Monday, March 28, 2005

Well well well....

Thank goodness there's no more orientation in NY, trying to make us hate the school more if the orientation continues. Anyway, school was good today. I went for the morning assembly, then after that decided that talks are boring, so went to mac with chun boon to eat mac then mug maths.

Yeah could feel the formulas back in my mind, processing, thinking, it's time to do the unthinkable, mug like no fucker has ever mug before.

After that went for bowling. $6 for 9 games i think, don underestimate the power of a straight ball, it can KILL! hahaaa.

Anyway, once the classes are out, it's time to get serious le, setting my sights on the 2006 cambridge world cup, hopefully can win golden boot award! hahahaha, yeah cm5 is out too, marks the return of the managers? let's just hope the managers are free...

Saturday, March 26, 2005


Hahaha, so let's not talked about the orientation in NY, i would rather concentrate on mugging there, instead of mixing around. Yeah, hard to mingle, though i didn't put in much effort to mingle. hahahhaa...anyway it suck lar ok, even the OGLs admit.

Anyway went back to TJC on thursday. Home sweet home i guess, the feeling was good, so so so many familiar faces, it just feels so comfortable to be with them, though alot of them pontang. Hahaha, yup, my OG did 3 cheers for me, so sweet of them. Yeah, anyway, went back to do mass dance, then yar, talk cock with my dear friends, but yeah, could see the change in our OG, the feeling can't be described, just don't have that atmosphere, that bond we shared in our O1.

A lot of marists in TJ, yeah, then after that went to sports complex. Sit at grand stand watch soccer whereas everyone was doing mass dance on the track. Then after that the so called chairman of the orientation chased us down just because of us shouting. Who in the fucking hell are you to order me anyway? You're a bloody piece of shit, yeah shit. Anyway me and darren walked away, hahahaa.

Went back to NY for pizzas and "party". Ok let's just forget about the party, can you call a 40mins party a party? Fuck those ppl, it's total crap. After that bo bian must go home, nobody was out, went home sleep.

I just can't wait for school to start, then my mugging will start, the first step is important, the momentum. Lost it a long long time ago, haiz, must wake up my idea...

Tuesday, March 22, 2005


Such an irony huh? Anyway, a new life once again, starting everything afresh. Focus on my goals, and i'm sure i'll make it.

NYJC, here i come...

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Close to the sea.

This holiday is so freaking busy. First i went to Penang, then came back went to pulau ubin, and today, just came back from kelong in Bintan. It was quite fun la, peaceful, quiet, windy, a good place for people like us to gather around and talk cock.

Friday took boat from tanan merah ferry terminal, the ride was quite long, 2 hours, then there's the waves too, alot of them can't take it. Then upon reaching Bintan, there's still a 1 hour car ride to the kelong. At first sight, it was good, though it wasn't wat i expected. The kelong is like on shallow waters, so we can just walk over from the planks extended on the beach. Then there's really nothing much to do, except to fish.

Yeah friday was mostly settling down, then started to fish. That day i caught 2 fishes, all small one, then we got to realise there's not much fish to catch really, as our neighbours has already caught 40 over of them. Then ya, what we mostly did was eat and eat and eat. Bintan, we are practically billionaires over there, the money is like kiam cai.

Frankly, the kelong was very clean, i expected the worst. haha, anyway, my father friends all damn on, so ya, sat there hear them talk, drink whisky, beer, play with fireworks. Friday was mostly fishing, although we didn't catch alot.

I went to sleep early, quite nice actually, you don't need the aircon, the wind was solid. Next day awoken during 8++, missed the sunrise, though i heard couldn't see. After that ate a little bit of breakfast. Then surveying the area, felt damn bored cause the water is so damn shallow that you could see the bottom, and the worse is there's no big fish to tempt us to put the bait down. Therefore i went back to sleep. Skipped lunch then after that was walking around, watching people come back from their boating trips in the sea, and the fishermen slitting fishes' throats and digging the intestines, jaw, etc out.

At night went to play mahjong, wasn't pro, so kena tok out $50, play 1 round only managed to game once. Peng hu zi mo, hahaa, after that nobody was fishing liao, so back to sleep. Sunday woke up around 6++, walk around, admire the view, caught abit of the sun rise, still no fish, then ate breakfast and went to sleep.

When i woke up it was already time to go, so ya we packed our stuff and went out. Before leaving saw people coming back from their fishing trip, bringing back 3 boxes of fishes, all damn big. Next time i shall go out to sea to fish.

Thinking of planning gang outing to this kelong. $160 per person, include transport food everything. Some more the food keep on got seafood, eat until damn shiok. Yeah think it's possible, just need a date where everybody is free...

Damn tired now, sleep! hahaa..

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

never felt like this before.

