Sunday, October 28, 2007

close brush with death maybe?

It's been a bloody super long time since i updated my blog, could see the cobwebs and thick layer of dust all around already.

Haven't been doing much of late, going into camp, waiting for the weekend to come, then proceed to rot at home for the next 2 days. I've literally lost touch with the outside world. Seems like everyone around is quite busy, poly people into their final year busy with projects, thia concentrating on his A level, and the uni people are mugging their ass off for the coming exam period.

Experienced something in camp quite weird i must say. I was sleeping head rested on the platform connected to a chair, then suddenly i was awake mentally, which means that i'm still physically asleep that is. I couldn't move, I could feel myself mentally forcing my brain cells to make my muscles obey, but somehow i just couldn't move. I tried to scream for my friends beside me, but somehow my mouth just couldn't open. That was damn scary, and the worst part was, i couldn't get myself to breath.

I started to panic and pushed myself even harder, then when it seemed like my strength was ebbing away, i finally "woke up". It was a damn scary moment, but then my friends attribute it to tiredness and lack of sleep. Maybe so, but the moment when i realised i wasn't breathing was quite scary, and for sure i don't want to experience it again.

Things are gonna start picking up soon, so i think i'll have more things to blog in the future.