Saturday, May 26, 2007

BMT nearly over...

This is 1 hell of a week i must say, most of the highlights of BMT and my recruit life all cramp on this week.

Monday went for the 12km route march to our sit test campsite. Actually have been dreading for the day to come because 8km was terrible for me, but in the end, it wasn't so bad cause there was a damn big rain at about the 2km point, so we were all feeling quite cool instead of seeing stars under the hot sun. Quite a test of mental strength, of course thought about giving up, and i just keep thinking abt falling out, and think and think and think, then "eh reach already..."

The whole sit test was quite terrible i think, for me it was like field camp, maybe a little bit better, but it was still quite shag nonetheless. With luck not on my side, got the most xiong commander to take us from point to point. Under the freaking hot sun and everything, it was quite stupid la sit test, but then bo bian this is army.

Got through all the shit then reached back company line at wednesday. Next day went for grenade live throw, which was quite fun, although you get abit nervous at the start, but i think it's natural when you are sitting so far away from the grenade range, and still be able to feel the shockwave, but the explosion it generate was nice. Then there's this cockhead who threw a blind, then i got a chance to watch how powerful a C4 was. When it exploded, the roof on the waiting area tremble and shake, causing some sand to fall down from it, just like in the movies. Throw grenade to storm a room? I'll think twice now...

Then friday was the defaulter's parade, i think my platoon is the first in the whole school to kena, marching in super freaking bloody fast pace, and you can never ever follow the timer, who in this case is my CSM. After the parade was finish, my jockey cap was practically dripping sweat, then i ate lunch together with my sweat.

Woke up on thurs to listened to the champion league final, although was disappointed at the end, i'm proud of the players, from what i heard they gave their all, and with a cock up referee, it seems like its not meant to be.

Watched pirates this morning, ended at around 3+, as usual fall asleep, waste money only. I only woke up to watch the last part, which was quite nice, the fighting and everything, but the idea of a girl being i pirate is still weird. Still give some inspirational pre war talk, which wasn't exactly very motivating to me.

Oh well, must go and spend my precious book out time to do something useful, it's always so damn short.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Attained Nirvana...

Finally back to civilisation after spending a few days++ with nature. Overall, i think it was quite an eye opener, never really been to the heart of a forest and slept there.

Day 1 was fucking shag for me. The 8km march really took alot out of me, i don't know about others, but the first few clicks were the worst of my life. Maybe partly because i got a super bad cough and sorethroat right at the beginning, but it was really really terrible. At the end of the march i was fucking shag already, therefore building a simple basha became a very big task for me and my buddy, who was coping with a 39 degrees fever as well.

Pull the basha stick, 1 comms cord broke, then another 1 broke, and another 1 and another 1, AND its suppose to be unbreakable. Then leopard crawl here and there, build again, then by that time i seh already, so i fall out.

After introducing us to the area and everything, next task was to dig drainage. Although i was dizzy, still lan lan bo bian, since my buddy was at medic, i did my best to dig out a decent drainage, which turned up to be not that bad as there was a fucking big rain soon after, and the tent didnt get wet.

After that learn more stuff regarding movement in a section and etc etc etc. The last day was applying our stuff to real life situation, which was quite shag, but interesting at the same time, since you have to use your brain to analyse the situation and see how you want your team to engage the enemy.

4th day packed up, and everything on the tonner, and we marched to our new oil palm plantation. We digged our cell scrape there, i think i took about 6 hours. The soil is fucking hard, had a damn bloody hard time to be honest, and with a little help from 1 of my bro, completed it.

5th day was urban training, how to scan and clear and storm rooms, very interesting and more practical in our Singapore terrain. Then we have this operation where we move in platoon with each section having an objective. Mine was to secure a building, then provide cover for the others to storm the other buildings.

1/3 alert at night was quite fun, where 1/3 of the people around you must be awake at all times. Lying there looking at the stars, thinking about alot of stuff, a good time to reflect and relax.

The last day was the best, board the 5 tonner and left the area, super happy at that point of time. Then we went for the last highlight of our field camp, the Battle Innoculation Course, where we have to leopard crawl for what seems like eternity, with machine gun using live rounds firing above us, and some thunder flash to simulate grenade being thrown at us. At first it was like chiong arh.... Then after reaching the 2nd barbwire and backcrawl through it, I already gg.

The last stretch was the worst, since on the whiteboard it was just 2cm from wire to trench, but on actual scale, its like more than 20m. Crawl and crawl and near yet so far, but of course, i reached my destination eventually and ended the whole course.

After that was time to go home, super high also. However had to clear and clean alot of our stuff, but then just glad that its over.

Tomorrow will have the 12km route march, hope i can complete it, i think its more of a mental test for route marches, then we have the sit test, so is like another mini field camp, oh well just see how it goes.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Back once again...

Finally back for the weekend, even though it will be relatively short. Later have to report at Discovery Centre for some NE stuff, quite lame i think, but then bo bian.

Still feeling very tired after yesterday hectic schedule. We went outfield at around noon, then did some fire movement and section movement. Getting down and dirty in the damp rainforest, then reached back company line abt 6. Then flew off for dinner, then back to clean rifle clean bunk pack clothes. Super bloody busy, then delayed our book out time, so when i reached home after eating dinner outside it was already like 11+.

This week quite slack in the sense that we didnt do any streneous activities. No pt no st no bcct, shiok sia. Live range for 2 days, in which i cocked up my test and didn't get marksman. IA until fed up, then after that rifle jam, and the sergeant help me clear IA, clear until misfire, chua tio.

After that no confidence in the rifle then buay zun already, haha, i scared chamber explosion then GG.

In other news, Liverpool are back in the Champion League Finals. That day super nervous, then coincidentally had to fall in 0515, then wake up jitao wait for update already. Somehow i felt that if we get through extra time then we will go through, and i was right in the end. Although i wasn't watching the kop do their magic, i can imagine the noise, the celebration, and the sacred anthem being belted out at demolition volume.

While my body was still, my heart was there at anfield, dancing with joy...