Sunday, March 26, 2006

Merseyside Derby...

After the game, i concluded, Liverpool is strong enough without stevie G on the pitch, which means we could play 10 man in Anfield and get away with the win. If we had the 11th man and stevie G included, we would have been invincible.

Last night game was important to all the reds and blues fans, considering that the stadiums are just a walk away. Everton started the game well, and things were not looking well when our skipper got sent off, but well i thought the referee was ridiculous, rules are dead, and humans are not. This is a derby man, and considering the passion fans have about football, how can he give yellow cards like a student asking countless questions because he skipped lecture.

I thought it didn't look good when stevie got sent off, liverpool were not playing particularly well, but apparently they woke up from the card, and with a little bit of luck and superb finishing, phil neville put it into the net for us! HAHA, i was laughing like mad, man utd player turned evertonian, hahahaha, it made a real lot of fans happy.

The 2nd goal was nice too, garcia made it looked easy with the header on and lob, but it was really the screwed up defence of everton, thank you very much. Everton then got back into the game with a tim cahill header, but thanx again to van der meyde for his elbow tackle, red card and bye bye.

Kewell then sealed off the game with a wonderful strike from outside the penalty box, beautiful.
Alonso and Sissoko was equivalent to 4 man, protecting the back 4 superbly, crouch and garcia doing their part upfront, causing problems for the everton defence.

Man of the match? I would say its a joint award to both Neville and Stevie G. Stevie G because his sending off woke the team up, and i believed that liverpool were losing the battle with 11 man, so yeah, a sending off was a positive sign this time round.

Neville because, well he's an ex utd player, a present everton, and he loved liverpool that much to help score a superb goal from the alonso corner, great job dude! HAHAHA

Monday, March 20, 2006

Newcastle VS Liverpool

This was by far the most positive game from the last 3 games that liverpool played. Against Arsenal we were poor, and we were somewhat lucky to be able to win 5-1 against fulham, but the performance against Newcastle was simply superb.

I must say at the beginning, when i saw crouch face at the dug-out, i was very unhappy. Although not 100% fit, fowler i felt should start in the game, because of the 2 "world class" centre backs that Newcastle possess, therefore i felt that it would be better attacking through the centre, instead of relying on crosses to crouch.

However, after the first 10 mins, i concede defeat. I got to hand it to the boss man, the formation was simply wonderful, full of movement and the back 5 was as solid as usual, though they had problems with the offside trap, it was good considering it was their first game in that formation. The formation? 5-4-1. Sounds like a team going for a draw eh, well think again. Warnock and kromkamp, both constantly running down the flanks, and that becomes 3-6-1. Then there's our kewell and cisse on the left and right flank respectively, drifting in to collect the ball at the centre of the park, that makes it 3-4-3, and the free role of gerrard, wonderful.

I always thought this formation would be perfect for england, but liverpool applied it very well. The first goal was a nice cross from kromkamp to crouch, slightly in between the 2 defenders, and to be fair crouch got nothing much to do, except to nod it into the net.

My favourite was the 2nd goal, garcia with the ball and gerrard running into space, garcia sprays the ball to cisse, and he picks up gerrard. Gerrard with a delightful cushioned header to crouch, who then returned the ball to him, and gerrard simply slot it into the back of the net.

However Newcastle kept themselves in the game with a free header, as i've said the back 5 needs more practise yet. I was feeling quite nervous at the start of the 2nd half, but boumsong presents us with a gift. Mimicking what david james did a day ago, he improvised it better and mis kick the ball, then crouch proceeded with the 1 on 1, to be fouled by boumsong, well early bath for him.

Cisse scored from the spot, but truthfully i wasn't very impressed with his attitude, going on to provoke the newcastle fans, i mean what the hell, he need to learn the world "respect". The boss would surely have a talk with him man, but anyway, i think his time is up.

So back to reality, and to school, horrendous exam today, i can't imagine how i pass my GP. The composition was simply disastrous for me. I'll show you the format for a compo.

1. Intro
2. Thesis
3. Point 1
4. Point 2
5. Point 3
6. Point 4
7. Point 5
8. Conclusion

Then i'll show you what i did.

1. Intro
2. Thesis
3. Point 1
4. Point 2 ( At this point i am not feeling any link at all, so back to thesis)
2. Thesis (and so on...)

What the hell, how can i pass like that man, comprehension was relatively easy, until when i finished the paper.

