Monday, January 31, 2005


Actually i don't know what i wanna write, life became very boring, in fact, it became too bored that sometimes, i wonder why people go JC? It's like soooo no life, i'm considering poly now, but yeah, who says i can still stay in a jc after first 3 months? I definitely don't have that confidence, after what happened during the Os. I. Practically. Screwed. The. Whole. Shit.

Ahh well, forget it, it's over, the results are probably on their way back here. Anyway, this few days had been lessons lessons lessons, lectures lectures lectures, billiard billiard billiard. Yeah only the billiard part was fun. Then everyone is like mug and mug and mug, early in the morning, after that stupid long bus ride, i'm already quite pissed. I went to the canteen and saw something i dread, people mugging. Oh my god, early in the morning, mug!!!! It's like WHAT THE FUCK!!!! Haizz, i guess most jc are like that.

Tomorrow still got P.E., i already quite tired still ask me do P.E., but running ain't that bad, just that it's right smack on the 3p.m. dot, hopefully i don't get heat stroke. Gotta run now, know what? I have to do my work, fucking hell, it sucks...

Sunday, January 30, 2005


Right now I feel - just like a leaf on a breeze
Who knows where it's blowin'
Who knows where it's goin'
I find myself somewhere I - I never thought I'd be
Going' round in circles
Thinking about you and me
How do I explain it when I don't know what to say
What do I do now - so much has changed

Nothing I have ever known - has made me feel this way
Nothing I have ever seen - has made me want to stay
But here I am - ready for you
I'm torn' n, I'm fallin'- hear my home callin'
Hey - I've never felt somethin'so strong - oh no
It 's like nothing I've ever known

Now you're the one I'm lookin for
You're the one I need
You're the one that gives me - a reason to believe
Following a star - has lead to where you are
It feels so strong now - this can't be wrong now

Haizzz...i so wanna get away from this stupid world...



what a fucking lousy week.

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Almost one mth an instant.

Yeah time practically speeds in JC, approaching february soon, and i'm still not doing my work. I think i should start soon, anot i'll be seriously lagging behind. Haizzz, other than that, my civics tutor, who is a bloody slut, who is a bloody bitch, who is a bloody whore, is still zapping me as usual. She tried to tell us "please be late for your GP lesson instead of your civics lesson." Luckily for her, she's not my teacher, or i'll pissed her til she drop dead on the floor.

Anyway, I've just signed up for the planning committee of the second orientation! hahahaa, guess what position i chose, chairman and vice-chairman. I figured out, if you wanna join, must well be the tao rite, yeah, at least wouldn't be so jialat. Ya so people, vote for me ok? hahahaha, but seriously, if i really became the chairman, the school is gonna collapse, hahaha. That's a universal opinion by ALL my friends.

Ya a sad thing happened, i lost my pencil box. You know, the sun cruise pencil box, it's practically extinct since that cruise sank, limited edition. My stationaries too, most followed me since sec 2 and 3, and follow me through O level. They took the test with me, ya so i can't bear to part with them. Hahahaha, suddenly gone, don't feel very good. Actually i was quite pissed, ya, haizzz....they were like my life in O level, the stapler, the pencil, the pens, the rulers, and the most important thing in my pencil box, my DICE! It was my saviour during paper 1, ya haiz, i suck, i can even lose a pencil box. My mother just got me a new pencil box, but i prefer the old one lar...

Yeah anyway, billiard training is starting soon, today thought a pro joined us, but he was from VJ, luckily, he was a damn bloody pro. I played with tjc no. 1 player, which is the club's president, which is called ling yi. He thrashed me flat today, first game was 80plus to 20 plus(i had a 20 points handicap), 2nd game was 50plus to 40plus(he gave me a 30 points handicap). I was quite stressed when playing against him, so ya, screwed all the simple shots. After that played with those lousier one, then i played better, cause the atmosphere more relax i think.
That's all....I'm so tiredd man....

Saturday, January 22, 2005

The first step taken.

As i have already made up my mind, i went back to mshs for training today. It's such a nice place to come back afterall, nothing much had change, and i felt very at ease when i first stepped into the school.

Then we had training, we were supposed to train alone, but in the end followed the group and train, which is quite xiong compared to me. Did a bit of combo kicks and footwork, but by that time i was already damn tired and having a headache. Xiang dang nian, we did those combo kicks over the length of the whole hall, now do some short distance in the TK Low hall i tired like shit le. This shows the effect of not training for half a year.

Yeah but i didn't bring my arm and shin guard, therefore sparring was not allowed, but i think we shld be able to spar, at least we "old boys" knows how to control our kicks. Anyway after that was a lesson on Public Relation, which will not be disclosed here, it's supposed to be a secret technique. After training brushed up on some of my kicks, trying to get the feeling, and of course, consistency would be back with more training.

I made up my mind, i'm gonna start to train and hopefully get my black belt by maybe september, or the latest 2006. Then yeah, december camp can start to tekan people! Must plan the no. of fire drills i'm gonna conduct, and of course sentry duty, the most fun part of the whole camp.

After that went for breakfast with cousin, then i went to k box, sang and sang and sang, saw abigail too, then sang til 7, met my cousin and went for pool. We developed a new policy that's gonna help us save some money, everytime we go for pool, just ask wee chuan along, and we would be able to last our money longer over a period of time.

