary school chapel, which was the best room i have ever gone into in Maris Stella High. Air conditioned and very clean, the surroundings looked like a Final Fantasy game. Of course, i fell asleep at times, but it was a short mass, then we went back to secondary school for the Leaver's ceremony rehearsal. It was definitely lame, but well, which rehearsal isn't?
Last day of school was basically nothing much to do, but a lot of things went through my mind. Feeling moody because according to my time table, there's no more math lessons, which means, i won't get to see the most influential teacher. Haiz...4 years, gone, just like that. I can't imagine how time come and go just like that. I could still remember the first day i stepped into the school, and now, it is about time for me to leave this school.
Finally, i want to pay tribute to all the teachers who have guided me through, especially during my secondary 3 and 4. What i am today, is because of what you have done for me, therefore, i want to thank you for your time and effort, never giving up, showing the same commitment and passion towards us the students.

Mr Lim
The most influential and respected person i have met in my 16 years of life. It has been a honour being your student.

Ms Jazilah
I appreciate your dedication and commitment, although the class was always creating trouble for you. I will not let you down during O level.

Ms Foo
Thank you for all your notes and help on geography, i have finally overcome the obstacle of passing your geography tests.

Mrs Chee
This 1 year has been great. I feel that my skills have improved after your taking over of the class. Your method of teaching has been enjoyable.

Mr Tan
These 2 years you have tolerated us, and i admire you for your tolerance, and your vast general knowledge.

Mr Ragu
A very relax and cool person, your english class is by far the most interesting, and of course, i will get your A1, i hope...

Ms Goh TK
Your physics notes proved to be useful, and we realised you were a much better physics teacher. It was such a pity that you could not continue teaching us, but thank you for your work and effort.

Last and the very least....

Mr Chia
seriously, i wished there was a change of teacher from day 1, nevertheless, your physics knowledge is there, but the method of teaching sucks, and i think it would benefit everyone if you switch to teaching combine.

That's about all, next week may still be seeing some of these teachers, some lessons here and there. Ya, 1 week rest over, back to mugging. I also particularly like this phrase:

Life is good for only two things, discovering mathematics and teaching mathematics.

Siméon Denis Poisson

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

last Maris Stella High exam

so today, i got back my last prelim result, which signals the end of my last school exam. Sadly, it is the first and last school exams that i managed such a wonderful score, the best in my 4 years in Maris Stella High. English was pathetic, but after moderation and addition to prelim 1, got a B4. My results are as follows:

combined humanities-59.45(haiz)


Higher Chinese-57

E.maths-78.9(never get >80,haizzz)

A.maths-74.4(haizzzzzzz...addition of marks got problem, so should be A1)


Chemistry-59.9(hopeless marks)

This results may look pathetic and hopeless to you, but trust me, this is the best so far. Anyway, heard there's more moderation, so this should not be the final marks. Oh, and my cca got a B4, i thought i was going to fail, but i didn't, so yup, CJC, here i come. hahaha

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

From hell to

So today, with a new hairstyle,they call it the noob hair, and a new seat position, I was hoping to have a change in luck in my exams.
First to came in was chinese, so we were talking cock most of the time, planning the worst scenario and the "if everything goes well" scenario. Then after that was chemistry, receive a bit of lecture, our class MSG was 5. something something, which is absolutely disgraceful. I got back my paper 2, since yesterday Ms Jazilah returned my paper 1, and the first thing she asked was"desmond, what happen?" Then you can guessed the back part of it, didn't do well at all, but managed to scrap a B4 out of it.
Then after that was maths, something which i was anticipating. E. maths was funny though, my paper 1 which is upon 80 almost got higher than my paper 2, which is upon 100. Anyway, got 72 for paper 1 and 78 for paper 2. Quite satisfied, but not particularly happy with my paper 2 performance, and i feel that i can still cut down on the number of careless mistakes.
After that was recess, and what was about to happen was, say...interesting. Physics lessons were after recess, then everyone realised that chee lim, went lost again, and his wallet and EZ-link card was in his bag. So we were dispatched to search for him, thus wasting an hour of our lessons, but he came back afterwards and so nothing happen to him.
Then Mr Lim told us he wanted to see us after school, and you could guess what he wanted to say. He emphasize on our academic results very much and was very disappointed when told that our class Chemistry MSG was pathetic. Well, he scolded us and of course, everybody felt guilty afterwards. Here we have a totally committed teacher giving his all while most of his students still does not understand his intention. Haiz, sometimes i really pity him, it can be so frustrating as it seemed to be that nobody was listening to him.
What really matters is that our conscience are clear, so i hope everyone would start waking up and do Mr Lim and themselves a favour. I felt guilt stricken after his lecture and decided upon going bowling with darrell that bunch. I think the class is under achieving, we definitely can do much better than this, but now, nothing else can prove our worth except O level, therefore i will give it my best shot, and hopefully others too.
The only cause of celebration today, would be the MSHS biology paper. Top student goes to, Tan Wei Xiang, most importantly, he's from 4 Benedict, so tell me, where's the so called PRC prodigy in 4A? Why isn't your name on the list? Our biology specialist top the level once again and reign supreme over the biology sector in Maris stella High, retaining his position as the No.1 biology student in Maris Stella High. Of course, this is all because of his own hard work and effort, and as you can see, his biology results says everything. So please don't be shocked when you see that there's this Tan Wei Xiang on the cover page of your biology textbook in the future, or when you reached Gleneagles Hospital with some heart problem, and is directed to specialist Dr. WX Tan.

