Friday, January 27, 2006


Yesterday went to see the chinese sin seh at paya lebar there, have been feeling the pain on my lower back for quite a while. They were quite busy, many patients, especially those with sprained ankles. That really gotta hurt man, i wouldn't want to see the chinese sin seh with a twisted ankle.

I got some needles, and after some twisting and pushing, the doc fixed my hip. Then said must be because of carry too heavy stuff, and i recalled the bloody newspaper collection thing. Spend $40 just to help those students, what the hell, i hope can claim from the school. Spoil my hips only so expensive.

Today went back to maris stella, haha, those good times, it was just like yesterday. I took another walk at the controversial jacuzzi, which was still there, then explore the inner parts, 4 years in that school, of course must explore it thoroughly.

Caught up with the god-like Mr Lim, still doing his masters while teaching, and yeah, some encouraging stuff from him. He also asked us to plan for our future, haha, that's hard man. I'm gonna take his advise and start thinking about it. Service industry looks like crap, though can train your tolerance level, i think customers would not want to see what happens when i go beyond my tolerance level.

Couldn't find ms jazilah though, the one who sparked my interest in organic chem, heard she's going overseas for further studies. Abit of a pity because didn't have a chance to talk to her, guess it will be some time before she comes back.

A few days break, cny is coming, can take a break before continuing the road to A levels. Mother busy preparing the food and everything, shall not go out too much, a new year ahead, and 2006 is a dangerous one for me, so have to be careful.

Last but not least, i have to confess, that wee chuan is an absolute son of a bitch. This is a long story, but to sum it up, he scold us, ME in particular, fuckers when i don't see me insulting him in any fucking way. Fucking motherless whoremonger, and that's an understatement.

It's ok, cny is not here yet, but yeah, shall stop the vulgarities here in this post, brings bad luck you know, and no use cursing and swearing at a cursed guy.

Yup, wish everyone a happy new year, collect alot alot of money, and win alot alot of money, of course not from me.

Here's a song for wee chuan. Adopted from There's A Hole In The World Tonight - The Eagles.

There's a bitch(that's you) in the world tonight,
There's the bitch with a fucked up face.
There's a bitch in the world tonight,
Don't let there be a bitch in the world tomorrow.

Fuck off to hell... hahaa, i'm damn good at composing.

Monday, January 23, 2006


Poor finishing and little bit of bad luck caused us the game, and i am lying if i said i'm not sad. Anyway, i came across this poem in the liverpool forum, written by username diplfc, wonderful stuff, and i thought i share it with everyone here, since not everyone is a liverpool fan. I wish i could write like him, reminded me of that night, 25th may 2005......

The 96 were watching as we walked out in Istanbul
And Shanks and Bob and Emlyn, they were looking down as well
It seemed to be all over when Milan scored their three goals
But someone else was watching and that man was a Pole.

So the folks up there in heaven were a little bit surprised
When Pope John Paul the second appeared right before their eyes
He smiled at Shanks and Bob and Em knelt down and said some prayers
Then turned back towards the lads and said "I just spoke to Him upstairs

He can't do much that's obvious, but he'll see what he can do
He thinks it might be better if you played a 3-5-2
He saw the team was struggling, and that Finnan needed a rest
But don't you worry lads 'cause now the 'keepers gloves are blessed
You see - the lad in nets is one of mine So I put in a request
"I know I lived in Italy, down in the Vatican
But I can't quite bring myself to be shouting for Milan
So the words gone down to Rafa, to do the best he can
He whispered very quietly he'd do better with Hamann
He's says you'll be alright from now The game it isn't dead
And things will soon get better if young Steve uses his head
It was Vladi's birthday yesterday and the man owes him some luck
He'll even do the decent thing and make Milan Baros duck

We owe Xabi a big favour because of the broken leg
But he'll need to chase the follow up and score with his left peg
And then just to make it interesting
He's ordered extra time
And we'll see how good them gloves are when Dudek saves it off the line.

