Saturday, October 18, 2008


Rotting at home on a friday night, damn sian. Right now feel like going for a spin, but so many factors make me wanna stay at home and try sleep instead.

1. Fucked up allocation of car park slots. Every night car park slots are full downstairs, which meant i had to park at the multi storey carpark, AT THE FREAKING ROOF SOME MORE. Ridiculous, i cannot park under my house.

2. Alot people on the roads on weekends, which meant there would be alot alot of traffic jams, and i hate it.

3. Companion, actually this is not very important, i would say that point no.1 is more important, but still quite bored to drive alone right. That says alot actually, coming from a loner. HAHHA

Conclusion, don't drive if you can't find a parking slot. I would place that above the "don't drive if you drink". Of course, i don't drink drive, even though i'm quite sure i can pull it off. Something like 35miu g per 100ml breath or sth like that, still in the process of figuring how many drinks that is and how long it would take for the alcohol to wear away, 0.015 an hour or sth like that.

Haiz, i can still remember you clearly...


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