Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The place where it all began...

Where should i start? How should i start? What should i say?

Recalling back to the maris stella days, it was getting lifeless after sec 1 passed. It was home after school everyday. Then on one particular day, i just recalled, a very tall guy(justin) and a very short guy(darren) asking aimlessly for people to go for soccer.

That was how it all began...

5 years passed, i admit, i wasn't good at passing, poor with my left leg, and can't even shoot accurately, but i tried to do my best for the team. Like what the pros said "never be afraid, don't hide from the ball."

During these 5 years, we saw how many of our players improved, yen hao still as good as ever, wc turning into a playmaker, cs with his skill and technique despite his size, and darren with his drive and energy, making up for his height. Ivan, strengthened by his cigarettes, with his cheeky flicks, and i could just go on and on...

The reality is starting to sink in only now, even though thia told me the news a week ago. Life really does become somewhat empty when you do not have a KFC day to look forward to. Tell me, how can you get a group of about 10 18 years old to get together?

There's only 1 answer, and that's soccer.

Everytime after KFC session, you just can't help it but smile at how the day went by. Yeah you may not have scored, you may not have done better than you liked, but at the end of the day, what matters is that we all had fun. I guessed that's why we were able to successfully organise these football sessions for so long.

So what now? Seriously i don't know, thia mentioned about the team venturing into field soccer, but i guess it won't be as fun as our KFC session. A different ball game altogether, though i feel that field soccer suits me more.

I have this feeling that, we will be back to our very homeground in the near future. We just have to look out when the signboard is removed.

Then again, it doesn't really matter. Remember GTO? Onizuka said "school is just a name, as long as there are students, there will be a school." That applies to us as well.

As long as we Kensingtonians are around, the spirit of KFC will live on with us.

For now, our undying love for soccer will bring us through this pain of losing our homeground. Nobody will ever understand or feel how we feel towards our home.

As long as the ground is there, I will have faith, that someday we can reunite altogether at the very same place that we all met and became brothers.

KFC brings us up where we belong...

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Happy birthday thia!

Yesterday did not go for bowling training, particularly because of the different lane condition. I was very scared that i'll get screwed up again if i switch back from faber to yishun. Guess that's how noob do things.

Anyway, got more important matters to attend to. I went to "the special one" Thiarinho birthday party at bernabeu, really very far. I had to take the plane from Toa Payoh international airport all the way to pasir ris. A perfect day specially made for him. It was raining in the morning, and so it doesn't make sense for the rain to continue through the whole day.

Then one look and i know where they are, the clowns apparently forgot to defrost the chicken wing then had to pluck it out frozen. Anyway, due to 1 of his Muslim friend, we couldn't eat pork until he finished eating.

Hahaha, that reminds me of my father workers. As they were working very hard at 1 point of time, my father decided to buy some food for them. One of the Malays grab a bun.

My lao peh "eh this one is char siew pau, pork. You still ramadan, can eat meh?"

Worker "Alamak boss, i don't eat how to work, don't work where got money?"

Haha, quite sad also, that's how life is.

Anyway, the pork rib was out at the end, and of course, that's the best you can get, though the chicken wing tastes good also.

After drinking abit of the vodka i went home, had to manage my team. On the taxi with trevin, the uncle kindly switched on FM88.9 for me, which was commentating on the liverpool west ham match. Just 1 goal before half time and i'm confident we could get through. When the goal came, i screamed in the taxi, the driver must have thought it was a bad choice after all.

I was back home during half time, and continued to watch, arguably the best FA cup final ever in the Fa cup history. Captain Stevie to the rescue. I am still stunned by his 2nd goal. Like i thought wc, it was the combined power of gorilla and wc, from 35 yards out, volley it into the bottom left corner. Like what the commentator said, "he has ABSOLUTELY no right to score that goal."

That was, indeed the best goal i have seen in my entire life.

It send me into ruptures, my mother was awaken by me, my father sat there in shock, and i was screaming and shouting like some crazy fuck. That was how nice the goal was.

Then the extra time period, you could see at least half of the 22 players having cramps of all sort. It was damn straining on the muscle. Then came the penalty, and you know who's gonna win it.

