Thursday, April 27, 2006

The elections...

Haha, the country is now buzzing with excitement, with the elections drawing closer and closer. I just came back from dinner at the market. Quite impressive sia, the banners are already up, the lightning PAP that keep on zap your money, and the popular Mr Chiam that managed to keep his seat for so many years, toa payoh must have a hell lot of opposition supporters.

Ok first and foremost, the most important thing, the odds! SDA party is the favourites, give don't know how many ball also. Haha, overheard my father's conversation, bet PAP will only lose half! HAHAHA, so much for the talk about PAP looking set to win the constituency.

Newspaper these few days getting boring though, everything is about the elections, new faces, everything that is related to the elections is being thrown into the news. Although its quite fun with all the hype and everything, i still think politics are stupid. You get a group of adults, in the middle age, fighting for don't know what crap, i think it's damn freaking childish.

Often, and i think it's always, things get ugly. You see people coming up and talk bad things openly about their opponents and everything, aiya what the fuck man, how old already...? All the crap about first world this first world that, get a life and do something more constructive man.

Now almost hit the climax already, don't know which party published in their newspaper that PAP is corrupted and everything, now that's what i call committing suicide. It's obvious who's gonna win the battle man, and although i think those who apologised are abit humji, i'm sure they fully understand the consequences man. Heard of Davinder Singh? Sounds familiar rite? Of course la, he's the pro that got Durai sacked, and subsequently the whole board was dismissed. Now that's some power...

The recently controversial forum with MM Lee also saw some young adults asking interesting questions. One that caught my attention was the level playing field thing. Obviously it is not level la, what logic is that man. We are all singaporeans, but those who are under PAP have the privilege to undergo upgrading, whereas this money for upgrading cannot be used by those under the opposition party, this is what i call nonsense. They gave some reply to this question, which clearly did not impress me at all la, what crap. It's like Abrahimovich taking over chelsea and his money helped the team to the league title, apparently they are so crap that they couldn't win the Champions league. Of course money can't buy titles, BUT unlimited money can. So yeah, that's about the same case in Singapore.

Anyway, this year elections, you and i all know who's gonna win. As much as we hate PAP for sucking our money, credit must be given to them for bringing us to where we are now. I guess the lack of passion in us now is because of the boring political monopoly in singapore. And although some hate PAP to the core, in the end they will still get the vote, because its the results that count. And as long as PAP shows us the results, we'll give them their vote, and go about with our own life.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

My life...

This few days have been quite busy i guess, many many things happening which i wanted to blog about, then when i reached home don't feel like already, so forgotten some of the things that happened along the way.

Now let's talk about the big thing this year, the infamous A level. I just realise, to lead my life, i will not score for A level. It's totally crap la A level, can't wait for it to end.


Apparently, i did so and ended up with a score of BCCC. Everyday end at an average of 4pm, then go home, rest a while, read some newspaper, eat dinner. Then it's already about 6 to 7. Then you finish your tutorials, and i don't know why adults have the mentality that tutorials are just 1 sheet of paper for you to do and concluded that it's not enough practice. Any student will tell you 1 hour is not enough to finish 1 tutorial. Assume we did just enough, then sleep at 10, then wake up go to school. That's about what happen for the 5 days, then saturday sunday SUPPOSEDLY to be relax day right?! How can be so loser and mug 24/7.

Besides, being Rafael Gohnitez, i got to explain my actions to the club, the players, and most importantly the fans. So ya, hahaha, how can i miss the weekly matches that's going on. Ok heard some feedback that people don't understand my blog due to the numerous soccer term, so ya, back to the point.

I shall try to recall what happen this past week. One thing is for sure, i have been eating quite a lot this few days. Alot of my father friends treating our family to dinners, due to my lao peh birthday. Clara also celebrates her 19th birthday this week, happy belated birthday!

My father called the medical board a few days ago to pester them for the medical report, according to his friend, a major, those slackers take quite a long time to get back to you, so ya, my father say see the condition how bad, maybe must go see specialist, what the hell, so ma fan.
Anyway, his friend is quite guai lan, father told me about his conversation with some NS people on the phone.

Let my father's friend be X and the stranger calling be Y.

Y "is this major chua?"

X "Major chua? no no, it's EX Major chua. I'm no longer major, you all dowan me, i'm now only a civilian... "

Y "Do you have time to help us do a survey?"

