Thursday, March 05, 2009

It's been awhile...

It felt so long since i last blogged, but it's just 1 month only. Life has been about rotting these few weeks, will attempt to work when i come back from Europe.

Anyway, some sad news, even though i'm not sure if anybody ever comes here anymore, but i'm contemplating closing down this blog. The day that i started this blog, was because of the man up there, and now, the story has come to an end after a good, probably 8 9 years. I'm not sure if i could bring myself to do it.

Dragonlance was a part of my teenage life, and it's just a shame that the stories are coming to an end, all that's left is the lost chronicles of the one and only, raistlin majere.

It has been a real pleasure entering the world of krynn. Watching Tanis and co. fight tarkhisis, then their children coming into the world, fighting chaos, then the plot of stealing the world, the appearance of Mina, and eventually her choice to become a god of neutral.

It's such a pity, that there probably won't be another book in this world that fascinates me as much as margaret weis and tracy hickman.

And so the beings of krynn went to dreamland , with the gods and the 3 moons watching over them.