Friday, June 30, 2006

In the middle of my midyears...

This mid year is quite interesting, in my 11 years of studying life, i have never been so slack for my mid years before.

With my mind on the world cup, it seemed like everything that went in, went out. Hahaha, the likes of steven gerrard, ronaldinho, messi etc etc are always more easier to remember than principle of fluotation, principle of nuclear magnetic resonance, and all the distributions.

Therefore, i'm quite sure this mid year won't be anything like before, let's say about 30% effort i guess. I still have a chemistry 1 and 2, fm 2 and physics 1 and 2. Don't feel like studying for these papers, since i already gone through it once. 9233 quite easy, except for a few stunner question that will not affect your A in any way. F maths gone case, this is the first time i'm so impressed by my teacher, I couldn't even write anything out, no clue as to where to attack the question. Physics chem out of the question, since its CONTENT subject, and unfortunately the content isn't on "how many times have brazil won the world cup?" Similarly you ain't going to get GP questions like "Club or Country? What are your views." or "Discuss the impact of diving and simulation on The Beautiful game."

Ok so talking about world cup, let's get down to business, quarter finals are here, Germany Argentina England Portugal Italy Ukraine Brazil France.

It would no doubt be cautious play by any teams, but it will be exciting if the 1st goal doesn't come early. The team that impressed me in the world cup so far has been argentina. Their way of "pass the ball and move" have been pretty impressive, the mutual understanding and movement of the players are superb. Brazil on the other hand, has just got the quality to get the job done, but this will be their first big test against France. The Brazillians have not been living up to expectations, at times lacking understanding. Ronaldo, getting all the criticisms and saying he should be dropped at 1 point, and after scoring 2 goals everyone is saying he's good. I can't understand them sometimes, this guy is class, and you write him off like an S. League player, luckily the brazil coach showed why he's a coach and others are purely critics.

Spain also impressed me and i expected them to go to at least the semi-finals, but thanks to a thierry henry watching the previous world cup and learning from rivaldo, his Oscar award sort of earned them the win. I always thought he was a good player, but that play acting shit caused me to lose all my respect for him. It was absolutely disgraceful.

England have so far been playing like crap, but considering the fact that they have a fucked up coach, they are excellent already. I can't say anything more about the hp shit, but just wonder when are they going to go out. The england portugal match will be an interesting one, cause it will be great if they get through to the semis. Tactically portugal already have the edge, scolari knows what he's doing, and well the hp knows too, just that his mission is to destroy england. Therefore its up to the england players to show why they are 1 of the favourites to win the world cup.

Therefore the conclusion, italy and france are lucky that their cheating wasn't caught by the referee, ukraine is simply enjoying their long stay in the world cup finals, Germany a so so team with the huge homeground advantage. Hence my prediction for the final.

Argentina VS Brazil

Saturday, June 10, 2006

England VS Paraguay

Haiz, this is the 2nd match of the tournament that i watched, and its another crap game. This world cup is really demoralising me.

England's line-up is quite good at the start, except that the fucked up handphone guy decided to play the gary "ratface" neville instead of carragher. What the fuck is he doing? Nobody knows, but later part of the match he made even more stupid changes.

England started the match well, with a goal in 2 min, thanks to a Beckham free kick that was headed in by the Paraguay captain.

This is how it goes, joke hole going down the left and beckham down the right. Gerrard playing as defensive midfielder(yeah wat the fuck) and lampard on a more attacking role, crouch and owen upfront.

All right, first half was, well i don't know what happen, because the first and second half was about the same, downright boring.

Ok so let's fast forward to 2nd half. That fucker hp knows he is not gonna get any more goals, lampard just disappeared into thin air, occasionally popping out to shoot some long range, which work the keeper out abit. Joke hole was doing well on the left all the while, troubling the defence. David beckham, except for the contribution to the goal, was a useless piece of crap. With Paraguay being more adventurous and going to attack, Gerrard was busying blocking shots and defending.

First change, Downing on for Owen. Now that's what i call a fucked up manager. If he wants downing on, why not switch him for beckham, who has been doing nothing all the while, and trying out 40 50 yard crossfield passes which always fail. What a stupid disgrace, wanna do that, learn some tip from either gerrard or lampard. Now joke hole moves into the AMC role, and from then on he sort of disappeared, didn't have the same impact as he has on the left side.

Thank you Mr Ericsson, except for maybe some sales of your phone, you caused people all around the world to lose money. Crouch was ineffective alone, since the joker and the fat frank disappeared. Downing was inexperienced, and beckham was still trying very hard to hone his 40 yard crossfield pass.


Then our dear hp finally woke up, i bet the alarm rang, and brought on hargreaves for the joker, AND THAT WAS IN THE 80TH MIN.

Now gerrard can move up, but with the last 10 min, there's nothing much he can do, since the left was relatively easy due to the inexperienced Downing and the right was a "Beckham who can't do a crossfield pass".

In conclusion, a very lousy performance by their own standards. Defensively didn't do too bad compared to other department, midfield didn't have the spark at all, except from the occasional dancing around by the joker. Crouch and owen partnership looked good, but nothing solid came out today. Once Owen was out he was largely ineffective, must well play 4-6-0.

