Saturday, August 30, 2008

End of the 7th month...

In a flash, or maybe just to me, since i've been doing fuck all for the past 1 and a half year, 7th month passed.

As the years goes by, the decline of these traditions become more evident. Not much ge tai around anymore, just a few tentages set up here and there for people to jia tok, not to mention about the operas that was so common all around everywhere in the past.

From a personal point of view, the feeling of being paranoid over almost anything during this month seem to get lesser and lesser as i grow up. Sure i still have the goosebumps when i go to the toilet in the middle of the night, eerily quiet at work, and the place is a perfect set up if you want to film a horror supernatural movie, but its not as strong as before.

In the past, we were always told not to talk crap during the 7th month. Now, we joked about them coming out for holiday, peak period for everything etc etc. Of course there are still superstition of what not to do during the 7th month, but would we still not do it if not for our parents warning. Tv also ran out of ghost horror movie to air, i remember in the past it was so overhyped that everyday the tv can't do without a ghost.

OR maybe i'm so holed up in my house these past weeks that i'm not concerned with everything that happens outside. Hahaha, this looks more higher probable.

Seemed like i'm starting to treat the 7th month like any other month now, except that there's some rituals to be done. It doesn't sounds scary to me anymore, just more people on the roads. If a small group gather around some ulu area and talk about ghost stories, i'll still freak out, whether its new year or christmas, but the legendary feel of the 7th month seemed to have lost its X factor.

Oh well, guess i can only confirm this this time next year...

Monday, August 25, 2008


Watched the replay of the liverpool game vs middlesbrough since i missed it on saturday night. Previously already watched the highlights on the com, but still could not hide my delight when liverpool equalise, and the winner right at the end, even if it was a replay, it did not stop me from jumping up from the bed and scream. I bet the whole Anfield ground shook, there was no reason to not celebrate as wildly as the people in the stadium. WHAT A GOALLLLLL!!!

Getting some post match comments from the fans, realise the referee was shocking, to the point that he could be charged for either his abililty to officiate, or blind to everything else except his favourite scum united. Treating everyone in the world as idiots, and then launch a respect campaign, talk about hypocrites.

I've never liked epl referee, even when i tried so hard to tell myself that these people are humans, that they make mistakes, but it just gets worst because their decisions are so ludicrous, that sometimes you wonder if they really understand the rules of the game.

To give an advantage to play on, and realise the team is in danger of scoring a goal after making use of the advantage, then changing his mind and calling it as a foul. Disgraceful refereeing, seriously.

I bet you never foresaw that goal by our captain marvel. RIGHT IN YOUR FACE BASTARD!
HAHAHAHAHA, bet his head hurts now after banging walls the whole night.

steve gerrard gerrard, can pass a ball 40 yards.
He's big and he's fucking hard, steve gerrard gerrard...

Monday, August 18, 2008

here comes fernando alonso....

Hahaha, today went for the test, which was like quite scary. The leg was shivering all through the test, and i put in a performance worthy of an oscar. Driving at a super slow speed, that even the tester also complain why i so slow.

Since he already say slow already then i have to compromise lor, show him abit of speed. Then when the whole thing ended he ask me why i drive so slow, striaght away "SAFE MA". HAHAHAHAHHA, roll eyes lor.

Then after that waited for a damn long time, the test was like only 25 mins. Watch some video, then went to process the license. OMG computer system down, wth, doesn't that like only happen in saf? Nothing to do so i waited lor, i don't wanna go back again also.

Finally, long awaited, time to perfect the parking skills already, totally different. Then maybe if cheap go and learn more indept how to race.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

My shot for olympic gold...

HAHA, it's my turn tomorrow, psyching myself up for the final. I can't afford to fail now, need to wait a very long time for the next one.

Come on phelps(don't really like you, i like thorpedo more), nadal, bolt, and xiang xiang, that's the only few that comes to my mind immediately, give me some inspiration, hahahaha.

P.S. Sandra Izbasa is damn pretty, in fact most of the gymnast today are quite pretty.

Monday, August 11, 2008

my club my view

Don't know if i have the time to make this a long entry, got a little less than 20 mins to finish this.

Same as every other year, the season is drawing near, and with that comes renewed faith and belief, that this would be the year that we lift no.19. "This could be our year", i've heard it so many times already, but i never got sick of it.

The acquisition of robbie keane is an exciting prospect, though i suspect that he'll take sometime to settle. There's some worrying signs while watching the pre season friendly with i can't remember which team, but we beat them 4-0. Still, i hope they'll gel every day since then and well, what can 1 pre season game tell? The massive overhaul of the academy system seemed to be paying off now, and some people just don't realise the work that rafa and co. has been putting in.

Read some forums and realised that some british are also worried that the sport is on the decline. It's quite interesting, since i've never really thought about it. To them, it's part of their life, and for them to say that their love for the sports have been dwindling is quite worrying. The money that's going into the game is just crazy, and many feels that footballers are detaching themselves from reality, from society. They are not part of the society anymore, living a closed doors lifestyle due to the intense scrutiny of the media(and some crazy people some are).

