Monday, February 25, 2008

the long awaited post...

I promised that i'll update about my trip to New Zealand, so here it is, exercise thunder warrior. A very beautiful place indeed, and the weather makes you never ever want to come back to Singapore, so freaking hot and humid that you just feel pissed being here.
On the way to NZ, always liked the scenery from the very top,especially at night where there's many many stars.
After the gruelling 9 to 10 hours plane ride, which i was asleep for most of it, was the 6 hour bus ride, a very long one, and since i was not accustom to eating plane food, it meant that i did not eat for the whole day. Haha, so apart from playing psp and sleeping, took some time to take some photos of the places that we drove pass.
Cannot be seen clearly, but this is the light of god, shining down on this particular hill, quite cool can see the rays everything.
The place where i showered, yes it looked comfortable, but it CAN run out of warm water, which means i'll be bathing in cold freezing water under freaking cold weather.

Ahhh what beautiful flowers, can see alot of it grown everywhere, very pretty.
The sun rising , can't remember what time was it, but the days were damn bloody long, 5am first light, and the sun freaking sets at 10pm! And this means that there's alot of things going on for a very long period of time.Another artistic shot of the sunrising by me, actually i think i quite talented, got the photographer flair. HAHAHA

Should be the sunset, when it gets dark, it really gets dark, so at night, you can clearly see the stars, and also the earth orbiting, i saw like 4 shooting stars in less than an hour.

This kind of sky, cannot be seen in singapore, simply beautiful.
The clouds in NZ are amazing, i can simply lie there for hours gazing at the sky, letting my mind wander, and can see alot of pictures and things in the clouds.
Taking a picture, the legal way. Superb scenery.
A few of my pictures where there's actually people inside it. I still prefer sceneries though, that's why the majority is on the landscape.
What more can you ask for, brushing your teeth with such a beautiful background.

There's a hole in the sky tonight....
The very big ice mountain, and the closer we got to it, the colder it became, so yeah, it became like our weather forecast.

The rain is coming, can see the contrast very clearly, in fact if you go to a high enough hill, if there's rain you can see it coming from afar, slowly swallowing the whole place so that you can only see fog in the distant.
Another lucky day as i got the glimpse of the sunset without any clouds obstructing.
Getting dark, time to pull out the sleeping bag. hahaa
Was our sky ever this blue?

Can't stop taking pictures of the sun. Breath taking view.
This meant, R and R! A stream leading to lake taupo, yes a lake in NZ, which is also coincidentally the size of singapore. hahaha

Went deeper in and found a nice spot for pictures, notice how close we were to falling in, hahaha but the water was warm, i wouldn't mind.

After that was at the village watching the people do the HAKA, freaking fierce, very nicely done.

A river formed by the water flowing down from the mountains, no residue at all, can clearly see the bottom, and best of all, its safe to drink.
After that was the 9 course dinner sponsored by SAF, oh the 9 course included the coke, tea, and of course the rice. HAHA
A place we went for lunch, then they had this luge ride where you sit in something like a car and steer it downhill. I think i broke the record for the fastest lap down the hill, crazy stuff which you only see in F1.

Part of the course, few crashes here and there, some minor injuries, but that's it. Actually it was more of burnout then F1, many many takedowns. HAHA
The hotel that we stayed, it was actually quite good, but it was too far away from town, so yeah quite inaccessible.
Getting dark already in town, didn't have much pictures on R and R because most of the time was flying around trying to get to places so we can shop. Everything closes at 5 sharp, so snapped a picture before we continued shopping.

R and R was too short, i wanna go back to NZ, read their visitors guide and there's like tonnes of tourist attractions that i never had a chance to go.

I think this post is damn long, so yeah hope you readers enjoy it, i'm shagged!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

100m run anyone?

NTU FUND RUN 2008 - Run for fun, Aim for Funds!

On 1st March 2008 to 2nd March 2008 (1pm to 1pm), NTU Students' Union Students' Funds Committee will be holding a fundraising AND record breaking attempt at *SCAPE NATIONAL YOUTH PARK (OPPOSITE CINELEISURE).

We will be attempting to set a record of the most number of participants running a 100metres relay non-stop for 24 hours. The runners can be repeated but not consecutive. In order to break this record, we need about 1200 participants. For every runner that completes the run, our sponsors will donate a certain amount of money to the event. However at the moment, the number of applicants is very low and it's less than a week to the event! As such, I would like to appeal to all of you to come down on the day of the event and support us!

