Monday, October 27, 2008



Totally. Magical.


Superb performance, everyone was a hero tonight, every single one. Our passing was especially good, short, slick, classy. Defending world class, wonderful going forward, reira had a cracker, but so did alonso carragher agger aurelio mascherano gerrard, great team effort.

This will last me til i come back from india, definitely. It's been a long time since my heart pounded as hard as last night, fortunate not to get a heart attack.

Flying on a freaking wednesday morning 0730, so had to be there like 0500. Very good test for people who want to know who their true friends are. 0500, who's busy at this time? HAHAHA

Glad we didn't sell Alonso, so so glad.

Saturday, October 18, 2008


Rotting at home on a friday night, damn sian. Right now feel like going for a spin, but so many factors make me wanna stay at home and try sleep instead.

1. Fucked up allocation of car park slots. Every night car park slots are full downstairs, which meant i had to park at the multi storey carpark, AT THE FREAKING ROOF SOME MORE. Ridiculous, i cannot park under my house.

2. Alot people on the roads on weekends, which meant there would be alot alot of traffic jams, and i hate it.

3. Companion, actually this is not very important, i would say that point no.1 is more important, but still quite bored to drive alone right. That says alot actually, coming from a loner. HAHHA

Conclusion, don't drive if you can't find a parking slot. I would place that above the "don't drive if you drink". Of course, i don't drink drive, even though i'm quite sure i can pull it off. Something like 35miu g per 100ml breath or sth like that, still in the process of figuring how many drinks that is and how long it would take for the alcohol to wear away, 0.015 an hour or sth like that.

Haiz, i can still remember you clearly...

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

"without killing anyone, we won it 3 times..."

According to Kay's article, the man utd PLAYERS, i repeat PLAYERS, were heard and seen singing this shit during their win in Moscow.


Seriously, I am so disturbed by this that i've lost all respect for those classless cunts. Players to do this, omg man, i still can't take in the magnitude of the whole situation.

Sure its bad enough when fans sing about tragedies, BUT PLAYERS, talk about being ambassadors for their club and their profession, bollocks.

Article had been use to bring up the disgraceful chants by both sets of supporters at the merseyside derby. The bitters obviously with their same old chant, labelling liverpool as murderers for killing their own fans, which should not even be heard in the first place. Then liverpool decided to retaliate "2-0 to the murderers" chant. It would have been class to see the reaction on their face, but being ambassadors of a club of such history and passion, i'm guessing that alot are regretting their actions during the match.

Sure, derbies are filled with intense passion and rivalry, but to go on singing and making a joke out of people who lost their lives. Unnecessary.

Of course, we may so conveniently argue that the media HAS ALL ALONG been against us, the shit and abuse that had been thrown at us over the years were never ever reported, but once LIVERPOOL FANS say something, it gets onto the headlines. BUT BUT BUT, are we classless? Are we so bitter that we blame everything else except ourselves for being a failure? I hope our fans take a long hard look at ourselves and be shamed for what we did out there.

1 point i strongly agree though, if it had been liverpool players doing that instead of the united players, I bet we'll get ban from europe again.

Fucking scums, i've never had so much hatred for them before. Don't know why they have so many supporters, probably glory hunters.

Talk about glory hunters, the papers were talking about ferrari this ferrari that, interviewing people and millions of them supporting ferrari and kimi, because he's cute. OMG you'd have thought ferrari bought advertising rights for the whole day edition. Total lack of respect to the other teams.


I'm so freaking happy, and the icing of the cake was when fernando alonso won it. I just got a hunch, so much so that i wore it to work on saturday, then to see him drop out of qualifying, so gutted for him.

He said he needed a miracle, well he got 1 on raceday, so delighted for him, and renault. I hope they can build on this and bring back their former glory. I really really really really hope he stays.

Fernando, the future is bright, don't leave man.

I think fernando's return has spur the whole team to work extra hard and the win is the reward of their effort. I was so excited because singapore's track is not about horsepower, you need skill and torque, that means alonso and renault.

I can't really describe how happy i am with the derby win, then the grand prix win. OMFG.