Sunday, September 30, 2007

Sai Gang warrior...

This few weeks have been busy doing saigang, and its really quite busy. First time i come across sai gang that require sleepless nights and endless days to complete.

The weekends had been quite productive, which may lead to me producing a beer belly sooner or later, every week also drink, i think must change back to wine soon, healthier also.

October has arrived, i think i'll be busy real soon, with all the exercise coming up, which means i won't be online as often as it is now.

Actually i thought i had alot to blog about, but then come til this page like forget what i wanted to say already. Haha last night had a very very weird dream, those kind you will smile about, but don't know la seems so real to me.

Ok shall leave it til next time really nothing to blog...

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Back for just awhile...

Nights out, so came home to relax and lie on my bed for awhile. Had my dinner, then i thought i was damn shag and going to faint, and the feeling persisted for a good 10 mins. Then everyone in the family felt the same, so must be only 1 thing, some super duper big earthquake somewhere around here.

News was surprisingly slow in reporting it, by that time many ppl were already gathering downstairs, don't know for what, if the HDB collapse i bet from where they are standing they won't survive either. 7.9, haiz must be many casualties. Heard from thia and cs that kahwoon is over there, no idea whatever the fuck he's doing there. Community service also must go until so ulu place, but since he there to ji de, i think should be safe la, heaven is not that unfair.

In other news, minghong has passed his air grading, oh yeah must get used to saluting him already. Missed his company, glad he's coming back for some time now. When he goes overseas again i think i'll visit him when i ord, must do some travelling.

Back to slacking, then back to camp...

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Tuesday with morrie...

Completed the book in camp due to my overly excessive free time. People say its a good book, but somehow i felt that the term used is wrong.

The time you take to finish reading the book may be like say a few hours, but it takes quite awhile to fully digest it. Some of the stuff written inside is quite interesting, the thoughts of a dying man, and quite a wise man. I think most of the stuff that he said trying to enlighten others is just plain common sense, deep down inside many will feel the same way.

Tensions of opposite, i always referred to my "tension of opposite" as a struggle between light and dark. Push and pull, yin and yang, i guessed its the same thing. Afterall i believed in balance in the world, and we should constantly strive to maintain this balance.

Money not everything? Well i would have agreed with this very strongly a few years back, but now i'm not so sure. It may not be everything, but it's still something. Doing meaningful things? Sure, but family still comes first, its an obligation. Anyway this meaningful thing is very subjective also, i think its just personal preference.

I truly wonder if reader's perspective and attitude changed after reading that book. Somehow it feels like its not very possible. He can go on and on and say about things that he feels is important that people should know, but the thing is people already know that deep down inside. Maybe these are just the thoughts and view from a dying man, and you may never get to truly understand it until you become one.

Love each other or perish?

Hope, that's what humans can do...