Wednesday, November 30, 2005


I just came back from the cruise to penang and phuket. Its quite fun because got alot of people go with me.

I can't remember what time i reached harbourfront centre, was still quite sleepy that day, went up to check in to board the cruise. Then i saw clara, who dyed her hair until don't know like what, later she told me is red de, but don't know how she wash away until become gim moh. Then ya, her holy sister allah still the same as usual, retarded. HAHAHA.

Anyway, first day didn't do much, slept for the afternoon, and went for sauna. The cold bath temp. decrease til 6 degrees celcius, but i still jump in, hahaha, quite shiok the feeling. Then after that then hang around with clara they all. We went to my favourite hang out place, belini, where there's a live band performing, my favourite singers. First night drank 2 bottles of wine, Rothschild cabernet sauvignon and rosemount estate shiraz, not bad i must say, but the shiraz was quite spicy. Yup, that was enough already, cannot one time drink too much, the consequences is undesirable.

Next day woke up, just in time to disembark to penang. Broke my record of the no. of dish eaten in 1 meal.

2 bowl of hokkien mee
1 bowl of laksa
1 plate of chee cheong fan
1/2 bowl of chendol
1 plate of char kway teow

After finish eating, practically can't walk, hahaha, didn't shop much, because i don't know what i want, don think i need anything also. Went to my cousin house to slack, then went for dinner, haha, in the end we reached the jetty there late, not very late, we were the last only. The embarkation manager had to personally come and welcome us back on board.

2nd night nobody wanted to stay up, because next morning arriving at phuket early. Me and mh had a bottle of white wine, rosemount estate too. Next day went down to phuket, could see the changes made to the environment after the tsunami, there were still some buildings in construction.

Once again didn't shop much in phuket, they went to eat shark's fin la. Kao, endangered species they just eat like that, haiz, no wonder environmentalist i see them so poor thing. They do not eat shark's fin, but the thing is they must get people to do the same, otherwise its no use.

After that they went to shop, and i went to eat swensen. Then clara's group went to another shopping centre, and mine go back to the beach. Me and mh went for the jet ski, this time i'm better equipped, and my handling skills improve. Cruising on the jetski at full speed without falling into the water. One guy was following me, so the weight was quite heavy, after that he got off then my ride became more smooth. This jetski requires a great amount of skill i must say. You must know how to read the waves, which i suck at it, can't do physics, so ya, quite bumby. The need for speed is incredible, when going at full speed, you can only hear the sound of the wind brushing pass your ears. Even the rain, when at full speed, it hurts when it hit my skin.

Went back to the cruise all wet, took a bathe and went for the gala dinner. It was plain pathetic la, the champagne sucks, it feels like beer, so much gas.

At night went to watch the kungfu show, featuring monks from shaolin. Quite impressive i must say, as in personally witnessing their skills and martial arts.

Then yup went to play mahjong with clara they all, until about 6 like that. Haiz, then because of me again, no sunrise as it was raining quite heavily. Feel so guilty, everytime like that, if got next time i must go and sleep.

The next day woke up, went to eat, then slack in the room, nothing much too, then evening went for dinner before we disembark.

I heard this is the last time clara and allah going to cruise le, so sian, next year nothing to look forward to. Time pass so fast, i can still remember the first time i saw them. clara and jared was trapped in the balcony, hahaha, it's like yesterday thing, and that yesterday was like 4 years ago i think. Then we went on to become so so good friends hor? Haha, cruise ain't that bad also, get to know such good friends.

Nvm also i guess, next year i go become member, then i can bring them go cruise also, hahaha, but first i must go read up on probability those stuff, to find a way to win the casino money! I'm quite tired already, as in blogging, type so much. Back to singapore, is just like back from dreamland, back to reality, the things i have to do is so infinite, don't know start with which one first, i don think in singapore i would be able to sit down enjoy music with a glass of wine in hand.

One of the best trip i must say, did not yearn so much to get back to singapore, with no worries in my mind, so relaxing, a mixture of relaxation and play, yep.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Man City VS Liverpool

Once again, rafael gohnitez is back with your full time report of Man City VS Liverpool, before i go for the cruise trip tomorrow, eh no, i mean today.

