Sunday, October 29, 2006

The sea is calm before a storm...

This will be the last post until the war is over. Yes just a few more days the war will start, and for some it will end early, and others later. For some, it will be easy, for others, a difficult war. The difference is, this war has a deadline, and come the end of November, it will stop.

This few days have been relatively relaxing, doing some tys, looking through whatever that need to be looked through, keeping the mind relax and steady. I think this time i take a different approach as compared to O levels. Keep on working a few hours a day, recalling all the concepts and ideas, but at the same time not panicking, with only 1 goal in mind.

Maybe its because of this past few weeks at home, that i so wanna go out and play, which i did in my dreams. Everyday, i yearn to go to sleep and dream, the only time i'll be able to truly get out of my house. Involved myself in murder cases, fighting 1 on 5,and many of the weird weird dreams. Just last night, i dreamt i was packing my bag and preparing to go St. Wilfred for a KFC match. Sadly never dreamt til the kick off part, but the pre match feeling was damn nice. Feeling good, just wanna have a go at the opponent and enjoy ourselves.

Seems like everyone is now thinking what they are gonna do after the war. Guess its inevitable since the past 2 years had been anything but bloodily fun. There's so many things you wanna do, and i can't imagine how freakingly busy i will be after the A level. So let's do it, still 3 more days to prepare, then come the big thing.

Be it meaningless or not, let's fight the war well, and don't look back, cause it will become history...

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Wedding #2

Yesterday was my other cousin kelvin's big day. Morning went with my parents for the drinking tea ceremony. The family quite big so took a while for it to end, then after that ate abit of the buffet then went home.

When evening came, we got ready and went down to mandarin hotel. It was quite class, most of the people in suits, then everyone mingling about. Took awhile for the people to settle down, quite grand a wedding with 80 tables. Dinner started at around 9, but before that was a video on the lives of the bride and groom, very sweet.

Then halfway through the dinner another video on the process of prying the bride away from her house. Haha, the guys were forced to eat xiao mai cao and those veges, which of course were thrown on the floor, up the trees, and in the garden. In the end they took revenge by racing on the expressway, scaring the hell out of those girls.

The dishes all standard, shark fin abalone, but not filling, haha so i ended up drinking abit. Didn't really like the wine, so just drink to keep myself full. I heard 1 table about 1000+, so ya, quite worth the money la, comparing they do so much stuff.

Wishing kelvin and candy eternal happiness...

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Happy times...

I realised its been a very long time since i blog. The coming and going of prelims, the memorising and familarising with the texts and facts in my subjects has been taking up most of my time. Don't forget the recent addiction to tv serials and basically tv. I can just watch anything on tv, discovery channel, espn, HBO, even channel 5, quite pathetic i guess.

Anyway went to my cousin's wedding today, don't know why, but i felt really really happy, maybe because he is getting married. In the morning went to my auntie's house as my parents have to drink tea. His friends were already in the house when i got there, he was wearing a white suit, wat the hell man, who says asian can't wear white suits, crap man.

After drinking tea went over to my see my cousin's house. It was nice, and he got it and renovated it at a very cheap price, the intricate planning was perfect, especially since architecture ain't his specialised field. After that went home and study for awhile, which can't be really called studying since i was sleeping half the time.

Around 5 plus got ready and went for the dinner at the yacht club. The crowd only started coming in during the solemnisation ceremony, where the couple exchange vows and everything, very sweet. After that there was the military style wedding, quite cool walking under the swords, the uniform was damn nice.

Dinner was served, and to be honest wasn't very nice, but i made it up with some wine. Don't know why, but i still is feeling very happy, haha wedding really has a positive effect, makes me wanna get married straight away.

Congratulations to Darren and Sherilyn, wish them a blissful marriage and together forever, withstanding the test of time.

Next week, my another cousin's wedding, haha, one after another joyous occasion, makes me forget about A level for quite a while. Meanwhile, time to get some rest, drank quite abit, not drunk, but just tired.