Count and count, i realised i've been out for around 15 hours, hahaha, kinda cool, weekend i still chiong like every other school days. For now, just for now, i'll just heck every tutorials that i get, hahahaha, it's time to party everybody. Let's get retarded....

Thursday, January 20, 2005

The real thing is about to begin...

Haiz, the time table is out, which means tutorial is out, which means no more time to slack. This few days have been very busy, trying to stuff all those knowledge inside my brain. Everything is happening very fast, i hope i can catch up.

Yesterday went for billiard, think I'm in the club already, anyway, i still thinking of other pdps to join, still considering. I played snooker, no. balls, now quite addicted liao, feel like playing again. Training is fun, yeah, F maths is filling most of my time table, it's fun when u understand maths, but u get pissed when u lagged behind. Yeah sad to say, i'm lagging behind, compiled all the questions and find some time go back maris stella ask Mr Lim. From this you can infer my f maths tutor is a bit hopeless... 1 period 45 mins, and he did only 2 questions, reminds me of CKP, i seriously hope i don't fail my f maths.

Yeah what else, attended the first double periods in my jc life. Physics, as usual, a damn boring topic, sitting there for 1 and a half hour, listening to "how to plot a graph", i think mr lim has teached me very clearly, no need to repeat. Some more I'm so mentally drained, and so tired.

Haiz, yeah everyone's falling sick, jc schedule is taking a toll on us. In fact, i haven't really recovered from my cough, so ya everybody, take care of yourselves and don't overwork, it's just the first 3 mths...

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Specially for ORGY 14.

This happened at Harvard University in October last year. In a biology class, the professor was discussing the high glucose levels found in semen which gives the sperm all the energy for their journey.

A female freshman raised her hand and asked, "If I understand you correctly, you're saying there is a lot of glucose, as in sugar, in semen?"

"That's correct" responded the professor, going on to add statistical info.

Raising her hand again, she asked, "Then why doesn't it taste sweet?"

After a stunned silence, the whole class burst out laughing. the poor girl's face turned bright red, and as she realized exactly what she had inadvertently said (or rather implied), she picked up her books without a word and walked out of class, never to return. However, as she was going out the door, the professor's reply was classic.

Totally straight-faced he answered her question. "It doesn't taste sweet because the taste buds for sweetness are on the tip of your tongue and not the back of your throat. Have a good day".

Sunday, January 16, 2005

What a week.

This week is quite a boring week. Yeah lectures lectures lectures, and about economics, i still don't get what they are trying to tell me. I didn't went sch on monday, and on tuesday, wednesday thursday, i arrived at 830, so on the last day, which is friday, the last day which i can come to school on late, guessed who i saw when i entered school, francis tong. Ho seh, kena him last day, so he crap for half an hour, almost missed my GP lecture.

Ya so he said "If you try and appeal into tjc after 3 mths, i would tell them not to accept you." Eh chee bye kia, lim peh ga li kong, le zai si mi, mai hao lian, wa ma si mai ke tjc, kan ni na, mai jip mai jip la, na bei hongkan, qi za buay za kao peh kao bu, lao peh lao bu si liao si bo, kao ga ar neh dua sia.(only hokkien pros know what i'm saying)

Yeah, so i wrote the whatever disciplinary record form and passed it to him, and he say next week everyday must report to him. Ma de, imagine, qi za buay za kua tio ee eh chee bye bin, kan pua sway.

Yeah then friday went for billiard again, haha, actually i everyday also go in, the seniors damn pro, they also like nothing wan, everyday go in play billiard, slack and slack and slack. Then have quite alot of homework and revision to do, which i haven't done so, and not intending to do so in the near future. Quite sian le, i'm missing the good old days. Haiz, been since a while since our gang met up, maybe tomorrow, cause got soccer match.

Talking about soccer match, just watched the big match, liverpool against man utd. Haiz, of all people, rooney had to score the only goal in the game with a shot that even i could save(yeah they should buy me instead). Some more he score liao still stare at the liverpool crowd, eh fuck you lor, think you pro izzit, chee bye, gi na only so xiao zhang, kena whack by fans i laugh arh. Anyway, man utd played better today, liverpool, hmm...seemed lifeless. Yeah, and the match was quite aggressive, with man utd giving away more fouls and unneeded tackles. Wes brown did a stud challenge which gave him a red card, oh yeah, u fuck off to the locker room. Lousy piece of shit, but well, yeah liverpool just wasn't good enough today.

Haiz, a new week is gonna start, which means my timetable is gonna be out, tutorials, lectures, the time i have left for leisure would be cut down by alot. I'm starting to dread jc life...

Tuesday, January 11, 2005


Today quite funny, went to school at 9a.m., felt everyone was looking at me, but anyway, tap my card and went straight for my lectures. Hahaha, my OG at first said wanted to play pool, but in the end changed their mind, so they went to tampines mall, whereas i went to VJ.

Caught up with alot of marist, hahahaha, sat at the canteen and talk and talk and talk. Quite a few people diao me and randall, then after that saw tiffany, and she didn't know who i was after talking for like half an hour, so ya nvm. Then we decided to go find justin and my cousin, who is at kovan but different venue.

After that at superbowl saw the marist bowling team, quite zai, but they damn dao, never hi back to me. Well, that's what the marist tradition is all about, played a few games, waste money only, cause no real competition. After that darrell came and we went to mac and talk cock, alot of happening things happening in the different jcs that we are in. