Tuesday, February 03, 2009


And so, another 1 of our brother left for Australia. How time flies, the last time i remembered, it was darrell leaving like 4 years ago? It was with a heavy heart, maybe because we're were still young then, and Australia seemed like very far away.

Fast forward, and today it's cheelim's turn. Similarly, the feeling is still there, but somehow it just seem different. Australia don't sound very far and strange anymore, he seemed to be just a drive away, although we still have to fly a few hours, but he don't seem so distant at all.

Maybe as we grow, we accustom ourselves to people coming and going, and people leaving the country for a good few years are inevitable, be it schooling or working in the future. The scary part is instead of feeling sad, we feel numb, hope this doesn't happen though.

We'll definitely miss him, growing up together and having the best days of our life together, who wouldn't. Can't wait for him to come back after the short term, it'll be fun.