Me" Walan eh like quite easy the compre.."
Classmate 1" knn difficult leh..."
Classmate 2" Ya lor, simi lan jiao multiculturalism..."

This type of scenario happens all the time, and i usually fail in the end. Haiz, but over le so i don't care. Tomorrow is the crucial day for me, it will determine whether the block test is a success or a failure, stress man. I shall now go all out gung ho now, can't afford to fail tomorrow...

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Arsenal vs Liverpool

Well, its time to talk about the last fixture at highbury, counting down to the new loser stadium, Emirates stadium. I think its quite ridiculous really, giving up the rights of the name of the stadium to fund it. Can't help it i guess, growing trend in the footballing world, everyone obssessed with money. Anyway Arsenal also ain't a british club, considering the no. of foreign players they have.

Anyway, i almost puked when i saw the lineup for the Liverpool team. Everything from the defence to the midfield was good, then peter crouch? I could like predict what was going to happen. That was a very very stupid mistake by Benitez, if he wanted to play football, he should put someone like morientes or fowler in, not crouch and sending long balls to him for him to lose it.

The first goal was superb, no complaints about it, after that it was almost arsenal all the way, although liverpool tried to match them for their movement of the ball. Crouch was losing ball ALL the time, and nobody was supporting him, except for the occasional runs of steven gerrard.

2nd half came, and liverpool leveled with abit of luck. Then i thought we may be able to win the game because arsenal was starting to panick. Then the man of the match, decided to send off alonso because he slipped and fouled a arsenal defender. What kind of fucker is he man seriously, and i just realised he is not doing anything to change that decision. He can go to hell man, doing things against his own conscience. Rot in hell dude.

Then gerrard made a mistake in the last 5 mins of the game and when it fell to henry, there was only going to be 1 result. I kinda felt sad for him, cause he was arguably the better player for the whole game, trying to inject some hope into the team. However its a stupid mistake really, but well, if you do the same thing and the ball fell to crouch, i can guarantee he can't score.

The referees for the game were very poor this time round. Not only for the sending off, but also for the numerous offsides given, when the arsenal players were clearly on side. This type of big matches with such lousy officials, stupid crap.

After a 8 month assessment of peter crouch, i deem him a squad member in the liverpool team, but he does not deserve a starting place in the liverpool team in every game. He provides support, but more often than not he does not. His heading ability is very, very poor, good control of the ball, but can't bring it down fast enough. I'm starting to feel he's not worth the 7m, although the worth for money part still goes to cisse.

The back 4 ain't stable this time round, i believed is because of hyypia being toss into the team for a big match so far after just recovering from an injury. Guess they are tired by now with their 50th game of the season.

I'm starting to hate the media though, a bunch of crap who thinks they can analyst football better than the top managers in the football business. I'm referring to their suggestion on which player should be sold, then went on to name 7 players from the liverpool team. Where was the lists for these people when we were on our record 11th consecutive cleansheet? All these people just know how to talk and talk, when their ability is only like, singaporean standard.

No wonder footballers hate these people so much, they are just talking nonsense, so i guess next time i shall not read the newspaper too much, polluting the mind with their crappy stuff. Benitez was right, football ain't just about 1 game, but everyone in the media thinks so.

Friday, March 10, 2006

10 weeks gone...

It has been a while, and the 1 week break is a relief really. This past 10 weeks have been mugging like hell, and now i'm truly tired of it. Glad i can take a little break now and then before the new term begins.

I wouldn't really call it a break, but a day at home is also considered a break. Just that i can mug 24/7 at home instead of only less than a quarter of it. The block test is near, and i'm having no feel, when there's no feel you can't perform. Let's analyse this, maths 9233, i've developed a phobia of this crap subject, its so unlike the E and A maths during my secondary school days. I think it's just a mental problem, must have confidence in my answers, anyway its 9233 rite, its suppose to be easy. 6 marks a few steps enough already, no need to check for any traps in the question.

Then there's F maths, its hell really, i'm not catching any balls in mechanics, neither am i catching any in statistics. In the end i almost failed my PROBABILITY test, yeah the sec 4 topic. I confused myself with binomial, poisson and geometric distribution, when its just simple addition of different cases. Bloody hell, that's what happens when i do too many tutorials before hand.

