Saturday, October 29, 2005

Fucked up teacher...

I was damn pissed yesterday. After getting my results, i was looking for Mr Foo hoping he would help me recommend me for S paper, haha, although results abit sucky, but hopefully can take, got the interest.

Anyway, went to the staff room, and apparently a fucker answered.

"Hello, erm may i speak to Mr Foo?"

"He's not around, who is this? Do you know you are very rude, you didnt greet or something."

Ok i don't give a damn anymore, suspend me if you want. You chee bye kia, who the fucking hell do you think you are? Bloody fucking bastard, go home and fuck your own mother. I do not think i am in the wrong. I'm already very polite you bloody transvetite. Be grateful that you didn't hear "Oi you mother fucker, get mr foo on the line."

A total fucked up loser, and i must mention, a total disgrace to the Lim's surname. You disgrace them, especially Mr Lim Beng Huat. You are not fit to be a teacher, bloody motherless whoremonger.

I only respect those who deserve it, but you? FUCK OFF. I thought you were a good lecturer, but in the end, a good teacher doesn't mean he is a good man. Trust me, you are one fucked up person who doesn't deserve to be in this world. Good luck when you die, because you are going to hell...

Thursday, October 27, 2005

OP sucks...

This week have been quite boring. Going to school everday just to rehearse OP, the first day was fine, but after that, it was very boring. Not only talking, but also hearing other people talk. We can leave school only after 1pm.

I am a person who doesn't like the limelight, therefore i think i'm going to flunk my OP. Haha, i prefer to be the person helping behind the scene, get so much attention for what?

Tomorrow is the last day of school, then i can continue with my seasoned career, with my seasoned opponent bu fan.

This few days have been watching the vampire show. The worse of all 3 parts so far, alot of story relating and romance involved. Too much in fact, that it made me fall aslp, quite wasting time. Luckily tian ya was there, anot i wouldn't carry on watching liao. She's so cute and chio, and really looked like a 15 yr old only. Heard that part 4 she become the main actress or sth like that. Aiya who cares, got more of her acting time can le.

Nothing much to update this few days, only feeling slpy everyday, the flu thingy is like getting more and more serious. Yao chi sheng mu is going to destroy the world! HAHAHA, watch until go crazy le, back to OP.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

KFC training...

As the promos is over, our training resumes. Everyone turned up at around 10, yenhao was the earliest, clocking in at 915. After a few hours, everyone was quite shag already, due to severe lack of fitness.

In the end i play until on the brink of exhaustion, after lunch must take a nap to regain energy. Since i got family dinner, couldn't continue playing, went off at around 4+.

Went to joo chiat to eat crab, walao damn freaking full. 430pm open shop, 5pm the mee goreng finish, 530pm no more big crab, i think they can close for the day at around 7 liao. Earn until cannot spend finish.

After that went home and took a nap, then go snooker liao. Ta ma de, lousy like shit, must start training liao, have to find bu fan da shi to train with me. A worthy opponent, and also, he is not scared of the big big table. AHAHA...

Now my whole body is aching, whether is superficial or internal. The muscles aching, the skin also aching, freaking sun damn hot yesterday. However my body quite lag, would take like about a week for peeling to begin.

I go enjoy some korean wine liao, and watch everton thrash chelsea. HAHAHAA

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Fucked up canteen...

So today, the school announced that they have decided to go healthy and make some changes to the canteen food.

1) No gravy on rice unless you want, but its still a minimal.

2) No selling of roast pork.

3) No chicken skin.

For goodness sake, the canteen food already suck to the very core and they still had to make it worse. They so pro make everything vegetarian la. Those shit don't know what they are doing man.

Anyway, after the announcement was made, the principal came up to talk in an attempt to convince us it was the right decision. Notice i said attempt, and trust me, she failed miserably.

Firstly she said that there are quite a no. of cases of young adults at 20 years old with stroke and heart attack, currently lying in hospital. Then she followed by saying we don't work in the hospital, so we don't know. God damn it, produce statistics if you want to convince us.

Then she said "when i was young, i always love to eat chicken skin..." Then don't know what crap she blabbered some more, here's my question, "why the hell aren't you lying on the hospital bed?"

Although i dislike you, you also don't need to curse yourself personally to make me happy. I'm not impressed at all.

This is TOTALLY CRAP. Fucked up idea, and we students don't get to choose at all. Talk about treating us like adults, all shit.

Monday, October 17, 2005


I'm glad to say heaven is quite kind to me. I dreamt of her again last night. 2 consecutive nights already, it's like unbelievable. Now i'm looking forward to sleeping at night. Haha, it doesn't matter if my grades are like shit. Just seeing her, in reality or in dreamland is enough to take away all the sadness and sorrow in my life.