So today, slept peacefully from 1am to 4am, then i felt sth was wrong. Then i went to the toilet, and i knew it, it was diarrhorea. This continues until 8++ and it got worst since i couldn't sleep then got the urge to go to the toilet. What made it worst was the thing that came out, it was not much difference from my pee, which means, i'm shitting liquid. Until know it has been 4 times, and i feel better now.

Anyway, morning also wanted to vomit, lucky went to see the doctor and he prescribed me some medicine. Yeah then came home eat medicine and some porridge, i thought the worst part was over, until i went to slp in the late morning. Yeah was turning and tossing on my parent's bed, when i felt i was dozing off, the diarrhorea feeling came again, so yeah, couldn't sleep much.
Then i woke up and surf the net for information, so i guess my symptoms relate to gastroteritis(gastric flu) that is. So yeah, feeling exhausted all over, and yar, wanting to drink lots and lots of water.

As i'm typing now, still can feel my body is going to break down, very tired, slept the whole day. Haiz, just hope the rashes don appear the next 2 days, or i'm in deep shit. Going da yi house soon, arghhhhhhhhh...i hate this disease.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Close to nature.

Since today i didn't know how to get to changi, didn't have much of a choice, followed my father car and ask him to drop me off before going to work. In the end, i ended up 1 hour earlier and sat there to stone. Meanwhile not that bad, got girls to see because of some uniform grp stuff going on in Ubin.

Anyway, surprisingly, everyone was on time as all reached before 10am. Therefore we head down to Ubin. There we took some pictures and thus our bicycle adventure begin. At the start it was quite fun, we took turns taking lead and just cycle all the way. Then as time passes we became more hot, then went into many many forbidden zones, then going up down slopes was fun, then some accidents here and there. It was damn shiok going downslope lar, you can't see nothing in front of you, so its kinda dangerous but exciting.

Then after stopping for a drink and went to take pictures of the quarries there, went for lunch. ate 2 plates of fried rice and drank 3 cans of drinks. Eat until damn full, then we went for 2nd round, going down and up slopes. Then after that wenting badly injured, then had to go notify the police, then darren thia and sj the worst...3 person ride 5 bicycles. Ride halfway, run back to ride the other 2 bikes.

In the end got help from the police, who are damn slack, then went back mainland. It was quite fun lar, the quarry was damn nice, and yeah, gathering is good. Too bad darrell not with us, anot we would have crabs for lunch. Now hand pain leg pain everywhere pain. Tomorrow still clubbing, what a busy schedule.

Monday, March 14, 2005

Back from Penang.

Oh yeah, the trip to penang was one hell of a fun. Since got nothing much to do now, must well elaborate abit on my penang trip. The aeroplanes wasn't as scary as planned out to be, but i only like the taking off part, speed was damn fast, quite fun, yar, apart from the food and air pressure, the rest is ok i guess.

After landing, went straight to eat, and that basically sums up the whole Penang trip. Me and mh eat, sleep, shop, and watch VCDs. We watch a record 15 VCDs, most of them the quality sucks, but managed to finish all of them. Then me and mh also went to my cousin school for some star gazing stuff, which apparently turns up to be some crap professor giving a talk. I expect more professionalism from him, he shld be more serious man. Gives me an impression that he trying to be sarcastic about Astronomy, but nevertheless, recognise a few more constellations now. Basically, the dog, the rabbit, and the taurus.

We didn't really did much shopping la, nothing suits us there. When we notice some nice clothes, the price also damn nice, so in the end only got some clothes. Ok lar,. now some movie reviews for the shows i watched.

Meet the fockers
Not a very bad show, quite funny, but the quality kinda sucks. Yeah not for the young though, they won't understand a single shit.

long qu shao lin(dragon to shao lin)
A chinese show, sort of stupid and dumb, but yeah, quite funny, hahaha, sort of awaken us after so watching so many VCDs.

The pacifier
Definitely a must see show, the plot was good, the actors also good, everything is damn comedic and funny. I was very awake watching the show, didn't feel tired at all. Some more the baby is very cute also.

Son of the mask
This show also very nice, i always like to watch The Mask, yeah so this show goes out to Mask followers. The baby inside is even cuter, although abit fake with all those animations.

Ladder 49
A very touching show, about a fireman stuck in a building that's on fire. There he reflects about his life, and yeah, his friends that died saving lives and everything else. It's very touching i must say, and yeah, his mates racing against time to save him. Show...

They said this show was nice, certainly not in the VCD, quality suck like hell. It's not fantasy enough for me, quite crappy though, i don't like shows where its clearly a fantasy show and they make it look like reality. But i must say, the summoning and all the stuff are cool, but nowhere compared to raistlin majere.

Resident Evil: Apocalypse
This show is much better, more realistic in my opinion, and yeah, the fighting and animation quite nice. Sadly it doesn't have an ending, haha, maybe go and buy the game and play.