X "Oh no no no, now that i'm a civilian, i got no time, i'm doing a civilian job now, so ya, i don't have much time."

Y "...."

Haha, damn funny, then u add in abit of guai lan tone like how marists talk, ya then the more funnier.

Think its time to change my hp already, using it for like 2 and a half years, not bad i guess, i would say i'm quite lucky with phones, the phones i own doesn't have much problems with me, always lasting til my plan expires. Any suggestions for a phone? Nothing big, nothing heavy, nothing 3G.

Time to do some work before i get to the big match, bring on the roman crap...

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Hahahaha, the 8-hand cs... Posted by Picasa

The Hillsborough 96...

I haven't been studying much this few days, feeling abit uncomfortable. This week only attended school for 3 days, wed there was the check up, then friday was the good friday holiday. It wasn't very good though, rained super heavily when we were playing soccer, the rain comes when we don't want it to.

Anyway, since we can't play with the ball then we played with the rain, hahaha, some videos and pictures we took damn funny.

After soccer went home and took a nap, before being "forced" to go to ECP. It wasn't that bad though, it was quite cooling after the rain, although there were many people around, but ok la, never disturbed my peace while i was strolling in the park. Ate some food and just chill around and chat. We went back to my house after everything ended, play ps2 and everything lor. Then watched the Man U vs sunderland match, i always knew it was going to be a bao leng result between a top and bottom team, then my feeling was being affirm by cs who had a dream that man united and sunderland draw.

Then morning open door for ernest to get to school, then later in the morning again for shaun to go to tuition. Chun boon later called to wake me up and accompany me go buy shoe. Haha, wc talked about what feeling, i don't know much also, so choose 1 not very ex wan and quite ok wan. Chun boon say "we come all the way from jurong" in his NY uniform and she sold it to me $9 less, it was originally 69. Ya, since a few words can cut $9, then forget it liao. It's so not me to bargain and bargain. Hahaha, it looks weird for a guy to bargain, think only francis will do that.

Then after that was stone at home already, match wasn't very exciting yesterday, and title race is over.

This week is the 17th anniversary of the hillsborough disaster that took the life of 96 Liverpool fans. It's very sad reading the feelings of what the players felt. Fans as young as 10 to 15 years old, being crushed to death, and some never waking up from their coma. Even though i did not witness and was only a year old, i could feel the pain of those players and family who lost their loved ones even after 17 years. Justice For The 96, and you'll never walk alone.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

NS check up

Today woke up at 620 as usual, then feeling very stressed liao, gonna take the freaking blood test later.

Since sister had to go school, i had to go along in my dad's car so that he can fetch me there after fetching my sister to school. Ya, so i reached CPMB at 7, people haven't even report for work and i reach already.

We went to a nearby coffee shop for breakfast first, so ya, entered the CPMB building at around 730, which is still freaking early. Listen to some music and read newspaper before the check up officially start. So it seems like its a first come first serve basis, so if your check up is scheduled at 1pm, you can still turn up at 8am.

Of all places, i saw Suhairi while registering for the check up. Phew, luckily got some companion, anot will be damn stress. First went for audio screening, i thought this time i'm gonna die for blasting music frequently from my mp3, but quite stupid la, play all the different frequency and ask you to identify. Next station was the eye check up, perfect eyesight so got it done very quickly.

Then need to X-ray the chest, don't know for what too, after that was the urine test and the most scary station, the blood test. Haha, by that time couldn't feel anything already, the blood type test ain't that bad la, wasn't pain at all. Then went into a room for them to suck my blood, quite scary la, didn't see him stick the needle in, anot i sure faint. Watch him drain my precious bloody from my body, looks like red wine. It ain't that bad la, but still a little bit of pain.

After that was checking of teeth, and the dentist looked into everyone's mouth and starting blabbering some alien language, wat "5,6 U, 2, 4 I, 3, 8 missing." Damn complicated, then i was asked to do wat OPG, which i don't even know what the hell its for. Then went for the real medical check up, blood pressure, ECG, height and weight and everything. The checking of body and dick took damn freaking long la, waited like for 45 mins, then finally my turn.

Doctor "bend down please. *After 5 mins*, your spine like abit crooked, you need an X-ray, please change and wait outside..."