Anyway, got back my results today. It's like crap when the papers were easy. and i meant EASY.

Physics 48
Chemistry 60
maths 9233 64.5
F.maths 65.5

Hahaha, don't know to feel happy or sad, the subjects that sucked improved, the subjects that were good sucked. Even Fmaths can be better than 9233, now that's a difficult feat. Hahaha, anyway, carelessness cost me quite a lot this time. I certainly wouldn't want to repeat this during the A levels.

Reflected on this results, definitely must work harder, but yeah, i have definitely taken the first step after JCT.

Now back to gaming, talk about gaming. Yesterday was watching the cs finals, then today newspaper published the china team, WnV cheated. HAHHA, fucking losers, almost certainly, they disgraced everyone in China, how can they ever cheat? Such an unhonourable act, I for one certainly condemn cheating, especially in games, not so much in studies. It's alright to cheat occasionally, but it is not when during competition or exam. I just want to say this to the WnV team.

"Although i'm not good at cs and you may thrash me even without cheating, I DESPISE YOU."

Then again, maybe its a conspiracy to set them up? HAHAHAHA, i'm watching too much tv..

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Dream dream dream...

Had a very wonderful dream today, can't describe the feeling. Haiz, though very unreal, but it's just nice la. Then my mother had to wake me up to eat breakfast. Haiz, wake up le very sad, simply because its a dream.

I wished it could last forever, i don't mind being trapped in my dream. Just seeing her is enough. Today is a rainy day some more, and including night, there's still the little bit of rain. Very cooling indeed.

Didn't do much today though, watching tv on the WCG live in singapore. The people damn pro, almost every shot also hs, tactics also come into play. Too bad there's no fm, they shld include it in the wcg man.

Haiz, nothing much to blog also, i shall go and sleep, in the hope of her appearing in my dream again...

Friday, October 14, 2005


Today didn't do much, woke up at 1 plus. Hahaha, played with my ps2, then after that went to play some pool.

In the evening went to mount faber safra to bowl. I bowled like crap basically, was advised to use a lower back swing, then the timing all wrong. Don't know why, can't seem to rev the ball up, must be the timing problem.

Anyway, league was going on, then i saw a girl, look alot like the girl in the show i watched. Oh my god, the group was something like X-12, or sth like that. She quite pro, must be got a good teacher.

Had a drink, wat moscow blue, something like that, ok la, didn't taste that bad, looks like salt water though.

Think i should go for private training le, so lousy, cut down on other expenses can le.

Very the sian, tomorrow got some fucked up open house, all j1 compulsory need to go school, let ppl know its a vibrant environment. What fucked up logic man, how can it be vibrant when people turned up because they are forced to. I don't intend to stay long.

Haiz, so boring, guess i'm going to sleep le, thinking whether to bring laptop go sch anot...haha

Thursday, October 13, 2005


This few days i was piaing my vcd at home, from 11am i woke up, i pia until 5am. HAHA, very hardcore. The story is quite nice. It depicts the harsh reality of jiang3 hu2. Everybody fighting over the supreme weapon in the whole world, 天魔琴.

Of course, everyone who did evil because of this weapon ended up all dead. As the saying goes, 邪不能胜正.

What is nice that even though they did alot of evil, these people indeed have a soft side. They have children, wife, and disciples whom they love. In the end, when they ended up dead, their loved ones grieved over them, which led to all the continuous killing and revenge.

Anyway, it made me realise that there's no ending to the word "revenge". It would only hurt both parties more.

I saw a cute cute actress in the show, very very funny. 后藤希美子, very funny, but she is very 有情有义 de character. Anyway, the guy that she loved damn stupid, everyday thinking about revenge, make until she damn sad. Damn bloody stupid, i watch until abit dulan. Revenge more important about her, but like most movies, he realised in the end, but still had his revenge. The 2 of them make me laugh like peng.

Who says watching tv will cause people to lose memory? I'm not so fucked up as those researchers who sit there in front of the tv and stare at it non stop, without evaluating the stuffs in the tv.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Promos over, but don't think i'm over...

Today had the physics paper, it was like oh my god. NYJC using the reverse psychology method, expecting that we would be mugging hard for the topics of oscillations and waves and the behind topic. Guess what came out, a 20 mark question on Hook's Law, KNN, i stare for 20 mins and still couldn't believe it.

That was a bloody killer question la, didn't know where to start and how to start, but hopefully can pass la. Don't expect much for physics since its not one of my forte.

After that went home then got change and woke bu fan da shi up. Then after lunch i went to tpy for sotong ball session. Starting is anyhow play, so bear and wc can win me. That bloody darren take his own sweet time, in the end 5+ then come, which is about the time i went home.

