Friday, September 26, 2008

Super belated bday present? hari raya present? CHRISTMAS?? hahaha

Sunday, September 14, 2008


Hahahaha, i'm sure you can guess what i'm so happy over. It's such a long overdue win against the scum, that i almost forgot how it felt like.

When i heard that torres and gerrard was injured at first, i got this hunch that we would win, didn't place bets even though i walked pass singapore pools these few days. Guess this kind of league football betting really doesn't appeal to me. No money, ever won can replace the feeling euphoria when i see liverpool scoring or winning a game. One of the things money can't buy.

I wasn't complaining about the line up, it was strong, it was good, and i felt that with the line up we can win. 3 mins gone and we let in a goal, it was stupid, players were sleeping, and mascherano was at fault for not tracking back...BUT WHAT A GAME HE HAD AFTER THAT.

Dirk kuyt had absolutely a stormer of a game, even though his touch was woeful at times, today he made it up with his constant harassing of the defenders. Riera, looks like a very good buy, something that the team doesn't have, sublime touches here and there, and i think he showed something that the team have been screaming for: confidence. It's been awhile since i saw a liverpool player with such confidence, hope he turns out good.

Finally something to brag about in front of the scums, suffered under them for quite some time already. Hahaha, still it only lasts a week, its just another 3 points, and hopefully, HOPEFULLY.