Sunday, July 29, 2007

what year izzit...

Let's see, another year passed, and i took quite a while to calculate how old i am now.

Hmm, seems liked i had gone through a lifetime, can't even remember my age...

Sunday, July 15, 2007

The year of Jacky Cheung world tour 2007.

I went for the 2nd concert of my life, and once again i was impressed with the performer on stage. This time it was my all time favourite idol jacky.

Rushed home from camp, then had a super quick dinner, then took the documents required and zoom downstairs. Thanks to jasmine, who so kindly make a super big detour according to her, to fetch me go indoor stadium together. Anyway, reached there about 1830, and could see the crowd arriving already.

Watched them ate their dinner, then went to collect tickets, then it was time to switch to concert mode.

Entered with a bang, and continued to belt out several rock songs, which i must say i was quite impressed. A lot of dancing and singing, and full credit to him, it was quite nice. You don't see jacky cheung even move from a spot, much less dance 10 years ago. Even though the dance wasn't of a high level, like aaron kwok all these, but at least the dance moves have his own personal style to it.

Then out came his classics, which was what it was, classic, sung by the god of song himself. Thoroughly enjoyed myself, and i felt the concert was valued for money, every single cent of it.

Newspaper reported about the concert and labelled him as crazy for throwing the microphone stand around, but that's what they are, the newspaper a.k.a FOS(full of shit). I can't really be bothered by their crap, many people upset by his actions? As i've said, fos.

Talk about S.H.E, Jay Chou, but come to singing and improving, i think these new generation singers have much to learn from these lao jiao. The professionalism and commitment he displayed deserve mention, and of course his vocal is still as pro as ever.

Rock on, and may your music continue to light up the world for many years to come...

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Hectic days...

This weekend had barely anytime to figure out what i was doing. Friday did my guard duty, which was quite boring since nothing much happened. Didn't get to sleep much also, was talking cock with the guard comm most of the time.

After the torturous shift took a little nap here and there, not more than 3 hours of sleep. After all the SOP then took a bathe and went home, courtesy of my parents coming all the way down to pick me. I went home, didn't remember much about getting onto the bed, and the next thing i knew it was 4pm.

Fuck i just wasted 1 day sleeping.

After that went bowling, which ended with a pulled muscle somewhere on my arm. The day, or should i say night, ended after watching hebe on tv.

I settled my btt, which will be on the 15th of sept, and the jacky cheung concert ticket. Next week will be a hell lot busier. I have to literally fly home, then take all the necessary documents, which includes my father ic which means that i cannot go straight from camp. Quite excited by the thought of it, my 1st concert was great, and i hope this time ge shen will deliever and make it better than my 1st experince.

I can't wait for friday to come...

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Beyond the everest.

Just realised i haven't blog for quite some time. Booked out this week, had been quite a long one, lectures and lectures and lectures, other than that there was not much physical activity.

Today basically stayed at home to watch some tv, and more importantly to watch the last episode of Discovery Channel Beyond the Everest. The actual filming of the whole expedition was quite amazing. Going up the mountain itself is already very dangerous, and you have to do some filming at the same time.

There was quite alot of drama during the climb, especially when the team was nearing the summit. Clearly there was no time left, and the climbers who haven't reached the summit still insist to go on despite the continuous pleas of the leader who told them they do not have enough oxygen left.

In the end they were persuaded to come down, but they wasted alot of time and energy in the process, which jeopardise the safety of other climbers and the sherpas that were looking after them. I don't know about them, but i would definitely not ignore orders and risk the safety of everyone just because of my dreams or whatsoever. We are talking about many lives here.

Then the first guy was on his way back down, then he saw this guy shivering on a rock, without oxygen left, and nobody to help him. He wanted to help, but he can't, at that height they need alot of people to bring this guy to safety. He was then told to move on, which means leave that guy to die on the mountains.

It's quite heart wrecking, when you see a person waiting to die, and you know you cannot do anything to help him, unless you have a gun then maybe can consider the option of ending his life in a faster and easier way. Haiz i wonder how that person felt laying there, knowing that the next breath he take might be his last.

This was bothering me the whole day, oh well, back to camp...