We've done everything we can to make sure the ball stays out.
But we cannot interfere with the penalty shoot-out.
So Shanks, Bob, Emlyn and good ol' Pope Johnny Paul
Watched the match in wonder and cheered on every goal

And full time went to extra time with the fans nervously sick
And they waited until the time came for Serginho's first spot kick
Serghino he missed the goal, and Pirlo's shot was saved
But Didi and Lord Frodsham proved their nerves were not so frayed
Then Thomason put one in, but Riise missed his shot
Then Kaka scored, and Smicer scored, the atmosphere was red hot

And then almost in slow motion it was time for Shevchenko's chance
But Dudek had different ideas and did a little dance
Then waited for a second as the ball came flying in
Dived to the right and parried it to save it for the win

And as they looked down on all the fans and scenes of wild abandon
Em turned to old Pope Johnny Paul and put his arm around him
said "That was unbelievable, the best game without doubt -
But I thought you said you wouldn't help with the penalty shoot out?"
John Paul looked up and smiled and said "Look son, it wasn't me"
And I wouldn't doubt the word of God in truth and honesty
So Emlyn he was puzzled as the crowd was going wild
But in the corner, on their cloud,
Shanks and Paisley sat and smiled.

The moral of the story is that money can't buy success
And neither can a constant whinge to people in the press
And writing a team off when the clock reaches half time
Might just result in something coming out of the divine
Because Shanks and Paisley knew, as the cup was coming home

God wears the red of Liverpool and we'll NEVER WALK ALONE!!!

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Everton VS Arsenal

Now is time for the Toshiba full time report by yours truly Rafael Gohnetez. Very sorry for the delayed report, due to 1 bottle of wine last night, so had to reorganise my thoughts this morning and present you the report.

There wasn't much to report though, Arsenal was looking like Sunderland against the hardworking evertonians. David Moyes team was doing alot of work, closing down arsenal players once they had the ball. Everton dominated every department on the field, and rightly deserved their victory.

The one chance that arsenal had, was a typical low cross then shoot, but with abit of luck, goalkeeper parried it into the post, and the ball came flying out. Then cahill with a delightful lob to the oncoming james beattie, the ball landed perfectly between senderos and cambell. Mind you, there was alot of work to do there, he muscled his way through the 2 defenders and push the ball into the net.

For the rest of the game after that, arsenal had more possesion, but they lost the ball easily, was not interested in the match, and star player henry can do nothing but shake his head. They were trying to do what they always did, get to the edge of the box, then with 1 touch passing, tried to get the ball into the net. Although everton back 4 wasn't doing very well, it was good enough to see off the likes reyes, pires, henry.

All in all, a deserved victory, and let's look forward to henry going to barca and arsenal challenging FOR the UEFA cup next season, yup for, not in. AHAHHA.

Arsenal, how in the hell do you pronounce arsenal as real madrid. As hard as you try, you can't, but that's what wenger is doing. He spend 12m, you heard that, 12m on a freaking 16 year old gina?!

I would have forgived chelsea for doing that, even without money out of the russian pocket, because they have enough cover for the team, but arsenal?!

For goodness sake wenger, look at your fucking back 4. They are so fucking pathetic, and you fucking go buy a fucking "next wayne rooney" when potential is all he fucking has. There's so many cases of players never having their potential fulfilled, and its a big gamble.

Then again, i wouldn't say its a gamble, its pure stupidity. You don't need a right winger or a striker, you need defenders dumb ass. However, i'm happy for you, because i'm not an arsenal fan. HAHAHA, try harder, maybe you can lead arsenal into the famous relegation dog fight next season.

I'm glad Benitez didn't enter the bidding war. He had other plans actually. If i'm not wrong walcott said he was a liverpool fan, and was interested in a move to anfield. However, he couldn't hold on to his nerve and reject arsenal. If he did that, in the summer Benitez could sign him for about 3m. Too bad, he did not have enough desire to play for liverpool, thats good though, cause we do not accept players with questionable loyalty to their clubs. Clever move boss!

Tonight's the biggest game in EPL history, man utd vs liverpool. The strong rivalry, the atmosphere, who gives a fuck about chelsea? Their formula to the title is money, therefore, 2nd spot is now the EPL champions.

Anyway, "may the best team wins" doesn't apply in this big game, because no fan would wanna see their team lose to their bitter rivals. Hopefully we get to see football being played tonight, back to studying until then...

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Another week gone...

