Tuesday, November 16, 2004

what's the problem with singaporeans?

Tell me, what's the use of traffic lights? In case you don't know, it is used to control the flow of traffic on the roads, just like resistors which controls the amount of current flowing in the circuit. Apparently, this 1 of a kind idiot doesn't know how to make use of a traffic light and goes running across the road, then bang. Well, i didn't really see him getting smack onto the floor by the car, which is quite a pity cause it's definitely going to be a enjoyable sight.

When i got there, he was sitting on the floor. Stun? shocked? you fully deserved it you bastard. Firstly he caused the victim, which is the driver to be late for work, and he could be seen making calls to his colleagues informing them of what happened. Then as road accidents happened, the car could not be taken away unless a police officer is there. Therefore happening in a 2 lanes road, it was causing a big jam on the roads.

The hilarious part was, the freaking traffic light was just a few steps away, and he just had to take the short route. Of course, you would expect a huge crowd gathering there and trying to see what's happening. Let me tell those who didn't see it. A pathetic and pitiful figure is sitting on the floor, still couldn't believed what just happened. People crowded and asked if he was ok. Haha, sorry, if it's me, I'll go over and beat some sense into him. Fancy running across the road like that. Lucky i had no video cam with me, or i would record the whole process down and send it to Maximum Exposure, footages of people in accidents. Anyway, this son of a bitch deserve no empathy because he truly deserved this. It's such a pity he didn't get injured. A big man rushes across the road, a car just knock into him slightly, and he sits there in shock. I can't believe he belongs to the male species. Instead of saying sorry to the victim, he was sitting there and letting the victim console him, what is this.i didn't know singaporeans still commit such dumb and stupid act. You're such a fucker dude, and i would really laugh my head off if your legs were bang out of shape, but unfortunately it didn't happen. One way or the other, you still have to pay the ambulance fees loser, no injuries whatsoever and you're moaning there, what a disgrace.

Thursday, November 11, 2004

The Power Of The Mind.

Well well well, we can't really underestimate O levels can we? I didn't realise its powers until last night. In one single night, i got 3 nightmares, and all of them related to the freaking Os.

First, I dreamt i didn't study and went for the bloody Geog Elective paper. Sitting on the table realising I haven't studied anything. I then woke up and was freaked out, but what the hell, it was just a dream.

Second, i dreamt i didn't bring my entry proof then must go home and take it. I woke up again, realising it once again was a dream. I became quite fed up, but well, you can't experience 3 dreams in 1 night right? I thought so and went on to sleep.

Thirdly, i overslept and arrived at the examination hall, with everyone already doing their paper. So now i couldn't differentiate reality from fiction, and got real scared, when my alarm clock rang-6a.m. Don't really feel like studying so went back to sleep.

My opinion of O level changed drastically overnight. I've seen the true powers of what it can do to one's mind. Ta ma de, now i just want it to end straightaway. Since the beginning of the year, the words "O level" is constantly on my mind, and it has now beginning to show its power. haiz, I just wished to be free.....

Wednesday, November 10, 2004






It wasn't supposed to be like that. It seemed so near...... yet so far. I want this to end, but a small part of me doesn't. What's this?