Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The year 2008.

Haha it's been exactly 1 month since i posted here, the last being a post from india. So here i go, looking back at the year 2008.

A year of work, or should i say fun, ok not exactly fun, but not exactly useful too, whatever la. The most place i've visited in a year. Nz in feb, which was great. Phuket in march, damn fun too. My first time stepping into HK territory in July/August? and thoroughly enjoyed myself. Then to India, which kinda suck, but its all over so looking back it doesnt suck that much. Then phuket penang again, which was very refreshing and relaxing.

Year 2009 approaches, a bad year for dragons apparently, fan tai sui, and should stop drinking/gambling, wonder what i can do, LOL. Half a year of studies await, and i'm not even sure if i could get back to mugging, it seemed so long ago. BUT FIRST, going on another few trips before school starts. Looking at Holland, taiwan/hk, shanghai, hmm still thinking whether i should pay a visit to wudang, HAHA. Have to take the financial crisis which is hitting spore soon into account. EVERYBODY HAS NO MONEY AND ITS GETTING TO ME. Maybe i'm peer pressured into being poor.

Hahaha, a boring christmas eve, i can imagine an even more boring christmas. OH WELL, MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE.


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