Be cool
Bought this movie because of the rock, hahaha, but he didn't appear much in the movie, only saw the people's eyebrow. hahaha, it's quite crappy, but if you feel bored and got nothing else to watch, spend $8.50 in cinemas to see the people's eyebrow.

White noise
Watch until 2nd disc, watch until fed up, watch until change movie. Yeah you could guess.

I do I do
Bought this show because it was a Jack Neo production, but i still prefer The Best bet, hahaa, my idol came out in the end, so funny. Mark Lee A level ang moh A1, hahaha, english teacher some more, as usual, alot of creative stuff in this show.

THe rest of the show, either i forgot the titles, or the movies are too lousy for me to even type a review out. Going to Pulau Ubin tomorrow, Guess going to sleep soon...

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Most probably the last time...

Haiz, today was the last day I go to TJC as a TJCian. It was difficult, yeah, damn difficult. After assembly was quite ok, then i went to F.maths lecture and tutorials. After that bid farewell to Mr Ngoh, i will focus, i will not fall, my goals are more clear now.

After that i decided no more lessons for me. Then came the sad part, went to bid farewell to all my TJ friends. All went for lessons, then yar, walk around and bid them farewell. It's quite sad, all the friends that i've met, just when i'm getting to know them better, i had to leave them. This is truly the most difficult decision i made in my whole life. Friends or studies, i always put my friends above everything else, so yeah, it's like quite difficult to come to terms with both my results and my decision. I felt worst when i entered the billiards room, bid farewell to my seniors, they were quite shocked when i said "today's my last day." Then after that bye bye, haiz, looked at the tables for probably the last time, didn't get to see Ling Yi though, wanted to thank him personally for teaching me everything i needed to know. Of course the coach too, corrected my stance, and yar, watching him play was so fun, it's like watching ESPN de.

Haiz, quite sad la, but yeah, i'm quite sure that i made the right decision. Sorry my friends, but yeah, i hope this would be better for me, abit selfish hor, haha. Once again, thanx for everything, especially TJC billiard club, it really improved my skills alot. Snooker rocks.

Sunday, March 06, 2005

what a class day.

Everyone, i have offcially gotten over my Os man, yeah, ain't that bad too, I'm gonna be reunited with my cousin in NYJC. Hahahaa, it's gonna be a brand new story.

Today went to ritz carlton to eat, damn class the place, but i wasn't really hungry, so ate abit only. The toilet is like damn nice, took a few pictures of it. Then after that went for bowling then pool. Then walk around stone stone, then eat dinner and decided to go with MH to cine, do what? drink coffee at TCC. Seemed like everywhere i go is very class de, then they all decided against going to break at geylang, but i also abit donf eel like going. Then mh and i went to down a few bottles of barcadi and e33, drink until quite peng. I was practically lying on the floor at J8 the cinema there singing songs, sing until mel and jia quite pissed.

Haiz, today not really happening, but also quite happening. My stand? I don't really want to get involved in all this shit, but if needed, i'll do what i can. I adopt the Swiss stand la hor. But i told mh, this kinda things must be resolute, yes or no. There's no any other option.

Therefore, the penang trip couldn't come any better, hopefully he can get to relax when we reached there, then end this whole thing once and for all when he gets back. Anyway, monday i'm going back to sch, and maybe tuesday, haven't bought anything for my friends yet, haiz so sad, i'm quite attached to the school le, but guess this is heaven will. What is to be shall be. A the real journey that's beginning.

"I pray to you paladine, god of good, bless my friends eternal safety and may they find happiness in life..."

Tuesday, March 01, 2005


now i'm beginning to wonder, why the fuck did i screwed it all up?

Future in doubt.

bleak prospect.


The last reunion.

I think i have quite gotten over my pathetic results. Yup, i've done all i can, that i know. Monday, maris stella high, most probably the last time we all gathered together to get our results. It was nice seeing all of them, doing well in their respective JCs, and spreading the infamous name of maris stella around.

Yeah, 4 years in Maris Stella has finally ended, officially, wasn't feeling too good when i got my results, yup so didn't go out with my friends or what. Like what Ms Jazilah said "everything happens for a reason, maybe this is a blessing in disguise."

Thanx cher, hopefully wat u said is true. I will always remember how u help me get an A for my chemistry. The only thing to be proud of, is my 2 A1s in my maths, i really didn't let Mr Lim down, yup, hope he feels good when he saw my maths result, the reward for his continuous hard work, no wonder he was gleaming the whole day.

My friends, i really hope we do get to gather again. Didn't really see my brother jeremy, then alot of them are doing quite well, yeah, let's keep up the marist spirit my frens. Good luck in ur future endeavours, and yeah, as the same old saying goes:

Someday, somewhere, definitely, I'm sure of it, our paths will cross again.