Strange that we, or maybe it's just me, that we don't view these footballers as humans. They are like something that appears on tv every weekend, and with their names on the jerseys of so many people in the streets. Many are also worried that these people gets their characters and personality questioned because of how well they can control a ball on a field. I guess that's the price they have to pay for the international recognition.

Oh well, hopefully this season i have something to cheer about.

Sunday, August 10, 2008


I became quite addicted with this show, i think the US or whoever copied this show from taiwan, title is forget the lyrics or something like that.

The contestants get to choose song categories, then choose a song from inside that category to sing, then at any point he/she has to complete the sentence for that song. Damn funny some of the contestants, then get to hear nice songs too, alot of classic oldies in particular.

Today they showed the newbie xiao jing teng, and F.I.R lead singer, fei er i think. I just realise she's quite cute, not very chio, but just got that something there. hahahaha.

I'm quite bored, suddenly has an urge to do stuff that requires my brain to work, maybe it's time to start, warm it up since its been a long time, and i'm gonna need it soon.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

A 10k word HK trip...

Ok i think i never really blog about my hk trip, since the pictures were uploaded halfway and i gave up after that. It's really too tiring to bring all the picture up 1 by 1 , so i'll attempt to super summarise the trip. Here's the top 10 significant pictures that tells the story.

At number 10:

Don't look down on this small room lor, it's very important to us, since we shop like crazy. Even sleeping on the floor is shiok.

In 9th place,

I don't know where this idea originated from, but it's damn freaking fun la, to make arcade become so interactive, really puts singapore ones to shame. I can still remember jumping out of the seat when the game start.

Coming in 8th,

Something relatively new to me, the desserts in hk are totally different, more authentic in the ingredients they use. By the way the bowls were totally empty when we left, TOTALLY. EMPTY.

Close behind in 7th,

The places we went for sight seeing, like the avenue of stars, or the peak, or if you consider walking into unchartered territory accidentally with a map as sightseeing too.

Racing into 6th,

The culture of the people there are quite different. Everybody seem to be shouting and snapping at you, we may see it as rude, but that's the way of their life. This may seem to be just a picture of the food we ordered in a restaurant, but it's liked we begged them for this meal. No questions, just order your food, and at the same time they were staring us with the "you got money to pay??" look. But after eating, then we realise why their attitude so fucked up, because it was the best.


In the middle we have,
The picture says it all really. I never hear people shout for so long so loud before also. The place quite eerie, and i heard singapore has something like this too, and it's even scarier. BTW, i never shout lor, it's those guys screaming. HAHAHAHAHAHHA

The third runner up goes to,

As the saying goes, 人算不如天算(ren suan bu ru tian suan). What's a holiday without some danger? Haha, it was quite scary with the typhoon and all, could see the tides and waves on the waters quite unstable. Then again, would have liked to experience it, Singapore where got typhoon, in the hotel watching news still saw angmoh braving the winds on the roads, looks like fun. I think during that period the whole of HK our morale highest, rain also heck care nothing could dampen our mood.

Getting the 3rd place medal,

is something that Singapore doesn't have. XIU NGOR. If your motto is "live to eat and not eat to live", then this is a must try. If you're a carnivore like me, you'll love it. Thinking of a petition to allow goose into singapore. HAHAHA

The runner up,
This is not just a brand, also not just a 3 storey shopping store. It represents all the bloody places that i've walked to, and waited for them to be done with. HAHA, seriously i never ever shop so much in my life before, but actually it's quite fun also, see so many clothes, then go try and try and try. Sorry hor this only applies overseas, not in singapore. HAHAHA.

The number 1 picture which i thought was appropriate,

felt like in disney world, so happy, so fun, so unreal. It was really fun travelling together, especially with a bunch of jokers, haahaha. Here's to many many many more "disney" adventures.

OH OH OH OH, for a more detailed, or should i say for the full coverage of our trip, please visit, saves me alot of trouble. HAHAHAHA

Friday, August 01, 2008

Celebrating 2 decades...


The ten digit starting with a 2 don't look nice. Anyway, the hours leading up to my 2nd decade anniversary sucks.

Been told that i've to return to work tomorrow morning, afternoon, whatever la i just need to return. Obviously it's bloody annoying right, i took and asked for the day off 1 FUCKING MONTH before. Pissed off of course complain and whine and scold right, DO YOU REALLY EXPECT ME TO SMILE AND LAUGH?

Really is spoil my whole fucking day, now no need go back also damage done already.

Anyway my sister is really sweet. Today randomly just go J8 and pluck the liverpool jersey out of the adidas store and give me as present. Bloody shuang kuai, if i never remember wrongly this is the first birthday present she gave me. Hahaha, well there's always a first.

Looks like the digit 2 brings alot of crap into life, another few years spent studying, then most probably working like a headless mad chicken for the 2nd half of the decade. Don't know la life's unpredictable also.

Oh well, i guess the search for the meaning of life has just begun...