The sven saga continues, with the latest comments from future liverpool manager, rafael gohnetez(FM). The LFA had decided that the saga should stop, but after comments from manchester city manager stuart pearce, this case seems to be intensifying instead.

Rafael Gohnetez told the daily telegraph this morning " After all that he said, how can we expect him to stay. I am with the rest of the managers opinion that he should be sacked. If he could say such things about rooney and ferdinand, the next time it might be my players steven and jamie, and to say that he is quitting england, is he stupid or stupid? We had enough of his nonsense, and its time he leave."

When asked about ericsson comments about owen by a nokia reporter, Gohnetez said "It's not right when you say this kind of things, souness has a right to be pissed at him. Luckily nothing happened, but it could well turn out the other way, michael might be forced to leave Newcastle, even if he didn't say those stuff. It's very dangerous. Although its quite true that he was rather stupid joining newcastle, but well that's his decision. You can't just go around telling the whole world it was for the money. In the modern football world, money is a very sensitive issue."

LOL, self entertain.

Anyway, this few days have been the usual stuff, tutorials. My ez link card is running out of money, which is a good sign. I only top up my ez link card when i go out, because there is no top up machine from sch to home and home to sch. So yeah, no more value is good, make sure i concentrate doing work. Haha, have been becoming a super mugger, i myself feel i got no life.

I'm training my pull up now, haha, can practically feel the strain, so my target for the april IPPT is 10, should be able to by then, since i've been doing the freaking assist machine every day. I do 5 items also never sweat, went to do some assists then sweat like mad.

Besides that, i guess nothing much already, home sch home sch? Haha, well at least i'm in the mood to receive information now.

Bowling wise, i've got no comment. Haiz, low in morale, it seems to be getting from worst to fucked up. Guess no option but to go for private training, because i need some enlightenment. I think i'm doing something wrong, but i don't know what. Fucked up rite? Coupled with another few external factors, you get a fucker using a fucking personal ball and bowling a fucked up average. Hahaha, ok concentrate on studying, maths test tmr.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Let's talk about world cup...

I just realised some very interesting statistics, generally, most schools' results improve in the world cup year, i'm not sure if its for certain subject or overall, but anyway i don't care about the school, just mine improve will do. Let's see the reason for this phenomenon.

1. You SELDOM get bao leng results at world cup.

Just look at Euro 2004, greece won the bloody thing, and its against portugal. This was apparently shocking, and i would believe that many students, guys particularly spend the next 1 and 2 weeks to try and figure out how greece did it.

2. you see more goals in world cup than euro.

Judging from statistics from the internet, world cup boost almost a 2:1 ratio of the number of goals scored, 161 compared to the 77 in the euro cup. More goals, means the matches are generally more exciting. That leaves the students adrenaline rushing, so how can they sleep after watching such an exciting match? The answer: mug.

3. Girls doesn't like brazilians.

During world cup, of course, the whole world is participating, so, girls would only be focusing more on the european teams, especially the fat frank and beckham. Ronaldinho, for all his skills, doesn't exactly have the best of looks. Rest of the matches? The girls spent it on mugging.

4. Betting ain't always a bad thing.

A world cup year can only mean business for the singapore pools, and many students more than always drown in that pool. Therefore, with an empty pocket, less time out, ultimately means more time spend on mugging.

5. Actual application.

Its the world cup, 20 yard, 30 yard, 40 yard. The students are expose to the application of bernouli principle, whether the ball is curling inwards or outwards. This lets them understand physics more, and generate greater interest in this boring subject, which always means better results.

That's about it i guess, so ya theoretically we should be faring very well for A level, let's do this...

Thursday, January 12, 2006


This few days of school is well, can't describe. The PE lessons are plain stupid, who in the blue hell train for their cross country? One which is compulsory and half the cohort would be happy to go through. Even maris stella also don't ask you to run 4.8 just to get ready for x country la, so pure dumb. All this thing about getting use is stupid, too much textbook knowledge.

I don't care too, taking my time to jog, can't over exert myself too much, have a long day of lessons you know. I could still remember the maris stella days, PE time is equal to keep fit time, everyone just chiong, except for the special few, always enjoying the scenery and peace of the cemetry. Then after PE won't be feeling tired, cause there's always some clowns keeping you awake.