Benitez once again opted to put gerrard on the right, risse on the left, and sissoko and hamann in the middle, with crouch and cisse upfront. The first half was a very poor performance i must say, i don't know why gerrard is on the right again, because in that champion league betis game, the first 20 mins with gerrard on the right ain't producing anything, no possession, no goals, no nothing. Not much highlight except for a gerrard shot that curled just wide.

2nd half came, the problem was quite simple for all to see actually. Sissoko and hamann were not really having a comfortable time in the middle of the park, and cisse was his usual crap self. Then the touch of magic came, cisse was off, and on came kewell. Cisse still had that unbelievable look on his face when he was substituted.

You know what " No liverpool players ever do that, fuck off if you wan to leave and stop nagging. Seriously i had enough of your shit."

Ok i'll admit cisse did not have a lot of chances, but that's because he is not running, crouch provided excellent passing to him, and he just doesn't wan to move! I think that's the problem with liverpool strikers, they are not linking well enough. However, cisse is really not making the effort. He can't control the ball, he can't shoot, he can't make decision. The only thing that i admire is he cost a god damn 14 million pound!

To be honest, i rather have 2 crouch than 1 cisse.

Anyway back to the game, kewell being brought into the game brought spark into liverpool team. The sense of urgency in him is what the team was lacking, he was playing in the hole behind crouch, so he provided the link from midfield to attack, and the team played better onwards. Gerrard was given a more free role to run, but he still had the job on the right side of the park.

Then the goal came, risse with a 1 2 with gerrard, and smash the ball into the net. That's about all, against a team like liverpool, its hard to come back from 1-0 down.

After that game saw the sporstcentre commercial, "Liverpool simply not good enough?"

I do not know which doorknob derived that from the liverpool team. Benitez is just into his 2nd season, he does not even have a decent cover for defenders and a winger, and you say now, that liverpool are not good enough?

Fuck you understand, you do not judge a team in the rebuilding process just slightly into the 2nd season. Stupid crap, guess you know nothing about soccer eh? In the first place, you also insulted european teams because liverpool are the Champions of Europe, hope you didn't forget that.

Yes i'm surprised the players he bought in isn't one you currently need, but if you just stop, ya stop, and use ur fucked up brain and think for a second, he brought in just the correct players, to add depth into the squad.

As i've already said, i rather have 2 crouch than 1 cisse, isn't that enough?

Anyway, guess you know nothing about liverpool. In the past, shankly era, he took 5 years to rebuild the whole team, and it went on to achieve success. Managers after that only needed to bring in 1 or 2 players to continue their reign. So you are telling me now, that after 1 and a half season, you crap and say liverpool ain't good enough? Haiz...why is this kind of ppl working in sportscentre?!

Anyway, liverpool are now on their way to chasing the rich ass idiots, and so are arsenal and man utd. THE TITLE RACE IS NOT OVER!

Last of all before i end, i offer my condolence to the family of george best. A legend in the footballing world, it is a great great loss, to everyone who is associated to The Beautiful Game.

Monday, November 21, 2005

Interesting weekend.

This weekend was quite busy, saturday went to kensington training, then sunday went out for dinner.

Anyway, the saturday training wasn't that successful, i reached at about 11am, and was shocked to see only 8 present, the rest don't know die until where. Our training time getting less and less, we went for a swim at around 1+, then went for lunch afterwards.

We were sitting at the kopi diam there, then saw a bunch of kids at the opposite void deck, apparently look like they fighting, but then like looking at something on the floor, so we concluded that they were doing maths. wc and darren went to check it out, and tio stop by police. Then me and cs sense something wrong, go over also. Then kena copy name down.

Wc" why you need my ic?"

Police" spotcheck la, why, cannot arh?"

I thought they were ur friendly neighbourhood police?? How come got so guai lan police some more, its not like we are criminals la. Then ask us to write down our particulars. HELLO, lim peh pay tax give police to do this kinda thing, and with this kinda attitude. No wonder go into police la, go into service industry sure tio fuck.

After that we went to season, but due to out for too long, everything went wrong. Then bought game with wc, wait he finish playing then i borrow from him the game.

I'm still playing the Radiata Stories. No wonder the rating quite high, the game is like your normal cartoon game, but its very realistic. Things like day and night, people walking around going into buildings. It is those small detailed stuff that they perfected which made the game so nice. I think i'm approaching the end of the game already.

There's a choice for you to choose, which will determine the ending of your game. Either follow the girl to join the nonhumans, and make humans ur enemy as the humans are now on the wrong path, or join the humans to fight for something against your own principles and make the girl your enemy.

