Saturday, June 28, 2008

Hong Kong

Let's start with the waking up part, was watching wimbledon on the tv, can't remember who it was against, and felt damn sleepy. I went to the com, chatted abit, and suddenly became damn awake. I went back to watching wimbledon, but then switched it off in the end to get some sleep, even though i wasn't very sleepy.

Dreamt that i was entering a club, and the song low was playing in the background. Then suddenly i jumped up and realised it was actually my hp alarm. I was so close to being late.

Bathe changed and took a stroll with my uncle to collect his taxi. The morning breeze woke me up, but i ended up sleepy when i was in the cab.

Reached the airport quite late, then went with the others to have breakfast after checking in, all the while trying to recall this guy who looked so damn familiar, but i just can't seem to remember. Then i saw a person whom i remembered at the whatever shop we went to. Apparently my signal sergeant in stagmont had orded long ago and going on a trip to thailand. It was like not even 5 and his flight was at 7.

First time taking Jetstar, and now i fully understand the meaning of the word BUDGET. All the way from the stewards/stewardess down to the freaking pilot, all NOOBS. Touched the outer part of the plane before i went in, show my appreciation first so that it'll give me a safe trip. HAHA. I am already considered an anyhow sleeper, meaning i can sleep almost anywhere any place. I had difficulty doing that on the plane, goes to show how crap the seats were. I was reading the book i brought on board, and when i heard a bang with a jerk of the seat i thought "oh shit what did we crash onto." Then realise this was the landing, this guy must be trained in the arcade, totally no skill at all. Alight already still have to take a 10 mins bus ride to the freaking airport to get through the custom, really is no class at all.

After collecting our stuff, we took the public transport, which consisted of trains and bus to our hotel.

Got to the hotel, changed out of the airport wear and off we went. Went to Tsim sha shui i think, had our first meal at a random teahouse. ROAST GOOSE, first time eating, katherine recommended, and it didn't disappoint. Definitely taste better than duck. Then we shopped and shopped and shopped AND shopped, technically is they, most of the time i only walk, went to so many places until i blur, shop until say want to go back hotel because of typhoon coming and we ended up in another shop. By the time we came out the shop the freaking typhoon was like an hour away. The relaxed crowd went some way to calm us down, typhoon only ma, still so many people on the streets with no sense of urgency, RELAX LA.

Then suddenly the streets became quite empty.

Shocked sia like suddenly with a snap of the finger everybody teleport away. Due to the relatively new surrounding we took cab back to the hotel instead.

Had a nice hot bath, and cooled down for like 10 mins, you know stretching all those, bloody vigorous activity, then spent some time watching the tv, they had nat geo and discovery, so quite interesting. Just like that, the first day flew by, except that through the night couldn't really sleep cause nick was like snoring damn loudly.

2nd day woke up at around 6+, then saw the rain, sian diao cannot go down walk, so went back to sleep til 8. Eunice came to wake us up, brush my teeth wash up ready to go, wah everybody not ready.

Many light years later.

We went off looking for breakfast, actually intended to buy food back to prepare for the typhoon, then buy everything already then realise opposite got teahouse open. In the end we still bought the food, and it ranked among one of the best meals of our trip later on.

I ate the sort of charsiew maggie mee, quite nice. After that when we went back to the hotel, the warning signal lowered already, so all decided to go shopping, anyway i don believe they'll stay in the hotel, with or without the typhoon hahaha.

Due to all the raining we had to amend our destination for the day so we decided not to go to disneyland, well sort of, we still went in the end, but not exactly. Anyway, WHAT BETTER WAY TO START THE DAY THAN SHOPPING.

Most of the time for me was walking still, can't really remember where we went to, nvm wednesday ended after me and nick hollanded into some highway already, had to take cab back to our hotel, quite ex some more because the distance travel damn long hahhaha. Fast forward to thursday.

Another rainy day, the thing that makes recalling the worst is because everyday rain, everyday walk, that i can't really remember which day is which, seemed like everyday typhoon also, only clear that thursday was drizzling and friday had clear weather Today we went to central, i think it's like the orchard of HK, all the branded stuff. Then there's this very very big 3 storey shop, omg alot of stuff.