Tutorials are darn boring, especially the sciences, practically looking at the clock ticking away. Maths pass by very fast, a few sums, and thats it, times up. Some more the whole class is so freaking quiet during tutorial, to the extent that, the teacher is writing answer on the whiteboard.

"so x is equal to...."

Then when i came to, the answers of y and z is already on the board, and i did not remember myself falling asleep also, that is deng feng zhao ji arh, knock out for less than 10s.

Other than that, have been doing tutorials day after day, night after night. Its kinda fun actually, but when you go on to chemistry and physics tutorial, half the battle is lost.

Don't forget the freaking year 1 stuff that needs revision, can't imagine how to go for A level, i will just practically die man. Then major distractions this year too, particularly world cup, like what people say...

World cup once every 4 years, A level every year also have.

Hahaha, hopefully they arrange the timing nice nice, i'll be able to study too. This year after every holiday then start test, so ya, fuck. I think there's damn many too, after prelims still got another mock exam, what the fuck man, why not another mock mock exam. Hahaha, then by the time we go for our A level, it will just be like a common test.

Ok enough talk, tutorials undone, time to un undone it. haha...

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Campus Superstar and Ren Ci charity show...

Yesterday i was watching campus superstar, oh my god, there will only be one winner, teresa! She is the next deng li jun la, still sing songs from my generation like that wan, i will be looking to see what song she sing next, hope its a deng li jun song. Anyway samuel didn't get eliminated, i go get tickets from him to support teresa. HAHAHA.

How to judge Campus Superstar: If teresa doesn't win, this show is crap!

Sunday i was watching the ren ci charity show. There's nothing much, except for the big debates going on after the show on the papers today.

Some of what the artistes said were very true. For example Gurmit singh and the ming yi fa shi, i can't really remember what gurmit said though. Ming yi fa shi was straightforward, the bottom line - its not the patients' fault. I can't agree more with him, that's the first thought on my mind when the Durai thingy came to light, "what's gonna happen to them?"

We feel betrayed, you can just see the response after the report came out, but who talked the most? Us, the healthy ones, we are pissed and angry because we are donating money monthly, ok we have the right to be, but look who's the one that's suffering? They feel it more than we do.

Haiz, I can't help but i felt so fortunate, born like how a normal person should have been, do not have to worry about financial problems, and most importantly, i'm healthy. Next time, i must really help those people that are in need, don't say singapore. In this world, i believed that many places are worse off.

To the next topic then, the whatever project northstar V, something like that. I can't believed, someone looked into the camera, which is about to be broadcasted over the news, said "what is this?Now my kids are all wet."

One word: Fuck.

The next day, wow, people saying "i believe that the security force is very capable in singapore...bla bla bla..."

Fuck this people, seriously fuck off, its quite irritated when you say its interrupting with wherever you're going, but to the extent of complaining why the drill should be carried out? I really wished that a real bomb would go off and blast this bloody fucking people's ass straight to hell. This is really ridiculous, they made themselves, or rather singaporeans look like fools really.

Look at london, look at Bali, so many fucking examples for you to choose, and you just shrugged it off. Ok the govt constantly suck our money, but they are not that fucked up to the extent of ignoring the threat that terrorism is posing to our country, our world. I wish i could slap that bloody bitch right now.

Let's imagine, what if her kids were hurt in the blast, paramedics can't handle the situation because they don't know what to do, and she watched her kids die. Yes its tragic, but who can she blame? Her own fucking self! Take these drills for granted, take the security force for granted, take the govt for granted.

I tell you, singaporeans cannot take a terrorist attack. Look at the drill and you could see why. Ministers make a point to tell everyone that we must be prepared, and it is just not getting into the people's head, not those being interviewed by the ST.

Just look at how many people have been killed, what the hell did they die for? THEY DIED FOR NOTHING. They died for going on a vacation, they died for boarding a train, they died because they are ordinary citizens.

People, wake up before its too late...

Sunday, January 08, 2006

The art of skidding across the turf...

Yesterday went to kensington for a while, and only 6 members turn up! What is this man, but luckily, with abit of luck, we had alot of fun. I was on the receiving end of a tackle by darren, fell flat onto the bloody floor, took some time before i felt the pain. Haha, but no complains though, it was a good tackle, but abit dangerous cause tio my ankle.

