Saturday, April 28, 2007

back to 21st century...

Finally, after confinement for what seems like infinity, i've been let out of "jail". At first really cannot get used to the life in army. Firstly have to sweat everyday, and since i haven't been sweating for the past 4 months, quite uncomfortable. Then you have to wake up at 5 or 530, which means i would be awake for an average of 17 hours a day. It will be like take damn long to pass a day, but after a few days, when i got to know everyone better, the talk cock session started and the days seemed to pass by pretty quickly.

Yesterday quite high, everything chop chop finish. Morning had IMT, no kick la, i expect live range to be much tougher, so the IMT counts for nothing. Then after that had ST, but heng heng rain, so do halfway go back pack up liao. Then take the jetty and bus back, on the bus shouting command for the bus. Some joker shout keblakang bo seng also, hahaha.

Miss my home, miss my family, miss my friends, although can still communicate with them, but never see jiu shi not the same. I guess NS does change a guy to become a better person, i hope. More tekan will follow up i think, so just follow lor, my commanders aren't that bad also.

Time to enjoy the comfort of my home, no other place feels like home.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Embrace me...

Time is like the flow of river, even if a pebble is dropped into the water, it does not stop the flow of the running water...

It seems like i have waited for this moment to come for quite a long time, and now it is about to come, i'm abit hesitant and unsure about it. I guess that's just my personality, never really wanting to change, but then since its inevitable, i realised i always cope quite well, so ya, adaptability quite good i think.

Now trying to brainstorm for items to bring into the wonderful small paradise, hahaha. From personal items to luxury items, look for some beneficial stuff to bring, just sort of updated my mp3 also, put more albums in so 1 night can listen to 1 album.

Looking forward to getting to know more people, hopefully i get to know another bunch of brothers.


Hahaha, i like this phrase. Anyway, i guess this will be the last post for quite a long time, since i'm gonna go for a long vacation, 精忠报国。

So ya, all readers, all related to me, take care while i'm gone, although you should also take care while i'm not gone. HAHA.

May paladine walk with you all...

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Phantom of the opera

Yesterday night went to watch phantom of the opera, i think it was quite a value for money show, or musical, or whatever you term it.

I'm no expert in these kind of play, so don't know how to access their performance, but then, their voice damn pro. The costume everything also very nice, and not to mention the world class orchestra, producing magic in their own field, but at the same time in harmony.

In other news, the fateful day is about to come. Now really feeling abit home sick while being at home. Really really really don't feel like leaving home, for so long some more, at least for 9 months some more i think. Haizz sian.

Been watching a serial these 2 days, 游剑江湖。林无双 is so cute!!!!! Oh man, really quite cute, but the storyline abit easy to guess though, then my idol very funny also, a wanderer, helping others in trouble, damn cool.

How i wish to wander the world, with a sword in hand, bringing hope to others...

Monday, April 02, 2007

Pre enlistment rants..

Countdown sucks man, seriously. Now i have the super "don't want to get into NS" feeling. I have been thinking these few days, i think NS is quite a big thing afterall. My lifestyle will totally be different already, at least for the next 10 years maybe?

Enter NS, the time spent at home will be very very little, at least for about a year of it. Then i can't slack at home and pei my mother. Maybe i won't see them very often already, haizz...

After that still got uni life, which is so damn bloody far also, which means i may have to stay at hostel. Unless i come up with an idea or make investments in these 2 years, i can't see myself affording a car to school. Talking about that, must find some money making business to venture into during my 2 years in army, don't waste time man.

Anyway these few days indulging myself in books, finally finished the first book of my chronicles. Haha, i think it'll take quite long to finish all the books again. I think these books will be my companions in tekong.

The majere twins, just figured out why i liked them so much, simply because there's a little bit of both of them in me. i'm not really strong, but then i'm not weak either. I'm not really clever, but i'm not stupid either. Then there is the thirst for knowledge, and who knows, maybe i'll forgo bonds, friendships and everything just for the art of magic. Then again its sad when you have a brother who loves you so much, then you keep deceiving him and stab him in the back.

Oh well, don't think anyone understand that's going on also, going to play mahjong soon, haha HUAT arh..