I was thinking, if this scenario happen to me, what will i do? I think its quite simple actually also, cause i've chosen in the game, follow the girl. Hmm, what implication it will have, i don't know, but i know one thing, the humans, my friends, brothers, everybody, they will support my decision. From what i know, all my friends will jump over to the non human side also, because of justice, and because of yi qi!

Saturday, November 19, 2005

My reflection.

I just came back from dinner and walking around with my group of friends, not the marist brothers, the other gang. Anyway, happy birthday to ernest and melanie. Watched harry potter, quite stupid anyway. That bloody potter is a noob in the movie, can't fight at all man, some more he really look like some noob. There were many cuts too, and the movie lasted 2 and a half hour.

Since can't sleep and nothing to do, let's talk about enlightenment. My quest to enlightenment is still carrying on, searching for the meaning in life. There is some progress i must say, for example those constantly shown in tv:

If i don't enter hell, who will?

I rather be hurt than to kill that person.


Yes i know all this, but the thing is, can i carry this out? I have been trying, to dissolve the hatred for some particular person, and i would say i've been quite successful. However, i haven't met anyone who have tried to do me harm. I figured out if i did, i don't think i have the capability to forgive him. Now i realise how hard it is, and thus the true meaning of " True courage lies in not fighting at all."

Another point i figured out is why monks must abstain from BGR. I guess this is because of the concept of yin and yang. Therefore when you have love, you have hate, and the thing is only a thin line seperates love and hate, so yeah, they discourage love because when things go bad, it may well be generated to hate.

However i think that love is still possible, only if people can dispel all negative thoughts, it may well be possible to attain enlightenment with love. Then again, this is all theory wise, i am very sure to carry this out, that person must be a very skilled person, as in his learnings of The Way.

Ok, enough of all this, i shall try it, then see how it goes, hmm, no wonder people spend a lifetime to achieve it. Tomorrow is KFC day, time to train once again, and of course, meet up with my brothers.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

So near yet so far...

Monday i went to the og chalet, and at the same time benji chalet. I screwed up and went to pasir ris when the chalet was at east coast. Luckily my friend was there, so ya i went to his chalet there to slack first. Watched Final Fantasy VII(advent children) on the ps2, damn nice show i must say, all action, and the fighting scenes were damn nice. Especially when cloud used omni slash, the graphic was very very nice.

Then since i was abit lazy, so slack there til about 9 then leave, not much traffic by then, so the taxi was cheap. When i reached there they were racing the car, quite fun, but abit of the noise pollution. In the end most of them went cycling and i took a walk in the beach then came back and sleep. Can't really sleep with all the noise around, so was listening to my music and lying there until about 3, the time they came back from esplanade.

One by one, fell asleep, tired i guess, poor thing la, no space to sleep, in the end the last man standing was me and jerome, playing dynasty warrior. Then the sun rose, and i took a ride to the jetty to see how the fishing was going on. Then could see the clouds gathering, and so i decided to ride back. At first there was a dribble, so i rode faster, then the rain also came down faster and harder, in no time i was soaking wet already. Luckily got one rider in front take the lead, so i follow him get wet and rode back to the chalet.

I took a bathe, came out, and the rain stop, playing fun sia heaven. Then yeah most woke up at around 8+, then started playing game abit, by that time i was already very very tired, trying to sleep with my classical music, then michelle have to debate with me what's good music. What the hell, anyway, they started playing some combination of a drum and guitar plus some shouting from the singer, so ya, what's music becoming into man? Looks like mozart's ambition to beautify the world with music will not be coming true in the near future.

After that went to denise house with michelle and pf, it was very very nice. Her family very environmental friendly, the house is build with the greenhouse effect helping the plants to grow. The sound system is superb man, next time when i get such a big house i sure buy de, playing NICE SOOTHING MUSIC.

After that michelle and pf went home, then i went back to the chalet. Left ys and sh, i was trying to get some rest, and sh wanted to chiong some game, so ya bo bian but to entertain him.

Around 5 he left, then i also left le, went back home, slept at around 10, woke up at 8, and was thinking how school sucks. I could hardly stay awake, reached sch at 840, and i realised lesson was at 8-_-. My classmate screwed up and told me start at 9, in the end i missed the last lesson with my FM teacher, mr cheng. He's being posted to MOE, haiz, sad, he's also a maths genius, the style of teaching also suit me very much. I just feel sorry, because i didn't put in alot of effort to show him that his student got talent and he taught him well.

