Monday, November 20, 2006

War is over...or is it over?

Today just finished the last paper, F.maths 9234/02, and this marks the end of both the fmaths era, and my A levels. Everything should be quite ok i guess, papers weren't easy, but weren't very hard either, so pray that results will be good in feb or march.

Parents came to fetch me after my paper, and my worst fears were realised. My mother is sick, again cause by this bastard known as cancer. I had been suspecting something was wrong for quite a while, about just before my physics paper the weekend. Couldn't really study for awhile, but composed myself after that and got on with the exams.

Results not out yet, but sounds quite serious, and the family cancelled the korea trip, no point going if my parents are not going.

So, another war started for me and my family? Haiz, i don't know, but i'm very sure about this, I cannot afford to lose this war.

A level is over my friends, but be prepared, you'll never know what's waiting for you round the corner...