Tuesday, January 23, 2007

tick tock...tick tock...

I'm jobless, and i'm rotting.

Can this be posted on classified?

Monday, January 15, 2007


Let's have some gp lesson, or rather a vocab lesson.

Give the meaning of the following word. You may write your answer in 1 word or a short phrase:


Hard right, how do you explain this word, can't even read it properly, is it bulls hit or bull shit. Let me define it for you.

Bullshit is I quote "'I said yesterday and some people laughed at me, but this move for me is not about the money, it's about hopefully making a difference in the US with the soccer and that's what I'm going there for."

Do you seriously think you can make a difference? FUCKING HELL NO, don't make it sound like you are some pro player who can perform week in week out consistently at a top level. How thick skin can you get shithead.

Laugh? I'm sorry, you misused that word, shall i insert a more appropriate word for you? Mock, insult, despise, spit maybe?

What utter crap, I never liked you, not just because you're a man utd player, but because you are a USELESS man utd player, except for helping them gain more profit, and i don't considered that useful at all. People look at results on the pitch, not at your fucked up face.

Can you dribble? NO. Can you run? NO. Can you cross? Not with someone closing me down(but at the first place you can't run past him), so NO. Can you shoot? No i need a wall. Can you take free kicks? OH ya that's about the only thing i can do.

What's with the pay too? Crazy people spending crazy money just to see him in their own pitch. Haiz, money is spoiling the beautiful game. Look at Chelsea, no culture no heritage only got money. What's the point? You win championship, but do people respect you? No, look at mourinho, money doesn't buy you loyalty. Fairplay to him he's a good manager i admit, but after winning a few trophies the challenge is gone, everything becomes meaningless.

Finally, i hope the press stop wasting valuable space on the newspaper to give reports on him. I'm sure no true soccer fans are interested. Use that valuable space to tell us more about players who really perform their duty as a real soccer player. MLS? What's that, never heard before.

Yeah scram off europe dude, hope your children don't get the obese problem. It's quite serious in US you know...

Monday, January 08, 2007

Reclaim The Kop..

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Friday, January 05, 2007

The new year...

Another year has passed, truly getting old le. 2006, let's see, nothing much happened. More notably is the tragic loss of everyone's good friend steve irwin. Although quite some time has passed, i'm sure people still remember him and his contribution to the animal kingdom. After all, there's the steve irwin highway, never gone, never forgotten, You'll Never Walk Alone Steve.

Then there's the unforgettable general elections, WTF OIANAJSNKDJASNDAKLDNASDUABDAL, actually also nothing much to talk about. SKIP.

After that was the fucked up A levels, although now seemed like no kick. Of course no kick, over liao still kick what. During that period also quite stress, nothing like PSLE and O levels. Guessed the exams went pretty smoothly, so if my results are bad, there's only 1 concluson: I SUCK.

Past few months don't need to elaborate on much, just slack all the way through. The days in Korea rocks too, gonna go there someday again, if i have the money of course. Then mostly out partying with my brothers, hope our soccer will start soon, really missing all the action.

New year 2007, no more town for countdowns, all of us are sick of it. This time our new hobby is mahjong or poker! Must adapt to the life of National Service, we train first anot later lose big. Hope the new year brings us more luck! 2007 is good for dragons, HUAT ARH! Stay safe and happy, and remain in contact. This is the year that we enter NS, although we will make new friends and brothers who will gladly die with us, let's not forget the brothers that we once lived with...