Not only will you be part of a record breaking attempt, you will also be helping out for a good cause! All the proceeds obtain from NTU FUND RUN 2008 will go entirely to help the needy students of NTU and also our beneficiary MINDS( Movement for the Intellectually Disabled Singapore).

At the event, expect not only a goodie bag which contain items such as Eng Wah movie tickets, Ben & Jerry's Vouchers etc, but also 24 hours NON-STOP entertainment of LIVE BANDS and PERFORMANCES. Not only so, there will be a BAZAAR and you will get to purchase Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream with your voucher instantly!

Once again, I appeal to all of you to support this event. You can just drop by if you are near the area.

It only take less than 1 minute to complete the 100 metres run, but the funds raised can changed the lives of our beneficiaries.

If you are unable to make it for the event, kindly help us to forward this email to as many of your friends as possible.Thank you for your support in our bighearted dreams! :)

Please visit for more information or contact me at!


NTU Students' Fund Committtee

The advertisement above does not represent the opinion of the owner and is only there for commercial purposes.

However, next time i may organise an event similar to this, just that the money will all be donated to my account. So do support me yeah...

HAHAHAHA ok anyone who ever steps in here and reads the crap i write, if you're interested inform me then maybe can go together.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

My destiny...

I stand alone.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Bad start to the year 2008,

which means that it can only gets better from here onwards.

Firstly, when i came back, my father was down with some rare urinal infection, causing him pain and discomfort, not being able to eat well, sleep well, etc etc.

Then nvm, next up on chinese new year, or somewhere around there, torres got injured due to a hamstring injury, which immediately rules him out of tonight match against Chelsea. What the hell?! Its just a friendly.

Ok that's 2 in a row already, then nvm, come the new year, i went on to lost $50. It's suppose to be a wealthy year for those born in 1988!

Then i went on to pissed someone off, haiz let's not go there.

NOW, i just heard my aunt had a heart attack and is now in ICU. This is like so sudden, and this kind of shit happen.

Everyone around me is hurt and sick. What the fuck, guess it's best to go back to camp afterall...

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Some pressing matters...

I've been back from New Zealand, beautiful place, but there's other pressing matters to attend to, so once i've reflected on the trip, i will do a post on it.

Anyway, getting very upset and i guess this poem sums it up, beautifully done by AFC-MD from .tv forum.


The way our club was run was always unique,
We knew when to be silent and when's right to speak.
And while I'm sure that such an approach had its flaws,
I wish we'd never let these two clowns through our doors.

They promised us money, and a flashy new ground,
But that went to pot when no loans could be found.
And speaking of loans, they said 'none' when they came,
But like so many promises it turned out to be lame.

'We'll sign Snoogy Doogy, if one can be found',
But then you'll um over a defender for 4 million pounds?
Tell Rafa he can't sign who he wants on a free,
And can't even decide who stays and who leaves?

They told Rafa to focus on coaching his team,
Took the control away from him cause they had the means.
Stories of them selling were quickly denied,
But the silence was deafening on the Rafa divide.

Whenever the stories began to die down,
The flames were fanned by these PR loving clowns.
Smiling thinking back to the way Rafa 'pouted',
We'll wipe away your smiles now your agenda's been outed.

Approaching a man not fit to shine Rafa's shoes,
Bringing it out in public, what was the use?
Consulting him on football also has me intrigued,
Where's his La Liga's? His Champions League's?

I long for the days when the money didn't matter,
Money men behind the scenes so we can listen to the Rafas.
When knowledge of football was required to comment,
Not PR games from no-marks with big wallets.

But they've picked the wrong battle with the wrong folk this time,
We won't just lie down when our club's on the line.
Shanks understood the people were the heart of this club,
As did Rafa when he came for a drink down the pub.

It's not just for our manager now that we're fighting,
But for the wrongs of these two fools that we just want righting.
We know now we should have never sold out to these Yanks,
And we'll fight till it's them who are walking the plank.

We are the supporters, we've seen the joy and the pain,
We've followed our team through the wind and the rain.
Without us there's nothing, these clowns soon will see,
We are the club. We are Liverpool FC.

Always had this feeling that something like this would happen, but didn't want to think about it because everybody deserves a chance, but right now, fuck off yanks. We want you out! Funny that i'm doing this on a cny, but some things just got to be said, and it got to be said fast.


Everybody huat arh, stay healthy and happy in this mouse year, and win lots and lots of money, unless you're playing against me.