It started raining, and after much consideration, i decided to join in the fun. Water was filling the court, and it was time for the classic goal celebration move again. Skidding across the turf at full stretch, damn super fun, and the 2 foot tackles, too bad jun long was not around. After that it was about all, cause i had to go back to school, and the rest continued the fun.

Recently, there have been reports of molesting in orchard on the new year's eve. Haiz, disappointing really, especially those pervertic singaporeans, it's suppose to be a happy day for everyone, welcoming the new year and everything, it's just a shame really. If its a foreigner, fine, we'll bash the fucking hell out of him, but a singaporean doing it on another of his nationality? That is totally unacceptable, guess there'll be a big decrease in crowd in orchard next year.

Yesterday, or rather this morning was watching the FA cup between luton and liverpool. I was particularly disappointed when i saw the line up for the match. It was a full team, let's not talk about gerrard, but the regulars of the back 4 started, finnan hyypia carragher and riise. I mean come on, at least rest hyypia and carragher, they have played every match of the season, and i do not think it was wise to play them in the FA cup, hello think about the 2nd place there.

Anyway, first half was disappointing. Gerrard scored a superb shot from outside the box, the ball hooked 10 boards into the pocket, and strike! After that it was very much luton's game. The back 4 was looking out of sorts, especially riise, giving away the first goal, and a nice goal by a luton striker. Haha, though commentators was saying that it was a world class goal, i see nothing special about it. A turn and a strike, who can't do that? Maybe he made it look simple.

2nd half came. Gerrard was held back by the luton last man, penalty. I really thought it should have been a red card, and after television replay, it should have been, he was the last man! Cisse took it, and missed it.

At the other end of the field, mistake by hyypia lead to a 1 on 1, and carson dived and missed the ball, and the player fell down, penalty! That i thought it was a definte red card too, but after seeing television replay, i changed my mind, the striker step on the goalkeeper leg which caused him to fall down, to think luton manager still dare to say it was a definite red, and not talking about his defender with his MORE definite red there. Luton with the penalty, goal, 3-1.

Pongolle came on, and well, it paid off. His first goal was a great move, gerrard running on the centre of the park, nobody closing him down, delightful pass to pongolle, and goal, simple and sweet, 3-2. The 2nd needed abit of luck, alonso with the ball, spots the keeper off the line, powers a shot, and i would put it to goalkeeping error, it went in. 3-3. Liverpool were now in control, they were putting cross in ever so frequent, and one of them came out with a goal. Finnan's cross, pongolle header, 4-3. 90th min, goalkeeper joining in the attack, alonso got the ball, skips pass him, with his left foot, hits a 60 yarder, 5-3.

Fantastic comeback by liverpool, gone were those days that the liverpool team would just die down when they are down 2-1 even when they score first. You could see it, the current liverpool team, doesn't back down, whatever the score, whatever the team. I must admit i was very disappointed in the first half, losing by 3-1, and exhausting the players in expense of the epl matches, but yeah, great credit to them.

Luton was very impressive too, played some very nice football in the first half. In the FA cup, its easy to see why there are so many upsets. For example luton and liverpool, the luton players are playing the game with their lives, every 50 50 challenge, they are going all in to retrieve the ball. How can big clubs, fielding their big players, go in with them? Firstly, it's just the FA cup, and secondly, what if they got injured?

Its always easy because its just a one game off for the smaller clubs, but for premiership clubs, its a longer battle than that. Consideration into the epl, and european football must be taken into account.

Man of the match: Gerrard
He is just unbelievable, he literally leads by example, he is just so influential, and as a captain, this is important. Cisse deserves a mention too, because you could see his attitude is slowly but changing now, congratulation to him for wanting to change and looking at the big picture now.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Bolton VS Liverpool

This, sadly is a game where you don't see football being played. The referee have been very inconsistent in my opinion, and to be fair, i thought there were many fouls given against liverpool, although i believed that a draw would have been fair.

First goal by Bolton, nothing to say, it was reina's fault, definitely. However you can take a look at the foul leading to the goal. Finnan was guarding the ball and letting it roll out. A bolton player ran in, bang into finnan, falls onto the ground, and gets a foul. Ok, so the referee sets the tone, from what we see, he shouldn't tolerate much tackles right?