Reina, at fault for the first 2 goals, mainly the 2nd, became the hero as he saved 3 penalties to become the hero for the night. However, my hero is still gerrard, you just can't use words to describe him.

Thia's bday, Liverpool's victory, it doesn't get better than that.

Once again, wishing thia a wonderful 18th birthday, and may chelsea win more trophies in time to come(liverpool will win more). Hahaha, the man utd bearguson, west ham chan, tottenham soon, and liverpool goh bought a 80m scout which has 80gb of judging player's ability, mainly for him to store more players info and more efficient scouting system. I'm quite sure he's gonna put it to good use. hahaa.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

chiam chiam chiam...

What an exciting night last night, haha, alot of climax, and of course, victory by both chiam and low once again, well done man.

First highlight of the day was the AMK GRC contest. I really had a feeling that the opposition party would win, and was hoping for it, but well, of course the probability of that being true is very slim actually. In the end, our PM got 66% of the votes.


It's like Abrahimovich giving you unlimited money to spend, and you use it all on, errr.. AGU CASMIR.

He should at least get a respectable amount of votes, like from 75 to 85%, afterall who the hell have heard of the opposition candidates before this election? They are newbie and you win by a slightly more than average margin. This is not soccer, so you can't say that it is still 3 points. It will not be 3 points in the next election if he carries on like that. Buck up dude.

Sad case for your first election as a PM, but too bad, i don't like you. I still prefer our Lau Goh. Then again, time will tell everything, so yeah, work harder, cause i can vote in the next election, hahaha.

Next is of course comment on the ka kia of the government, the media. As you see, everything and everywhere you see, is the freaking lightning logo. Chiam and Low? I don't think viewers on television saw them for a combined time of 1min, i say its about 30s. BE MORE GRACIOUS DUDE, lose then at least lose graciously ok. Then on channelnewsasia was the discussion of the results with 2 politics analyst. PLEASE LA, use ur common sense, would they say bad things about the PAP? "The PAP are in a crisis right now, they got their policies wrong, if they don't do something, in the next few elections, i'll be expecting the opposition party to win some seats." Fuck la, use your brain, they can't and won't say something like that, unless they just earned their first billion.

However, i guessed its better this time round, cause there's coverage of the people's reaction, be it PAP supporters or opposition supporters. I saw 1 guy who is definitely gonna be blacklisted by the PAP. The reporter was there reporting about how elated Chiam supporters were, and the background was a coffeeshop with many supporters cheering. Then you see this guy on the left side of the TV, wearing a chelsea shirt, shouting and screaming as though he just retained the title for the 3rd consecutive season. He then added with shouts of "Chiam see tong! Chiam see tong! Chiam see tong!"

Oh my god, another name into the PAP list of "people we should take note of" HAHAHA.

This time round, i would say PAP failed. Its there for all to see, numbers don't lie, people are getting more and more pissed with PAP. If they don't do something soon, i can see them losing seats in the next 10 to 15 years.

Policies of the PAP failed terribly this time round.

First was the aiming and gangbanging of the blur fuck ex NYJCian Gomez. Although he is a cock and screwed up, i believed that PAP exaggerated on the issue. Everyday Gomez here and there, of course people dulan la. You ask opposition to come up with better policies to challenge you, then you stand there and talk FOR A FEW DAYS about a stupid newbie that we wouldn't care much about. The results? He almost helped his team win Aljunied GRC, see how pissed people are?

Then was the tactical move by our PM to ask lau Goh to go help win potong pasir and hougang. Now how? lau Goh screwed up, his fault not your fault la. Clean sweep, PUI la, living in dreamland i believed, you think everyone is happy?!

Then particularly the wrong policy adopted by lau Goh on the both constituency, 80m and 100m for hougang and potong pasir respectively i believe. It's like Arsenal telling henry, "you wanna leave arh, ok i increase your pay to 150k a week, don't go." Na bei of course leave la. Although they do need upgrade and everything, how can you just say, "vote for us and we'll give you the upgrade." This is totally wrong, and of course like i've said in the first place, why aren't they not entitled to upgrading in the first place? Because they have an opposition MP? RIDICULOUS.

That's it for the toshiba fulltime report, will be back in 5 years, to tell you more about my vote if i have to, hopefully. Just back from the market, saw alot of happy faces... HAHA