The referee too, was of poor standard. He thinks that because of his hairstyle, he can start yellow carding people, anyhow giving away fouls most of the time, and saying that the players foul throwed 5 6 times in a match? You think you're the only one with the Shang Hai Tan hairstyle? From the looks of it though, he reminds me of the gay referee video i watched somewhere on the net.

Of course, credit must go out to the England manager Mr Hp, for the freaking boring match.

Germany VS Costa Rica

The opening match of the World Cup 2006, kicked off by the host Germany, against the central America team Costa Rica.

Final score, 4-2.

In actual fact, it was a very crappy game. Commentator was trying very hard to convince viewers that it's a very exciting game, but it was downright poor in my opinion. The team would have lost badly if they were playing against better teams, though credit must be given to costa rica for their attitude to work hard and attack instead of keeping 10 man behind the ball.

First goal came from Lahm, who cut in from the left flank, 1 touch, 2 touch, wham. The ball flew into the corner and in off the post. A good goal to start off the world cup.

First goal from Costa Rica was from the pokemon wanchope. However it was due to Germany showing their complacency. The back 4 shut off immediately, and Wanchope easily slid it pass the helpless Lehmann.

2nd goal by Germany, good work by sneijder down the right flank, getting pass his marker with relatively ease and cutting back for some German outside the box, showed good control and took the ball in, a pass to the unmarked Klose to finish.

3rd goal by Germany, down the left flank, and for some reason he was left unmarked, costa rica players were looking and waiting for him to cross. He sends the ball in, headed on by a costa rica player, falls onto Klose, heads the ball, saved by keeper, and scores on his 2nd attempt. Another case of poor defending, player marking Klose was watching at the ball and jumping for it even though he was miles away from it.

2nd goal by Costa rica, another stupid mistake by the back 4. Costa rica attacked through the centre, loses the german defensive midfielder by doing a stationary 1 2(-_-), then wanchope strayed behind the 2 centre backs, and thanks to the full backs playing him on, he received the ball and slots it pass the helpless lehmann AGAIN.

4th goal by Germany, a simple short pass to Fring, who rifles the shot from 35 yard into the top right corner of the goal. Credit to the german, but you will not get this kind of chance against other top teams, 1 of the shutting offs by the players during the match.

In conclusion, this was a match whereby both were equally lousy defensively, but as Germany have players that can make a difference, they won the match. Despite the brace by the pokemon Wanchope, his mighty strength was not enough to save his team, time to evolve i guess.

What a start to the world cup, i would have been better off sleeping.

Friday, June 09, 2006

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Thursday, June 08, 2006

1 more day...

I am so so sick of studying, so i shall spend this time to blog about the upcoming event that is sure gonna rock the whole world.

World Cup 2006 in Germany.

As you all know, i have been stationed as a soccer analyst on EPL matches, so i cannot really say about countries such as trindad and tobago, and so on.

First of all, let's look at our motherland first, England. Solid back 4, one of the best in the world i believe. Carragher is not playing as a centre back, though he should be partnering terry, that's how fierce competition is. Midfield, needless to say, world class too. Joke hole, the england's ronaldinho, gerrard and lampard, the name says it all, and the beckham, though he sucks, but eriksson doesn't dare to drop him. My dream midfield will be downing-gerrard-lampard-hole. Forwards with the world class poacher owen, and crouch full of confidence. Brazil now has the best XI ever? I think England has the best squad ever too. I won't be surprised if England goes far this time round.

Strength: Balanced and strong team.
Weakness:Goalkeeping department.

Next up we have my motherland, Spain. A very strong midfield, upfront they have raul, torres, villa. 3 very impressive strikers, and who could single handedly turn a game around. In defence we have ibanez and puyol, relatively strong. Goalkeeping department never been a problem with casillas.

Strength: Balanced and technical team.
Weakness: Self centred, cannot work as a team.

Now comes our defending champion Brazil. a very very strong squad, and the team to beat in this world cup. We have adriano and ronaldo upfront, both with excellent country's record. Then behind them we have the FIFA footballer of the year ronaldinho and the magician kaka to split the defence. Supporting them on the left and right respectively is carlos and cafu bursting down the flanks. Protecting the defence we have ze roberto and emerson. Then we have lucio and juan as centre back, and the goalkeeper who is constantly being hit by flares, Dida.

Stength: If you score 1, they'll score 2.

Basically this are the 3 teams i'll be paying close attention to and looking forward to see in the semis. Argentina is another strong contender, but i don't know much about them, since i haven't seen most of the players play before.

I'm all ready, bring on the world cup It'll be damn exciting to see who's the hit and who's the misses.

World cup, where legends are born to speak 1 language, Joga...

Sunday, June 04, 2006

A no- mugging first week of holidays...

This week didn't had much time to mug. I went to the Pre-U seminar, and except for the pseudo ang mohs over there, it was quite fun actually.

The Q and A was the most funny really. Gan kim yong, that sweep floor MP cannot make it. Students were asking him questions, then he turn one round talk some cock then didn't answer the question.

I'll update with some photos soon, just received it from my SLOs.

Anyway, a good start to KFC venturing into field soccer. We won 9-2, but i was quite disappointed not to get onto the scoresheet though, damn noob, but anyway, the most important thing is that we won. I was lacking of match fitness, but generally everyone is. Then my blister wound reopen.

A new jersey, a new era, a bright future...