Anyway, i have to rush tutorials now, tomorrow must pass up, siann. See the title there? Guess correctly what it means and i'll give you a present, but i doubt anyone can do it.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

TP's for you...

This few days have been running around Singapore, particularly the east side. I went to crash TP, and enjoyed it like hell.

It's the total opposite of JC school, the students wear as if they are going clubbing instead of school.

Won't be blogging this few days too, very tired, and if i was to list everything down, there would be alot. Anyway, monday there's another chalet, but still thinking whether to go anot.

My snooker skills are more or less back, now is time to improve, especially when you have an opponent like wc, a snooker regular, rocks!

Monday, November 07, 2005

Man utd VS Chelsea

Once again, your post match analyst, rafael gohnitez, again with the post match report of the man u chelsea game.

Just before the game, Ferguson said that he will be playing 4-3-3. HAHA, mind games again, as you can see at the start of the match. O shea at the left, silvestre and ferdinand in the centre, and wes brown, yes wes brown at the right. Middle of the park its ronaldo scholes smith and FLETCHER. Again another bao leng guy at the right side of midfield.

Man utd started of brightly, playing flowing football that had been lacking in the previous few games. Smith and scholes controlled the middle of the park, with some beautiful sliding tackles. Seems like the plan was easy, close them down. Chelsea didn't have much time on the ball, and the long ball tactics to rooney and RVN was a problem to the chelsea defence. Since fletcher was on the right, they could only get cross in through ronaldo, and he was causing alot of problems for the ferrari.

At last, the deadlock broken. It started off with rooney, with his back facing the goal, he held the ball and kept the play going by dribbling pass 2 players, then with a pass to ronaldo, who had a chance to shoot, he fakes the defender and puts a delightful ball into the area with his left foot, fletcher got there, heads the ball into the area, and guess what, GOALLL. He puts it straight into the net. Great individual play by rooney and ronaldo.

During the half time, I did not expect mourinho to make any changes, simply because, no change can let them win if they continue to play like how they did in the first half. Man utd wanted the win more than chelsea, and i thought the half time talk might do the trick.

Chelsea came on the second half, and responded like champions. They had more ideas now, playing more flowing football, and man utd was pushed to defend deep. However they did not create any clear chance, plus with the likes of rooney and ronaldo upfield, it would be easy to hit them on the counter. Mourinho tried to add some spark by bringing on SWP, but he was transparent against O shea.

Man utd defended for their lives and recorded a 1-0 win against chelsea. Finally things are looking up for them, and if they go into every game with such passion and commitment, i believe they can be genuine title contenders.

A great game of football in a neutral point of view, and the switching back to 4-4-2 was very effective today.

Now chelsea 2nd loss in a row, is this going to mark the start of a losing streak? I hope so, i don't want the title race to end so early.

Man of the match is definitely smith, you can see why ferguson decided to convert him into a midfielder, and under the guidance of keane, he may be the midfield general for man utd in the near future.

Thats all from ur post match analyst, stay tune for more match reports.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Aston Villa VS Liverpool

So now is the post match report by rafael gohnitez. Liverpool manager goes into the game with just one change to the team that won in the previous league game at west ham. Cisse on for crouch. Gerrard was put to play at the right once again.

The game kicks off, for the first 20 mins, seriously, liverpool are crap. It is just not working, even with the possession, you just know they will not score, and aston villa are beginning to get more comfortable. Luckily benitez recognise that, anot i can take over his position liao. Quick tactics by him, moving cisse to the right, gerrard back to centre of midfield, more of an attacking role though.

They look better now, but yeah, first half is just now good enough for liverpool F.C. Highlights for the first half, the no goal by cisse. He was clear on a 1 on 1, with no pressure from defenders or whatsoever, he shoots straight at the keeper. Don't take away credit from the keeper, but this 14m guy should score to justify his price tag. My view has never changed since his arrival, he is over rated. Even i can see that the goalkeeper has come out quick enough to cover every area, so why can't he pass to the oncoming unmark morientes, and choose to shoot when he know he won't score. Useless. Sell.

