Sunday, August 26, 2007

Army Half Marathon

Today went for the 12km army half marathon run. I wasn't prepared at all for this run, because was told only at wed that we had to go for the run. Since bo bian have to go all the way there, so must well go try abit, the prospect of running on the Nicoll Highway was quite interesting too.

Woke up at 0430, which is like bloody early because couldn't sleep the night before, it was too early for sleeping. Then delay here and there abit, and we're off to esplanade.

The run started at around 730++, and i finished mine slightly before 9, accompany kahwoon for 7km, then i went off on my own already, but there were too many ppl must siam like siao. Had abit of difficulty in the last 2 3km, but going by the most suitable phrase to use in a marathon "It's all in the mind...", so ok la 12km wasn't that bad afterall.

After that went home and heard in the news that an officer died after his 21km, quite sad actually, but this kind of things can't be helped i guess. Where is your limit? How the fuck do you know when you are at your limit, then if you don't run til your limit how do u improve your fitness. I guess only a thin line seperates life and death, and from what i see the line is getting thinner everyday.

Injured my ankle, like half walking half limping already, oh well, i hope it recover soon so can go play some soccer.

Til next week, can't wait to book out already...

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Low key period

Now in camp is not very happening, since exercise haven't started, but soon, it will all change soon.

Due to the massive amount of free time that i have, i spend my day lying in bed, and the night lying in bed, nothing much can be done to increase my knowledge, except that i could read some books, or even refresh my mathematics from the jc notes. Other than that i can only go online to search for something interesting to read, improve my general knowledge.

Of course, when you have nothing to do, you think more, and i recently realised that, i don't really know myself that well. I don't think i can even describe myself, which is why its always damn hard to write in the column About Me, excluding those what "i like coffee i like to go shopping etc etc..." Fuck who also can write that.

To start off with, my life have been relatively smooth sailing, not to say its not good Its good and i thank everyone up there, or perhaps my previous life for it, but because of this maybe that's why i'm quite a stranger to myself.

First of all, i'm a fighter, i don't like to give up, in fact i hate to give up. Maybe it's just me, but giving up, to me is losing, and i hate to lose. I get pissed when i lose, but most of the time i'm not pissed with others, i'm just pissed with myself. I believed that if i focused my mind into doing something, I have the ability to do it well, and not disappoint anybody. Even if i fail, i would have this urge to retry, rethink my strategy, review my mistakes, and tackle the problem with a different approach. No way am i going to give up, maybe also because of the liverpool spirit rooted in me. Then again, i won't succumb even if i have to fucking walk alone, and because of this, i always felt that i'm destined for something big. Hopefully that will happen in the future.

If only it was so simple...

Sunday, August 05, 2007

19 yrs...just liked that.

I realised i haven't been blogging for quite some time, so just dropped by for a quick post.

FYI(For Your Info), my birthday was over just a few days ago. I spent most of the days in camp, then nights out with my parents for dinner. Lived 19 years already, and i guessed i'm really getting old, mentally. Physically still quite ok, can run can jump can march, but then mentally can see some transformation. No more worrying too much about studying, now is about more practical stuff.

19 years old already, cannot expect parents to keep on feeding me, must think about how to earn money, where to earn money, and about my future. Of course, there's still the whole thing about what's the point of life.

Coming to birthday wishes, plain and simple and easy. Hope everyone will be safe and sound, free from all disease, and that my mother will make a complete recovery from her illness. Hope that next birthday will come soon, cause by that time i will be on ORD mode. Hope father's business will prosper. Hope mh will realise his dream. And, hope my status will change soon...