Sunday, April 24, 2005


I seriously hate pw, it's just like the first phase only, then starting was like, nothing in my mind, luckily i got tv to help me, in the end crap out something called "dolphin human therapy". I just hope this works man, i really don't feel like redoing.

Anyway, this week was quite hectic, tutorials and bowling, wat else man. It's like busy until i got no time to go for snooker this weekend, but yeah, ny is gonna set up pool club soon i hope, with the help of my hip maths teacher, mr cheng. Good and bad, good which means i can fulfil my dream to become a snooker player, well hopefully train pool can play snooker. Bad means i got no time for studies, really have to manage time well, can't screw up this time.

Something surprising happened this week lor, it was like a normal day, woke up, change, go to school. However that particular morning, i went downstairs, saw 2 police with a few civilians around, then realised somebody commit suicide. The body was still lying there, as i was quite far away, couldn't see if there was any blood. After that then realised it was a maid, quite pitiful actually, coming to singapore alone from other country, then came to a tragic end. Don't really quite know the details leading to the suicide, but ya, abit eerie at times. Imagine at night, 12mn, 1a.m., when you know someone just commit suicide at the same block, gives me the creeps.

Anyway, ronnie O sullivan and stephen hendry proceeds to quarter final, and steve davis too. Amazing comeback by steve davis, down 8-2 to win 13-10, damn pro. Hand so itchy, it's been some time since i play snooker...

Sunday, April 17, 2005

John Paul II

Return this man to Huma's breast
Beyond the wild, impartial skies;
Grant to him a warrior's rest
And set the last spark of his eyes
Free from the smothering clouds of wars
Upon the torches of the stars.
Let the last surge of his breath
Take refuge in the cradling air
Above the dreams of ravens, where
only the hawk remembers death.
Then let his shade to Huma rise,
Beyond the wild impartial skies.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

tutorials, bowling.

This week is like, as usual lar, no life. Bowling, tutorials, bowling, tutorials... Actually i don't even have time to do my tutorials. For monday, it was sort of like a free day, ended 210pm, contemplating to either go TJC for billiard or go home, in the end it was the latter choice.

Anyway, went home, then guessed what, instead of doing tutorials, i fell ASLEEP! Wasted, should have spend the time in TJC for a few rounds of snooker. Anyway, woke up do abit of tutorials, just enough to get pass 1 lesson of each.

Then after monday it's like whoaa....busy. Tueday PE bowling, reached home 11, shagged slp straight after bathing. Wednesday bowling, this time better, but what the hell, reached home 8, fell aslp soon after. Today PE, quite xiong, but i like it, hahaha. Then came home, about 3 hours of tutorials, still left physics, what the hell man, think i shall sacrifice it for my slp and do it tomorrow.

Anyway getting a new ball soon i think, rotto grip silver streak, most reviews have positive comments, well of course, $310... what do ya think?! Tomorrow got bowling, still can't wait to get my ball, and i don't even know if i'm in the team. haiz...

Missing the PE times in maris stella, it was competitive, it was good, it was even funny. Think of it, it's been a while since i go back, must really go back and catch up with my beloved teachers. Physics practical today, it was so quiet, haiz. Normally in mshs, you would find someone playing with tap, fooling around, then the laughs when they kena robbie fowler. It was really great man.
Those times...haizz....

Sort of missing my tjc friends too, kinda long never see them le, shall make a trip back someday. Yup, then tomorrow they got sports meet, haiz, a pity i can't go. Pei fen was like asking me about it today.

Think i go sleep le, anot tomorrow fall aslp again, then sianzzz. Oh oh oh...Liverpool, against all odds, held juventus to a 0-0 draw in Turin to book a place in an all english Champion League Semi-Final. Oh yeah emerson, "they are not a fantastic squad, they can't keep a clean sheet." Fuck off lor, what can you say now? Think before you spout nonsense to the whole world. Even world class players won't underestimate any team, so who are you to say Liverpool ain't good enough. Please, be more like ur captain and manager. As the saying goes, a dog who barks can't bite. Next time think first talk later.

Great jobs by the players, every single one of them, though juventus was unlucky not to get through, that i must admit, but that tactic by our great rafael benitez was almost perfect, well it was perfect in the end. As for the supporters wanting revenge, i think i understand how hard it is to lose someone you love, so it really isn't very surprising when they were trying to beat up some liverpool fans. However we should think from a different view, maybe this is the so called fate, maybe it was their time, just maybe, so why not let it go after all these years. Isn't it unbearable to have that hatred in yourself for so long? Haiz, well if everyone could think the same, there wouldn't be war le.

Sleep le, tomorrow bowling! that's what i truly go to sch for...hahaha. You'll Never Walk Alone.

Monday, April 11, 2005

what if...

Haiz, was having the monday blues today, severly affecting my mood for everything. I was just thinking, maybe i really made the wrong choice, the one choice that could determine my future, and i'm quite sure about it that i made the wrong one.

Maybe i'm biased, maybe i don't like it because i'm comparing, but what's the use of staying there if i'm unhappy, trying to end the 1 and a half years of my life in that place, hoping to get great results, when i'm trying to do everything alone. For once, i really thought that poly was for me, but why now? I've come to realise it...only too late.