An hour gone while waiting and taking another X-ray, wtf man, 2 X-rays in 1 day, kill all my cells la. Then they said have to wait for results to come out before determining what pes i'll be classified into. Ta ma de, there goes my OCS, hope no problem, i dowan to sit behind the desk for 2 years in an air conditioned room. I want to go training man, spine crooked also no problem wan, i already exercise so many years liao. Later i pes F give you NAPFA gold, hahaha.

Then after that was the IQ test which was freaking lame la, still need physics knowledge, so confirm fail de, the rest of the tests never manage time properly, then no time finish, all the AP GP, hahaa.

Haiz, now only hope no need go back that CPMB for the medical review or what shit again. Damn troublesome...

Saturday, April 08, 2006


As the saying goes, no pia no win. This theorem can be applied to everything, its the most important criteria in the fucked up study world. It can also be the key to your promotion as you're still working your ass off for that little bit of money every month. Then of course, the favourite song among all gamblers, a very good song to warm you up before you go into the "battlefield".

For me, i already bo bei zao (no horse run). Very damn sian from all the tutorials already, haha, and its just like april only, oh my god man, and with this being the world cup season, how can i juggle between my "domestic competition" and the world cup man, damn tiring.

For the first time in my life, i'm damn sick of maths already. I can't explain why also, maybe because of the physics involved in the mechanics, its damn irritating when you have to assume this assume that, fuck physics!

Ok so let's just move away from the academic area. Bowling trainings increasing, moving here and there, abit lame. Without real coaching, i realise my release getting more and more gay, always overturn the bloody ball. After 1 and a half year of bowling, i finally hit my first 200, 211 to be exact, so bloody gay right, took me 1 and a half years. in that 10 frames got a 4 bagger, then open 2 supposedly easy spare, then spare one and another turkey. I attribute this 211 to luck i think, lucky lucky once in a blue moon hit wan. If want to hit 200 in a regular basis i think need a long time.

Seasoning still as usual, but due to a period completely cut off from it, potting skills become damn lousy, use to pot long shots like nobody business, but now only can shoot bird.

Haiz, ok don't feel like typing anything liao, one question for all before i go. Which stadium plays Kurt Angle entrance theme during half time? HAHHA...

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Back to my life...

I just realised that the past few posts were all about soccer, yeah shifting out of topic already, so back to my own life. This week sort of gotten back most of my results for the block test. Let's analyse it 1 by 1.

Maths 9233 - The phobia seemed to be getting greater because I degraded to a C, 62. Haha, it was stupid on my part really, guess have been doing too much chem, my accuracy was just not there, and of course, the many small requirements needed by the crap teachers. Nvm, i'll be more conscious next time.

F. Maths - This is more the wasted kind compared to 9233, got another C, 61.5. Well mostly because i threw away 12 marks due to again, inaccuracy, as always, there's always a next time.

Chemistry - Hate to talk about this subject, got a B, 69. Hence it could be equated to A-1, damn pissed when i got the papers back, so many stupid careless mistakes that could have easily gotten me that A, but improved though it was an easy paper, not bad though, concept is there.

Left physics and GP to be taken, not much expectation la, just a pass will do.

Anyway, was listening to the live commentary on the WBA vs Liverpool match last night on the net, it was the most crap stuff that i have ever heard, imagine Martin Tyler saying all this on ESPN.

" It's alonso, to garcia *voice getting louder*, oh a fucking brilliant back heel to whoever is that, AND HE MISSED! WHAT A FUCKING BRILLIANT BACK HEEL!"
"Its the 44th min now *YAWN DAMN BLOODY LOUD*, god please blow the whistle for half time please!"
"go to the website on to vote for who you want to win the EPL title....<2>... yeah i hate man utd but i wan to see the smile wiped off fucking mourinho face."

Haha, have been listening to this thingy for the whole match man, hahaha, very impressed, can try going to job interview with ESPN.

Just finish watching F1, very exciting race today, alot of accidents here and there, mainly because of overexerting the car. However, Alonso ran out comfortable winner here, and the team talk was quite funny really, at the last 4 laps...

Team " relax now relax..."
Alonso "I am very relax..."

Seemed like his definition of relax is very different from the team de, practically speeding through the whole course, classic stuff.