2nd half, was much better, but still not enough, and i was expecting a draw already. Benitez also feel that its time to bring in fresh legs. The inefficient garcia, cisse, and morientes sub out for zenden kewell and crouch. All 3 did well, and crouch won the penalty which changed the game totally.

I'm happy with the 3 points, but not happy with the performance. The striking department is out of sorts. Crouch and cisse can't score and shoot respectively, they should put the ball in the net, especially with such opportunity, it doesn't always come this cheap. Morientes look lost this time.

The midfield pairing of alonso and sissoko in the first half was disastrous. Alonso was apparently sleeping, and sissoko was sliding recklessly. One day he will just get a red card, but he is still young, i acknowledge that.

The only up to standard part is the defenders. They back 4 were efficient tonight, set up the offside trap nicely numerous time, carragher definitely man of the match, great reading of the game to keep out baros and angel.

Don't be too happy with the 2-0 win, because i don't think the manager has found a solution to the inconsistency, as i have said, a draw would have been a fair result.

We need to improve, very interested in what players they are going to invest in during the january transfer window.

I very tired le, go and sleep, that's all from me, ur post report analyst for the day.

Thursday, November 03, 2005


I took quite a long time to finish this wu xia xiao shuo. A few days i think, because there's 42 episodes, then i had alot of outings with my brothers, so didn't had time to continuously watch it.

It started with 2 brothers with nothing, then they met some people by chance, then was able to master some martial arts skills. At first they had to struggle, because it was a very neutral skill, so if they had that little bit of negative thoughts, they may walk fire enter demon, or become consume by the evil.

In the end 1 of them fell in love with a girl practising the way, then he also some how able to neutralise the evil into zheng qi. The other brother was getting worse, because he earn a army out of nothing, and he wanted to da tian xia. So all the killing made him more and more evil, luckily in the end the he shi bi, the jinx of the evil xie di she li, help him overcome it.

The ending not very happy though, they help li shi min, in the end had to die by his hands. They didn't want to escape, so went to meet their death. In the end the one that was always in the battlefield sacrifice himself to save his brother, and so yeah, one of them survive to make sure that the emperor kept his promise to govern the country well. Yeah so that guy is tang tai zhong.

Haiz, however close brothers are, they will seperate one day, but no matter how short together, if they have shone before, its enough. Anyway, i think i also want to learn about fuo xue. To attain enlightment, to understand things that happen in this world, and to treat everyone and everything equally and dispel hatred, think i got hui gen, but if wan to carry out these things, it won't be easy. Attaining enlightment is not easy after all...

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Sentosa outing...

Today went to sentosa with my brothers, chee lim thia cs wc darren and me, then there's the cedar volleyballers.

It's like abit late, i reached 9 plus, waiting for everyone to reach harbourfront, it was already 2 hours later.

We intended to take the bus to sentosa, then the queue extended til the outside of harbourfront station, WTF, in the end we chiong taxi in.

This time we didn't do much, play our newly created game. Using soccer juggling skills, and using tennis rule, and using volleyball, we created a new game, which was bloody fun. In the end, the seasoned players me and wc won the champion. HAHAHA..

Alot of bangla people around also, taking up alot of freaking space. They go all the way to sentosa, stay in the shelter and sleep? They don't have enough sleep in the void deck i guess. If that was not bad enough, later cs found out that got 1 fucking idiot use hp and take picture of 2 girls in bikini. Na bei damn bloody pervertic. I don't mind you sleep in the shelter la, but this kind of thing you also do, shameless fucker. Haiz, in the end we never tell the girls, because something else happen.

Darren and wc fighting in the water, then wc with a super headbutt, and darren started bleeding. It's like the sol campbell using arm and whack tainio head until all blood come out. Then straight away, we bing fen niang lu. chee lim wc and darren go hospital for stitch. Me thia and cs bathe then meet up with them later.

When we were finding place to bathe, it was filled with those bangla people. After the incident i already quite pissed, then i saw something worse. They change in the public, and i mean literally change from their swim wear to clothes in the public. Fucking hell, sentosa is not their home man, they just strip all the way like that, na bei. Luckily i never see anything, or i sure puke like fuck.

I really buay ta han this kinda people, anyway we decided not to go sentosa during public holiday le.

Went to play pool after that, then went home straight away.

This trip wasn't that bad too, got alot of bikini babes, damn hot! I shall go sleep le, very tired and later got soccer.

P.S. I always say bangla, because i believe indians don't behave that way.