Never really buy anything, everything is like cheap but not cheap enough, ask me to spend 50 60 dollars on a shirt needs alot considering. Don't know why also, just can't convince myself to buy. However eating is different, if the food is good its worth it.

After that its like already 4, and we decided to eat dim sum, since we haven't tried it since we reached hk. After searching and asking around for awhile, we went into 1 damn high class restaurant. Even the waiter, some old uncle, act like he king, waiting for us to serve him. We ordered those that were readable, and had to wait awhile before the food came. Everything about the restaurant fail, except the food. I think that was the best ever dim sum i've ever eaten. The shrimp so fresh, omg....

After that we decided to go the peak, walked to the bus stop and went up all the way, abit scary sia it's quite a long drop. Saw quite a few houses on the peak, don't know which celebrity one, isolated alone at some place faraway from the peak of the peak hahahha. After some photo taking, we decided to go to the wax museum, alot of the wax figures look damn real, until a point that it's scary, alot of dead celebrities also, goosebumps man. Doesn't help when need to go into some god damn freak house. Luckily being the cool me, those things and people don't scare me at all. AHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHA.

After that we went up to the top to take some pictures, damn high, a very very long drop down man, don't think can find the body after the drop also. Stand there feel the clouds moving pass, quite nice, but the view afterwards got blocked by the clouds, so couldn't see much already.

We took a tram down, and decided to go back eat instant noodles for dinner, with char siew and xiu ngor as side dish, oh my freaking god mouth watering dishes. katherine and eunice went next door to buy the dishes while we drag all the stuff back.

Boiled water and proceed to cook our noodles, sitting on the floor eating the noodles with the roast goose and charsiew, oh my god, really is 不枉此生。I still think if we don't sit on the floor and eat it won't be as nice. HAHA

Due to the rain, we couldn't really go out, so had to make do with rotting. I went for a beer with nick downstairs, then after that came back cabin. As my mp3 no battery already, went over to sleep in katherine and jia room, thought they playing cards or what, in the end my book haven even read 20 pages all lights off already. Talk about not sleeping through the night, hahaha but i really is sleep floor sleep until very comfortable. That was the only night i slept through the whole night into the morning. Still made some stupid dream that i was late for book in, ma de.

Woke up to see the sun streaming through the gap between the windows, lie there stone awhile cause i was not suppose to make any noise unless i got tired of living. Soon after, the alarm clock rang, and very long after then they started waking up. We went down for dim sum, the cheaper version, which meant more food, actually i think alot more. Eat and eat and eat and eat, and it's like only $8, omg, another definition of daylight robbery.

Took quite awhile for us to digest, then went back hotel pack up. Stone and rot for awhile, then we went to take bus to go airport. It was a long long ride, reach airport already 4+. Eat lunch, or dinner, then we walk around and went to play arcade. Their arcade is damn freaking cool man, so totally unlike singapore one, alot of fun too.

Buy the wife's biscuit, checked in, buy donuts, then go departure wait to board plane already. Again, BUDGET really is BUDGET, you pay for the quality man. Board plane also must take a bus to the plane there, have to ownself freaking use my leg to climb up the plane. The stewardess also, bloody hell, stupid bitch don't even know what uniform she wearing come and act punk, really is no brainer omg, reminds me of my workplace. I think the pilot scared of heights also, because he took like half of the whole flight descending. The moment he reached the targetted altitude he start descending already, take so bloody long to touchdown omg, budget. I forgot to add that their engine really is like those F1 torro rosso or redbull car, cheapcheap cannot win race one. Maybe i should be glad i'm back in 1 piece. Still dare to announce "hope to serve you again".

Throw you.

By the time i reach home already 1+, damn lazy to do anything. Actually i wanted to seperate this post and add pictures together, but then i damn lazy again, took damn long to type this post la, i think this is the current record for the longest post ever in my blog. Well record are meant to be broken. I guarantee the next trip will be an even longer post. 1000 over pictures, maybe after posting 50 i kena ban already. HAHA

Back to earth...

