Sunday, June 24, 2007

Here i go again...

After 2 weeks of slacking around, never really going out much, just spending quality time with my family, it's time again, to go back where i belong, for another 1 yr and 7 8 months.

Anyway, woke up early friday morning, and countdown to my posting. The clock struck 10am, so i went to check it out.

1.You are posted to Sig Institute.

2. Bla Bla Bla infocomm2.

Took awhile for it to register into my head, then finally realised i'm going signals. Then i was added into this massive msn platoon chat, so we were talking about the posting and everything, so end up there's quite a few of them going to the same place as me also.

Heard the course is quite slack physically, so i should be able to manage with the radio sets wires and everything, but you never know, SAF is always unpredictable.

I think i have learnt how to better use my time, at least my days don't go by in an instant like that *snap*. I know what i want to do for that day, and i see to it that i get that particular stuff done, and maybe because of the longer hours that i'm awake during the 24 hours.

Oh well, reporting to my new camp tomorrow at cck. Whiskey platoon 4! Fighting fit good to go?

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Now you call me private...

This 2 months, literally flashed pass in an instant. My days had never gone by so quickly ever before. I could still remember the first day i step into this strange place, walking down the jetty hallway into unfamiliar territory.

First thing was the "Keep still there" by the CSM, which after awhile, we don't get to see him so often due to his superior evasion and smoking out techniques, which is a MUST KNOW for all the tan4 jia4 peng1 in the SAF.

After that slowly but surely, i get to know more and more people in the platoon, and we bonded to become brothers today.

The days before we POP was more of a time to reflect for me. The 2 months we spend together, 24/7 was somewhat special. We gone through the good times and the bad times together. I can still remember the day after we came back from a major highlight in BMT, the field camp. It was evening, went back to bunk, sat on the chair, and watched a beautiful sunset The bunk was stragetically positioned, to see the sun setting behind mainland.

The sense of satisfaction is immense, now i truly realise what NS is all about. The girls will never ever experience or understand what we went through, and how special these feelings are. Many feel that NS is a waste of time, and i admit it is, but in a more pragmatic point of view. This is simply because you don't get any monetary rewards in NS, what you gain are life values, and can never be measured with your fame or your wealth, or whatever fuck shit you have.

Today, spend the morning in the bunk, thinking about all the stuff that we went through, and we all agreed that it was sad to be leaving tekong already. We have grown to like the beds, the amount of admin time given, and the talk cock session every night. Therefore POP is quite a touching moment. It's not who's in the stands, or who put on the jockey cap for you, but it's the person standing next to you, graduating together with you. All the fuckshit you suffer and endure, just for that moment.

After POP, had a green tea drink with my bunkmate, then joined up with my father. I took a last good look at Tekong, and then boarded the ferry. The start of my military life was no doubt tough, but it was satisfying, and i hope the best is still ahead.

These 2 months, will forever be etched in my memories, thank you my brothers...