Fucking tutorials is pissing me off, and i'm lagging at everything. The only consolation is only bowling, which occurs every tuesday wednesday friday, don't know how to study like that. Shit, was damn depressed la, can't imagine when i get my JCT results back, I don't wanna think of it man.

Damn, starting to hate JC life, it is important to have friends during this crucial stage, but guess i don't, not in NY. Haiz, fucking hell, this is bad...very bad.

Thursday, April 07, 2005

The casino debate.

by Michael Boombird

Singapore's loan shark industry openly backed the proposal to build a casino yesterday, saying it would contribute greatly to their growth.

Association of Hardship Loan Operators and Neighbourhood Gangsters (AHLONG) spokesman Dr. Chao Ah Beng told the Ministry of Finance today that the loan shark industry would benefit tremendously from the setting up of a casino.

"We know the Gahmen say the casino will bring in tax revenue, lah,employ people lah, bring in money that is lost to Genting Highlands and casino cruises, lah, all that sort of thing," said Dr.
Chao, "But it din'ch realize the casino will also boost our industry, which is another good reason for setting it up."

Dr. Chao, who lectures in money-laundering and grievous bodily harm at
Hoot U, the Geylang-based tertiary institution for bengs and lians, said the casino would enable the loan shark industry to diversify and upgrade its existing line of products.

"Last time, we all lend people money to pay off their gambling debts," he explained. "Now, with the casino, we can also offer them high interest loans to afford to pay the entry fee to get into the casino in the first place."

Dr. Chao also predicted a rise in their traditional service of debt recovery. "I would definitely invest in pork futures. With more gamblers, it makes sense that there will be more debtors, and a corresponding surge in demand for pig's heads."

Dr. Chao, who also pens an occasional advice column for Talking****.com, also announced that Hoot U hopes to sign a memorandum of understanding with the proposed casino. "The casino sure need bouncers to keep the riff-raff out, ah lians to attract the high rollers, heavies to hoot cheaterbugs, that sort of thing, and Hoot U is the region's premier producer for manpower in these sectors. So we hope to establish an internship on-the-job-training programme."

In other casino-related news, legendary Las Vegas casino operator Harrah's has announced that it will be changing its name to "Harry's" in order to improve its bidding prospects for the Singapore project.

Monday, April 04, 2005

NY uniform.

Today for the first time, wore the NY uniform. Oh yeah, it definitely looked like shit. Reminded me of the Flunk Of The Millenium thingy, guessed it would be always on my mind everytime i put on the uniform, haiz i'm seriously determined not to make the same mistake again. Then again, life is unpredictable man, i'll take things as it is, but i will still focus on my goals.

Anyway, went to school today, wasted 2 hours completely on the make-up lectures cause the lecturers are practically talking crap la, was quite pissed off with them. I just realised today that tutorials need to be printed out by students, again another fucking system by NY, haizzz...After that went to library to slack, time to make the library into good use, but it's so small that all the fucking tables are filled up, sadd.

Haiz still trying to adapt to the environment in the school, felt so lonely at times, practically no one to turn to for help, was feeling so damn uncomfortable the whole morning, guess that's the price for being a loner, well nvm. I STILL STAND ALONE.

Condolence to the Pope, affected quite alot of lives, that's why he's so darn popular. Therefore we must always remind ourselves, life is not measured by how long we lived it, but it is by how we lived it. Yeah people die from illness everyday, but why everyone around the world mourn for the loss of John Paul? Yup, he deserved the respect of everyone of us, and maybe it's best for him to leave, kinda better than bearing with the pain and all the freaking diseases.

Tomorrow gonna have a huge surprise for everyone, hahahahaa, hope i really surprise them, yepp, anyway, ding jun hui won stephen hendry! That 17 yr old gina actually won the 7th time world champion 9-5 to win China Open, wat the hell man. Haiz, i really wished i was him...

Sunday, April 03, 2005

Renaisance:Le Mystere

Not really sure how you spell Le Mystere, but yeah, i went there too late, so didn't get to watch those skits. Heard the clan leaders were murdered by rachael. Anyway, i was late due to the bowling trials held in east coast. Not that bad lar, scored 100 average for the 3 games, considering i was using my newly learnt hooking technique. Yeah got into the team, why? caused not many people signed up.

Anyway, was in the audi for a while, saw ling yi in the AV, then proceeded to sports com for the dance. Quite special lar, but it's abit boring, songs sang by the temasek idols, then yeah, mass dances, then cheers. Yup, the typical stuff. Caught up with alot of friends, yep, it's good to see them doing so well, but still got quite alot of them pon, a pity.

After that talked to ling yi, he told me wat to do, yup, i'm considering setting up a snooker club, get a team of 6 and 7 as instructed by him, then get a coach, yup then get thrashed by TJC. hahahahaha. Haiz, should have stayed in TJC, then would be able to go for U-21 open category, then may have the slight chance to be scouted for national team. Haiz, a pity too, but not much difference, this time it would only be bowling! hahahaa.

Went to changi airport, supposedly to ton, but all fell asleep, after that wake up 630 take mrt to tanan merah, then taxi home. Woke up then went to mug with the whitley gang, then peninsula buy shoe, then snooker with mh. He win 1 i win 1, haiz, i'm still missing my snooker club.

Going to slp soon, abit shag, yeahh...Liverpool just won, and the unexpected score...IGOR BISCAN. ha...