After an arduous journey, i am back from my holiday.

2 things that i experienced:

1. The distance i clocked in these 3 days, is more than the distance i walked in the past month. Maybe even 2 months, since i was injured and was basically a useless civil servant collecting your tax money.

2. According to point no.1, it meant that it was even more tiring than the freaking marathon. You know, the 42km one.

Holidays are fun, so far i haven't experienced an unfun one. Still i would rate this as the current number 1. Everytime i go on a holiday, i get this very weird but good feeling when i return. When i think back, it's like those periods were so childlike, no worries, no stress, no problems.

When the plane touched down in Singapore, boom. Everything comes back.

It's like a dream, and what a hell of a dream i had.

The next few posts would be trip related, don't know how long i would need to finish this journey, then again i'm not very good with words. I think this trip was good, bought a little bit compared to the others, that's for sure, and got myself alot of new names. Think it's damn true though, it's not about the places that you go, it's the people you go with.

I'm quite forgetful, forgetting people names, forgetting how i knew them, forgetting where i met them, and i hope its to remember times like this.

Making a name for myself in the history book, i'll be cursed man. HAHAHA

Monday, June 23, 2008

HK here i come...

My last post before i depart for a short holiday in hk, can be considered the first time i went there, since the previous time i went was when i was 4, and i all could remember from that trip was me taking out the singlet i was wearing watching the dolphins perform at ocean park i think, the heat was terrible.

Fast forward 16 years, and preparing for my first trip without the family. Need to gain some experience before i can go backpacking.

Just like the 溏心风暴,when a part of the story ends, another part continues. Those bloody bastards are at it again.

Fucking drug addict create alot problem again, give what fucking chance, really something wrong with his character, so many opportunities so many chances, fuck you man rot in fucking hell.

I suggested with our very familiar and competent CNB, i still very helpful lor say i volunteer to call. My mother tell me don't talk rubbish my grandmother will hate me for the rest of her life. HAHAHA like i fucking care.

I feel so helpless, the stress is taking its toll on my father, and these bloody cunts still come and bother him. All i can do is like shut up, because i know if i snap, and it's really really been accumulating for quite long, hell is gonna break lose. The last thing i wanna do is add pain to that stress, so yeah, i'm trying reaaallll hard.

At least i won't be around to comment during my few days absence. Wouldn't it be nice if they just like disappear from this world, like that movie where the kid suddenly kidnapped by some alien and wiped away traces of his existence on earth, as if he wasn't born at all, i totally need that technology.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Air Supply from the heart tour 2008

Today woke up damn early in the morning, still having a little after effects of the alcohol the night before, plus a little bit of insufficient sleep, was damn groggy and bumping into everything, couldn't really walk straight also.

Accompanied my parents for breakfast, which is like the wrong choice because i was so damn bloody pissed with the freaking hot and humid weather. Felt freaking crap with the sun shining down on me, so after eating a little went back home and continued to sleep.

Woke up then thought for awhile whether if i wanted to go for the concert. Didn't really took long, it's been a long time since they last came, i believed its a year or 2 years back, and i regretted for a long time for missing it, so off i went to j8 to buy ticket.

Met up with mh and his friend huiying in town and he drove us to expo for the concert, and all along i thought it was at kallang, luckily i didn't go along, anot sure screwed up.

Concert began, and the duo started belting out all the familiar hits, you've gotta respect them, 60+, and they still can jump around on stage, vocals still as good as ever. In all the concerts i went, i guessed this crowd was the most happening one, they reacted very well to the singers, getting all high and everything, i thoroughly enjoyed the atmosphere.

I didn't take any pictures, cause i feel that it's quite pointless, the pictures will never be able to capture the atmosphere at that time. Some things you just got to experience it for yourself.

After that went for supper, then took a damn freaking bloody long drive up and down stupid PIE, got tired from all the looking out for signs, crappy singapore roads so hard to manage. Looks like i need to start mugging the roads soon.