Chemistry wise, it's just 3/4 of the organic chemistry syllabus, plus an ionic equilibrium. Getting a B and C is seriously no problem, but after looking at those people collect their A level results, i have to reflect abit. I am an A student man, except for the language part of course, and i'm not scoring any As in their pathetic exams, really hopeless degrading to this kind of level. There's alot of work to be done no doubt, guess i have to keep persevering.

Then to physics, which there is nothing much to be said, i'm way way behind, and realistically, i won't except an A in the A level for my physics, even though the exam is a couple of months away. The best is to get a B i hope, must put in more effort in my physics, can't remember the last time i did a tutorial.

Then there's my favourite subject GP. Still on the 38th parallel of the final score, guess 50% of it depends on my luck, and until i figure out how to write a bloody stupid essay to convince those people, it'll stay this way. Life as an A level student ain't easy, and it ain't fun at all...

Looking forward to sunday, get some match fitness with my fellow mates, should be getting a new squad number, 18. Can't think of any players with that squad number, but nevermind, my parents will love it since they yearn for a natural 9 everytime they go into the casino.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Picture of the year: Me and the man himself... Posted by Picasa

His trademark move...
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By this time i noticed i was the only one taking photos... Posted by Picasa

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My idol with the modern ah zhu ah hua... Posted by Picasa

A damn clear sea on a sunny day... Posted by Picasa

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My cabin number, apparently my idol was a few cabins away only.. Posted by Picasa

the washroom... Posted by Picasa

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Cruise, once again...

Friday went up to cruise once again, this time it was to watch my all time idol 高凌风. The first night was a typical night for regulars for me. I went for dinner at the restaurant, then went back to cabin and sleep. Haha, slept for about 3 4 hours, then after that couldn't sleep already. Then asked my father to go drinking, since there was another $100 voucher. This time i chose something different, wine from spain and some never drank before de, which didn't taste too bad afterall.

My father met up with some of his friends, then invited them to join us, since it was 3 bottles and only 2 persons. They were smoking half the time, only me and my father drinking away. In the end i realised after all the socialising that they were the sisters of Mona Koh, something like that. Remember Newpaper, the mamasan who got shot and was paralyse by the bullet? Yeah her, considered famous i guess, since she made it to the paper, but i wouldn't wanna get famous in this way, quite tragic really, enduring the pain everyday every night.

After the drinks i finally got sleepy, and slept til next morning. I was the first to wake up, so went to have dim sum at the restaurant, then went back to cabin, and back to sleep. When i awoke, it was lunch already, so yeah, went to eat again, living a pig's life. After that went to do abit of my physics, abit scary that i was so sucky at the subject. I was quite pissed though, cause can't seemed to do any of the TYS questions, sad case really.

Struggling for quite awhile, then decided that enough was enough, so went for sauna to chill and relax. The cold bath was forever chilling, but this time it was only 6 degrees, jumped in and out, no more than that.

Then it was time for the bbq dinner, nothing much this time, so didn't really eat much. It was showtime after that, and my idol was his usual self, entertaining the crowd as usual, teaching people how to play baccarat. "you qian bu du, dui bu qi fu mu"(got money don't gamble, let ur parents down), ahaha, very funny, then he said another even more funnier phrase. "du guang shu guang, wei guo zeng guang" (gamble away all your money, bring glory to the country).

After the show i went up to the deck, it was unusual really, because it was a cloudless night, the stars were so damn bright in the sky. It was the first time i could clearly look up the sky and see the stars shining so brightly, amazing.

There wasn't much to do afterwards, so i went back to cabin, and watch snooker on tv, shaun murphy VS steven maguire, basically 2 noobs on the snooker table, alot of mistakes here and there, but i guess no one can play as well as our current no.1, nicknamed the rocket, ronnie O' Sullivan. 1 mistake, and he'll take the set, as simple as that.

It was sleep after that, and when i woke up, the ship was back in Singapore, time passed so fast, haha, partly because half the time i was sleeping, but well, it was nice watching my idol perform on stage once again. This time i didn't go into the casino, partly because there were damn many smokers, not that i'm discriminating, but the last time i almost choked to death because of the smoke. The bigger part is because gambling is not good, and because a particular someone doesn't like it also.

Ok enough of the words, sounds so boring too, i shall bring out the pictures. Actually intended to do a virtual tour of the cruise, but my sister's camera low on battery, spoiler man, i only managed to cover the cabin part. Enjoy!