Cs also came, surprised sia, cause nobody mention about him. Anyway, nobody can beat me when i serious. Hahahhaa, i become more bu fan than bu fan. Going to take this holiday to train my snooker and bowling skills.

Awaiting the releasing of FM2006, can't wait for the competition to start. The intense rivalry is so strong that you'll sweat while managing your team.

Got a 1 week break, ny ain't that bad afterall, everyone is having school. Hahaha, ok go watch some vcd liao.


Friday, October 07, 2005


This few days, my relatives they all again talking here and there. Those chee bye bastard all eyeing my grandmother's money, haiz, those useless shit. Lucky my grandmother not rich, or not i'm sure got alot of problem.

Anyway Bali was bombed once again, and our dear PM went over to talk to the president over them, and was the first to condemn the attack. WAH YOU THINK YOU HERO ARH? Everything also condemn, talk and talk and talk, make singapore out to be very big like that. I know we need alliance with other countries, but no need so shuang kuai everytime some terrorist acts happen, then Singapore is the first few countries to condemn such acts. Sometimes must low profile abit right? Later they also read newspaper, see singapore particularly sia lan everytime condemn them, then target us the next time how?

I know the police and whatever justice upholding system damn power, but the CT expert already say if T bring an AK and strap himself with bomb, there's practically nothing the CT can do, got defusal kit and carbine also no use de. T no more planting liao, straight away self destruct.

Singaporeans, in truth can't take such things. Maybe one of this bomb planted in singapore, then explode, i think enough to overthrow PAP liao, singaporeans forte, always looking for a scapegoat. 2 extreme actually, either is support all the way(like London), or from start throw them out. hahaha, anyway hope nothing happens to singapore la of course.

What's so great about suicide bombing and taking out the hundreds, or thousands of lives, who does not have anything to do with your stupid war? It's just a cowardy act in fact. If they wanted revenge so badly, i suggest they seek the person who is responsible for all these stuff, if they can't even get near him and bomb themselves, why talk about revenge? It's just an excuse, if they wanted people to believe what they are doing is right, they should do the right thing, and not take it out on innocent lives. Bloody bastards, must be rotting in hell now, enjoying the heat eh?

Don't think you all will join the allah ok? Because i believe that he himself will condemn such stupid acts. Go to heaven? Fuck you la, he'll personally throw you down to hell. Anyway, no point getting so angry over such idiots. Then want to iradicate terrorist is not yi zhao yi xi de, so ya, haiz, hope they realise their mistakes...

Distorting Islam to such extent, haiz... The old saying is correct, "an object is neither evil or good, it is the person who uses it that determines its nature."

A fire can be used to heat up food, but it can also be used to burn someone to death...

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

A tough battle...

Today had a very fierce battle with Fmaths. The paper itself was damn freaking long, don't know how to squeeze inside 3 hours. Anyway, i started off very well, 4 kills in a row, not an easy feat by the way, there's only 11 enemies.

I dripped my first blood in the fifth question, "Calculate the volume generated when bla bla bla is rotated around the y-axis. What the fuck, my troops gone blur after reading the questions.

Alpha team " Izzit 2 pi Y dx?"

Beta team " Looks like 2 pi x dy leh"

Gamma team " maybe can 2 pi x dx also"

Delta team " that means 2 pi y dy also can"

In the end follow Beta team instruction, but what the fuck, do out liao cannot integrate! KNN, 5 marks. Decided to retreat and regroup, or rather skip. Morale was quite low after that, manage to do the rest, skipping one sigma 3 marks and vectors 4 marks. Just can't lift the team morale up, can't seem to recall any strategy. In the end, bloodied and tired, went on to the last question. (a, b, c, d) belongs to V, show that 8a-5b-c-d=0.

I wrote everything down, then realise cannot solve, the rest of the 6 marks cannot do, chao chee bye. Then i realise -5b i put +5b, wah thought i spot mistakes damn fast, very happy cancel everything.

Invigilator "time's up, put down your pen."


I wanted to vomit blood after that, damn dulan. Collecting the papers that time, can see the 3 marks for me to take. Na bei, so near yet so far...

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

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not just 1 ok....chao ni jiu zu Posted by Picasa

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The 3rd world...

Hmm, was talking about the supernatural with my mother. Heard that my auntie had that ability to see things that a normal human cannot see. One time she saw the monk that she prayed to walking around in the house, heard that he is the one who catches thief. Then after that the stories start getting scarier.

Just a few storey above me, my mother said that quite long ago one guy got rich because of a female ghost, then in the end 1 week later he died mysteriously. The house was sold to some christian, and guess the ghost was immune. My mother's friend went to the christian house to play mahjong. Then suddenly her dog stood up and bark loudly, as if chasing something out the door. As she was staying directly below, she said she sometimes heard footsteps above when nobody was in. Very eerie indeed.