Monday, October 04, 2004

the beginning of hell.

Define hell. Hell is when u get 3 subjects in a row, and all 3 you get C5, thats hell. today was doomsday, first paper returned was geography. Well, was quite nervous and excited at the same time, cause i think i didn't do too badly. My name was read out, and Ms Foo shot out the words " horse.", followed by the marks, 32.5. I was very satisfied, as you all know, I couldn't even pass my geog during my past 3 years, so to get 32.5 was a very big achievement for me.
Then afterwards was social studies, didn't expect to do well, but still managed a B,31. Got a pathetic 13 for my section B, and my source based got a 18, surprised by how tyco i can get.
After that, it was straight down. Physics got a C5, after adding prelim 1 would become C6, so what's the diff? Of course that Chia bastard was kao-pehing away. Our results poor, of course la, what can we expect for physics when we have such a freaking pathetic teacher. I don't wanna blame anyone for my poor results, but what can you really expect, when you have a teacher who looks down on you, and teaches combined physics stuff instead of pure.
He definitely is top in my list of "worst teacher i ever come across". I can't imagine my father is working and slugging so hard to pay taxes, just to pay this type of civil sevants. I rather they sack him and give the extra taxes to the more committed teachers in the school. I'm feeling quite down now, didn't expect my results to be so pathetic, and have to come home and withstand the nagging of my parents. I don't know when they will stop, and i guessed they never will. When i answer them, they say I'm rude, when i keep quiet, they would say "you won't get anywhere with this attitude. "Seriously, I'm damn tired of all this shit.
Hope tomorrow would be a better day. haiz...

Sunday, October 03, 2004

Next destination.

Quite busy since yesterday was the last day of my prelims exam, haven't got any extra time to update blog until now.
So yesterday was ecstatic that prelim was going to end, which meant there would be no more school exams for me, but unfortunately, some people would always be there to spoil your day. 0800 sharp, we went into the classroom, and the invigilator, Ms Aida walked in. Alright, nothing much, so she started giving out the materials. Then she counted the OTAS sheet and was about to pass to the person in front, Wei Xiang, when she noticed some commotion around the back. She stood and stare while giving wei xiang the impression that the OTAS sheet was for him to take and pass to the back. When he did that, she started making a fuss out of everything and from then on, she was scolding and scolding and scolding at everyone who she does not favour. I was so damn pissed with this freaking slut that i was staring at her the whole time.
Well, anyway, the exam carried on as usual and as i was not feeling well the whole time, i asked to go to the toilet after finishing the paper, which she rejected. I was having a terrible stomach ache, so you could guess the torture i had to go through for the next 40 minutes, since i scrambled through the paper in 20mins. So after that, i concluded i screwed the paper as i could not think properly. So you bloody bitch, are you happy that you screwed my paper? You just change my opinion of you you moronic whore. Don't ever give me a chance, or I swear i"ll make you look like a fool.
Haiz...Ms Jazilah was telling us to do well for paper 1 since we screwed our paper 2, and looks like i screwed both papers now. Anyway, its over, and its time to relax. Just a few days, getting back to study time on monday. Let's now move towards O level...