The voice of the air supply duo is still lingering in my head, feels like singing karaoke, sometimes wished that i could sing well, it's like so magical. They say time can heal everything, i believe the power of music can too.

Many tell me that i'm old fashion, like all the weird weird oldies. Sorry but most modern songs are totally crap compared to those from the old, no meaning, no feeling, totally useless.

Maybe it would have been better if someone was beside me. Maybe. Maybe not.

You said you love me, just as i am...

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Abit seh

Just came back from Andrew house, in fact i didn't really drink much, must be the basketball match that got the alcohol circulating through my body fast.

Won a little bit of money from the texas holdem, enough to cover my taxi fares.

It's been nice gathering with the old specs and officer, guess it was all worth it organising it, although not alot of people turn up, but its the fun that counts.

Don't know why i'm quite seh, didn't really drink much, just a few cups of wine and sake, that's all.

Last week had been spent watching 溏心风暴。 Bloody freaking nice show which made me shed a few tears. Maybe it's because of the similarities to the family which got my father addicted too.I'm sure if the grandfather was still alive he could have achieved the billionaire status, then again his disgraceful sons may squander all his money even before i was born. Oh well, can't be bothered with them.

This week though, not that free, suddenly alot of activities crop up, don't know to choose which one to go.

Currently waiting for the game to start, but i'm unlikely to be conscious for the whole game, getting more sleepy and seh as time goes by.

So ladies, if you want any truth from me, better ask me now, think i'll be in a more open mood to tell you everything. HAHA, man speaks the truth when they go drinking, i think that's damn truth. LOL just realised it's true instead of truth, hey at least i'm alert enough to notice my own mistake.

YOU'RE WAY TO BEAUUTIFUL GIRLLL....sorry listening to that now...hahahahaha

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Watching show.

No time to blog, because as what's stated above.

Now its time to book in.

Thursday, June 12, 2008


Took an off, it's like 2 months since i last took one, so relax and enjoy at home.

These few days also nothing much, and obviously all the stalkers don't want to own up. Ma de, next time make you pay to come into my blog. Hahaha.

Anyway, let's take a few minutes to commemorate the passing of 2 of the nation's young servicemen, training to protect the country, dying in the process. Whatever it is, be it just a walk, or training in brunei, bottomline is they are gone, doing something for the nation.

Rest in peace.

Saturday, June 07, 2008

PS i love you...

Nothing to do in camp, so spent 1 day reading this book, borrowed from my platoon mate. Storyline was quite good, but i think the author couldn't match the plot with her writing, not really sure i'm not a pro at writing, just that reading that time sometimes cannot really get the feel. Still, manage to make me shed a few tears at some part of the story, maybe an insight of how one carry on when their loved ones passed away, which i don't even wanna think of it and experience.

I like reading, it's like watching a movie. The words form the images in my mind, and then the images start moving, and pages after pages, it becomes a movie. I think its even better than a movie, you can't film thoughts, and some can't capture the feelings on screen, whereas words can say things much more clearly.

Although i still stand by the phrase "words can never truly say what you want them to say".

After that read abit of david gibbins the last gospel, which is like too chim for me. Need to read up on alot of things to better understand the story.

A rather thoughts-ful week, used quite alot of brain cells i think.

Anyway, it has come to my notice that i have alot more "audience" here than i expected. I always thought it's the usual few people reading my blog, which meant those people who i linked to. THE REST OF YOU BLOODY STALKERS OWN UP AND TAG BEFORE I MAKE MY BLOG PRIVATE!

Hahahaha just kidding, but tag anyway, i want to know who's my loyal fans.

Friday, June 06, 2008

Recovery week...

Didn't know climbing the stairs could ever be so difficult, wonder how i'm gonna live my old years.

My lucky number, too bad didn't became very lucky, 4D never come out.

Another few dollars spent on this magical number, which could be read upside down.
Since it's adidas sponsored, i played along, everything in adidas. Shoebag.



and shirt.

Got my results, which is not surprising. Bloody slow, but not bad la finish 20 click in 3 hours.