Then her daughter had that "eye" too, so when they went home late sometimes, the daughter will ask "why is there so many people walking around?" HAHAHA, who will party around at 1am in the void deck. Funny man.

Anyway i felt very eerie after that, my flat don't seem as safe as it looks to be...

Monday, October 03, 2005

The repeat.

Haiz, sad to say, liverpool lost to chelsea 4-1, after seeing the comments, thought it wasn't what we deserved, then again, once it was 2-1 at half time, we had to lose, no doubt about it.

That loser already said he doesn't care about boring tactics. Therefore they sit back and wait for liverpool to attack, more cautious in EPL? Which idiot said that crap, liverpool no choice but to go all out, then of course, there's always a risk in going out attacking, and paid dearly with 2 goals.

Drogba once again, the useless diver, was said to be instrumental in the win. Once again, crap. He miskick the ball which fell to joe cole and lead to the goal, you call that assist arh? Pure luck, which was denied to us once again. Then lam par very sialan, ask supporters to keep quiet, in the end got a yellow card. Think he very good, bo lam par still ask ppl to shut up. Then again, he got the right to kao peh kao bu, because he can complain that he does not have lam par, anot why his parents name him that, of course is to make up for his loss there la.

I was reading the forum, can a billionaire buy the Champions League? Can a billionaire buy fans who sing and support their team even though they were 4-1 down? OBVIOUSLY NOT, nobody and no wealth can buy such fans. Billionaire can only buy fans after winning this and that, then what's the point of that?

Bill shankly may be right afterall, "soccer is about life and death." Maybe in that era where everything was peaceful, no disasters, no wars. I believed he said that because the passions of the fans for the club. Can mourinho say that about chelsea fans, definitely no. Maybe yes, but who will care, half the time he's playing with his stupid mind games.

But all and all, liverpool were the lousier team, chelsea were more clinical in front of goal, and that i don't mean the striker is, the team is. Think they should be given that little bit of credit. Afterall, it was the fortress Anfield, nobody comes here and expect a win easily, and look at how hard they need to fight.

Anyway, it's just one loss, and chelsea would most probably beat all the top teams, so wouldn't do much to affect our position in the EPL.

Just back from the chemistry paper 3, essay questions. It was darn stupid, look at the marks allocation. Topics that were taught first half of the year took up 25, and the 2nd half took up 35. What the fuck la, they should concentrate more on the 2nd half right, Damn bloody fucked up, how to get A like that. I would have much more confidence if it was more of a 2nd half year topics exam. Anyway, wasn't that bad, just couldn't get that 80 to push up my jct marks.

Tomorrow physics...haiz

Saturday, October 01, 2005


Yesterday had the feeling to blog, then in the end the website was down for one hour. Mood spoiler.

Thursday marks the start of the promotional exams. English and maths 9233 to kick it off. English was ok i guess, just zhua like how i always use to do it. Maths was abit difficult, too easy stuff becomes too difficult, can't get used to the easy questions, no thinking required. That's why i spent almost half the time figuring if there's any trick to the question, almost couldn't finish on time.

After that was slack le, playing cs these 2 days. I just realise weicong play the same server as me. The thing is we both play for damn freaking long, but i never see him in the server before. Anyway i watched the replay between Liverpool VS Chelsea. Of course, chelsea were tossed all over the pitched like a ragged doll by the mighty reds( and of course their fans), so much for the team worth millions. From the match i can confirm that drogba is a uselss striker, and apart from there, he's a bloody diver! No wonder he ended up in chelsea. The future manager of Chelsea, Thia saw it immediately and when practising his management skill in chelsea, drogba that idiot was the first off stamford bridge. Good judgement i must say, hahaha.

Anyway, was thinking why there are divers in top clubs. Liverpool no doubt have a few, but they don't seem to last long, and most importantly, they are told and taught not to dive. That's what i call honourable. Look at the past divers, Man utd have the van horse and rooney(he doesn't dive much now, prefer to clap), Chelsea have that loser drogba, arsenal i remembered 1 time they were very into diving. Haiz, such unhonourable stuff and the managers allow it. Liverpool have diouf(look at where he ended up), and a few here and there. They are not permanent divers though, unlike drogba, its in his blood.

Enough of soccer, hahaa, not like my dream of becoming liverpool manager will come true. Then again, rafael is in charge now, i certainly don't want him to get sack due to me becoming manager. HAAHA, he's that damn good, but then again, overall the different departments need to be improved on. Afterall, we are the CHAMPIONS OF EUROPE.