Sunday, April 20, 2008


Just read on the page about Liam Harker. I don't know how to describe it, but it's really really really painful to swallow.

A 17 year old suddenly admitted to hospital and realises he has cancer. Then to undergo treatment and when all looked to be over, the bastards returned and he was told he had only 2 weeks left to live.

His last wish? To wear a liverpool shirt to continue his next part of his journey. He was invited to LFC to meet the players and the managers and to visit the stadium, but i think the doctors didn't allow it. IMHO, he should just go, why deprive him of this trip, whatever happens he should leave the world happily. The fans have decided to make a banner of some sort to be shown during Liverpool's champions league semi final with Chelsea. Hopefully he'll still be around to see it. :'(

Totally heart wrenching stuff, can't even imagine how his parents must be feeling. Haizzz...

My heart goes out to you and your family Liam. Enjoy your last days on earth with your loved ones. I am sure everyone connected to Liverpool Football Club will be thinking of you. You will never walk alone.

Saturday, April 19, 2008


My beloved club has fallen into turmoil. Reading all these stuff, right here on the internet is very, very very depressing for a liverpool fan.

Imagine millions and millions of people reading what i have just read, they would be laughing all the way to their sleep. Seeing the 2 stupid crap insulting each other through the media, and getting everyone else involved is just too painful to read. All these shit, should have been settled inside a conference room, and nothing to be leaked out to the public.

This is definitely, not the liverpool way of doing things.

The general consensus is that Tom Hicks should get his bloody ass out and away from the club, due to the many lies that he said to the people. Now he comes out with an interview, STILL with all the crap that should have been done inside a conference room. Maybe there's some truth in what he says, but why can't it be just another PR stunt.

When Hicks does an interview, people comes out and back him. The same goes for Parry, Gillet.

Who are we to trust?

Who is telling the truth?

The 2 stupid losers have to communicate, or there's no end to this disgraceful turn of events. I can't described how disturbed i am by what's happening, this is just not right. Liverpool Football Club deserves better than this.

Who am i supporting? I don't know, i can't tell who cares, i just want all of these to end. Not necessary that somebody has to go or what, even though it looks inevitable. STOP THE NONSENSICAL BULLSHIT FOR FUCK SAKE.

In other news, my mp3 suddenly spoil, *snap* just like that. Same problem apparently, hanging at the startup page. This essentially means that i will be without music while travelling for 3 bloody months, til my itouch comes. Don't know what i'll do without music..

Today is my father's 48th birthday. I think. A toast to his health and stress free life. I feel bad letting him worry about me. I couldn't get a present for him, just don't know what to get for him. My sister went for a last min shopping but to no avail. Maybe tomorrow i try to go for a last last last minute shopping to get him a watch or something. My mother just went to buy a wallet and belt for him -.-

About time for me to get into my world of fantasy. Good night.

At the end of the storm is a golden sky...

Saturday, April 12, 2008

El nino...

Gerrard, Carragher & Torres go before God. He questions their beliefs, Stevie says 'footy to be the food of life' god says very well, and sits him to his right. He looks to Carragher, who says 'Courage, honour and passion on the pitch' God nods, and sits him to his left. God then looks at Torres and says ' what do you believe in son', Torres replies ' i believe you are sitting in my seat!!

Once i dreamed, now i'll lived, and maybe someday i get to dream again...

His armband proved he was a red torres torres.

This, definitely totally owned that feeling....

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

celebrating 1 year of time wasting...

Next year this day, i'll be free, totally free. By the way, have been awarded with a yellow card to commemorate a year of time wasting. Quite worth it, people waste few minutes on the pitch and get a yellow, while i waste a year of my life and get one. Hahaha, hopefully the next 1 year will pass by just like that *snap*.

In other news, my toe is getting better, the nail is slowly but surely dying, bit by bit, could see my flesh already, virgin flesh, never ever exposed to the world before.

Last night, liverpool brought me to hell, then straight back to heaven, then to the 18th floor, then back to buddha's hands again. LOL, what a turn of events, from disappointment and fear to pure joy. I couldn't really sleep after the game, the adrenaline was gushing like mad. One of the best games of the season, and more so when your team comes out victor in the end.

Nothing in my life can beat that feeling, yet.

Friday, April 04, 2008

Chua sai...

Just went to TTSH to see the doctor regarding my leg, had been giving off some rotting smell for the past few days, didn't really notice it until today. I was wondering what smell that was in camp, thought it came from my clothes, hahha.

Went into the walk in clinic, waited while watching bad boys 2 on tv. Then saw the doctor, and he told me it was quite serious, and referred me to A&E, and told me depending on the situation i may need to be hospitalised.

Oh my god man really chua sai already, by that time had to call my driving instructor to cancel the first lesson already, what the crap man, guess have to wait for the next week.

Went down to A&E and did the admin stuff. Surprisingly i waited awhile only for my x ray to be taken, then the doctor came and attend to me shortly afterwards, and there were many people who was there before me still waiting.

To my relief, the doctor told me that i do not need to pull the whole nail out, which sounds painful, and i later found out i had to "sew" the artificial nail onto my freaking toe if i plucked it out. Then she brought me to the OT to clear the pus, which she said was pain. Quite nervous sia lie on the bed, she poke 2 hole on my toe and started cleaning when the numbness took effect. Pushed my toe nail up, which was about 75 degrees, with my toe as the base. Respect man, bloody and smelly she still dare to touch. Even asked me to look at my own toe, which i couldn't bring myself to. Hahaha reluctantly took a look then went back to lying down. After that she spam all the disinfectant and antiseptic.

Now feels better already, without the smell too, can't wait for my nail to grow back. It's always disappointing to be in the stands when the team is playing. hahaha