7 hours 43 mins. HA, a bugatti veyron can complete a marathon in under 7 mins and i took like freaking 8 hours. CUI.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

The day after the marathon

The reason why cars are so important...

So i left house at 10pm, met thia at hougang before taking a direct bus there. Reached there at just the right time, deposit our stuff, stretch awhile, and we are off.

The first 10 km, was so freaking fast, don't know why i run so fast also, but was already struggling at the 6km point, freaking changi coastal route is a bloody damn long straight line. Then you see the planes preparing to take off, bloody freaking hell, the speed they are going, they can finish a marathon in minutes, and i'm there running like a slow fuck. Wah demoralising, that part of the route was very mentally draining, cause my body is attempting to get used to the long journey ahead, after the 10km though, the body became more aclimatised so it wasn't so bad. Then Thia was struggling with his left knee, which was quite bad cause like cannot even walk at all. Running, stop, run is ok i think, what's not is when you run, then you walk, then you stop, and run again. I don't know why, but the walking part is particularly painful for the legs, more painful than running. The trick is to start running, but the first step is so so important.

So after that freaking bloody long route next to the airport, comes ECP. There was never a time i think that i was so hungry as at that point, that i was so tempted to go raid and push everyone away and eat their bbq. Walk like forever, then i told thia i run abit, because walking had become very very painful for the legs.

There's a long long long long loop at the end where the gantry is, so could see everybody running past, think that's the point where the muscles are struggling to get used to being pushed, because i had to stop several times to stretch the legs, after like what seemed forever, i finally finished that part of the marathon, and moved on to the park connectors to bedok reservoir, WHICH WAS LIKE 6KM!

Think we pass by darren house, which meant had to cross the freaking overhead bridge, there's like 4 in total what the hell man i hate bridge, especially in the middle of a freaking marathon. Anyway i hated this part of the route because of the undulating terrain. I guess that's just me, never liked those up and down slopes. Same applies to life, i prefer things to be peaceful, smoothsailing, constant, but as they say, change is the only constant.

Develop a routine at this point, every 2km, i'll stop and stretch the leg, and at the same time rest for awhile, before continue running and walking. The legs are tired of course, but i guess the mental challenge starts to come in, which i think i dealt with it perfectly. Focusing on reaching the 40km, just ran and walk and ran and walk. Of course there are many times where i just feel like giving up, because to carry on, even crawling is too darn tiring, felt like sitting down and stop moving and let the whole world pass me, but that wasn't gonna happen, not that night.

Friend told me that 30 to 40 was bad, but i think its ok, yes it took a long time, but i could still keep on going. Aim for the traffic light, so i ran, walk, and ran, walk and ran, crossing many traffic lights, determined to meet my short term goals, without ever letting the long term goal slip out of my mind.

Then at 38km, the legs started to get worse, was walking mostly now, after stretching i usually could run for awhile, but it was not the case now, the calf was feeling the stress now, and it took like forever to reach the 40km mark. A sense of achievement, but the last 2 click, was the worst i experience in my whole life. By this time i couldn't run at all already, and every step i took, my ankle sent a signal to my brain screaming pain. Pushing the legs to the ultimate limit, every step was painful, had to bite my arm to relieve some of the pain alot of times.

When you are so close to the finishing line, you wouldn't give up. Nothing could stop me at that point of time, and i guess that's when my mind was the only thing practically dragging my body forward. Last 100m ,time to wayang! Started jogging, then when i reached the finishing line almost cramp, hahaha omg man, bit my lips, continue on, never sia suay. HENG ARH.

After that rest for awhile, clean myself up, then went to wait for my parents. At that time then realise how bad my both legs were, barely able to walk. Even now, cannot really walk properly.

I guess its not bad for my first time, and the longest distance i had clocked in a day, than 2 months added up altogether, it was a good performance. Even when running at a super duper slow speed, i still felt like i was flying, hahaha, its like projecting the speed which i'll be running at when im 90.

A very good experience, learnt some stuff about myself, and finally i completed one of my life goals.

Impossible is nothing.