Sunday, March 30, 2008

Counting down the time...

Actually, i thought of alot of things to blog about, but then i forgot already. Haha, so now only waiting to go back camp.

Should be a short week for me. Have to go learn driving soon though, get it done quickly, i hope.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

How would you feel?

Have been asking this question to myself for alot of times. Don't really know the answer, and don't really know how to expect.

How would you feel when finally, in front of you, is the shankly gates?

No idea man, seriously no idea. Just thinking about it, makes it feel so real. I don't think i can put it into words, but there was a part where tears were about to come out. Not tears of joy, neither was it tears of sadness, just pure emotion.

Also thought about standing, or maybe sitting in the stadium. There's this stupid rule that spectators cannot stand, crap. As the anthem is being sung, just imagining it sends a tingle down my spine. Watching and hearing it on tv already got my hair standing.

I so wanna experience this, faster please.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

where's this?

It's been a freaking long time, and just realised that i had a blog. Haha, these few weeks freaking busy, alot of shit going on, alot of shitwork to do, and alot of shitwork to siam also. Here's where your lifeskills come into use, next time go society work confirm essential for survival.

Time passed very fast, march already going to end, and i haven't freaking start to learn my driving. Super sian, and soon i'll celebrate 1 year of national service. Ma de, hope it faster end man, i can feel it, i'm freaking useless now, don't even wanna use my brain sometimes, my brain cells are dying due to stupidity, and its freaking contagious. Hope the damage is not permanent man, i still need to go to uni.

Ok think i stop here, don't even remember the events that passed, except that i to cruise, away from singapore for a few days, which is quite relaxing for the mind. Time to sleep.