Liverpool, i have to admit, was running out of ideas, as benitez decided to match strength with strength, you don't play football with hooligans. Hyypia was looking out of sorts, traore was very poor in his stepping up, fortunately it didn't cost any goals. Attacking wise, they were quite poor, hamann was slow, crouch and pongolle being closed down very fast with no support, and kewell's final touch was that damn depressing.

Then in came the superhuman stevie G, rushing onto a kewell pass, and got into the box, and was well, just waiting for the penalty. Great run, but even greater finish. Look at the replay of the penalty, and i can tell you that no more than 3 players in the EPL can score a penalty like that. Super beautiful taken penalty.

Then came bolton's 2nd goal. It was kinda stupid also, first crouch was getting up for the header, being pushed to the floor, bolton got the ball, and they somehow scored from it. I believed it was offside too. Anyway, reina was at fault once again, he should have intercepted the ball long before it got to diouf.

Then Liverpool scored their 2nd, beautiful chess down by garcia, and slot it into the bottom corner, pure magic. Liverpool showed great character on the pitch, and as i say again, a draw would have been fair, as both teams matched each other quite fairly, though i feel that liverpool had the better chances.

I don't know what bolton manager is thinking, making a fuss out of gerrard's studs challenge on nolan. Fucker man, trying to act modern with your bluetooth shit, why don't you try to use more simple stuff such as a television. You can clearly see gerrard eyes were on the ball all the while. Come on, "we were lucky not get the 3 points." I say you were lucky you have 12 players in your team today. You do not even have the quality, and you wanna win.

Lastly, i admit that liverpool players do dive sometimes, but it is not in the culture. Anyway, how can they be compared to the pros, haha, its quite a joke really. I mean, seriously, scoring 1 goal and think that it's over? Come on, liverpool can come back from 3 goals down, what's 1 goal. No Man of the match award for you, try the guiness world record of longest spitting range.

Monday, January 02, 2006

The past week

This past week have been quite eventful. First was the chalet at Pasir ris. wC sister screwed up and booked the wrong chalet, hahaa, small but still ok, as long as everyone have fun. We drank quite abit, but not to the extent of everybody dead drunk, apparently hoeseng was the first to get counted out.

In the end left the 4 heavenly king, i'm not really sure who, me darren chee lim and wc i think, not very sure also, played dai dee. The next day woke up, then after breakfast everybody decided to open table, and play the most basics of all basics, BLACKJACK.

Hahaha, it's not right to gamble, but i guess its ok to just gamble for fun. As long as everyone have fun looking at those babes. Hahaha, darren and his christy chung. Anyway i went home at night, because the next morning still have some bowling friendly.

The friendly was quite stressful, haha, can't even bring myself to take the shot. Then when miss a bloody spare, wakao, you will really wanna kill yourself. Nvm, for the experience, first time hit a 4 bagger, who say open 6 frames cannot hit 170. HAHAHA, 3 brooklyn and 1 pocket. It's quite funny also, got no stress when taking those shots, because i think i'm already very numb.

Then after that i went to the cruise to celebrate New year. -_-.

A stupid waste of time i must say. After the countdown, i went to sort of a lounge, galaxy of the star, sit there with my wine. Then...

"We are the cheeky girls, we are the cheeky girls, you are the cheeky boys, you are the cheeky boys."


Then after that played techno, wat the hell man, YXQX(ying xiang qing xu). In the end, i went into the casino. Learning the traits of how to play baccarat. The stress level is 10 times higher than our blackjack at the chalet. People are putting 10k average on a bet. Last week got a 100k per bet player, in the end won 2m. Not bad, play big win big, but most of the time is lose big.

There's some skill required to play baccarat, it is said that the chart is no use, but you can't totally ruled it out, because there is luck involved, is like the pulling power in mahjong. Those that zhi mo often, because they got luck. The same applies for baccarat.

Anyway, my mother won her money back, then went to sleep liao. I also stand until very shag, next time i shall use my pulling power to win money, hahaa.

Came back to singapore and saw the news, quite sad also, new year must spend with family and friends de, na bei i spend with casino. 2006 arrives, and so does the january transfer window. HAHA, YNWA.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

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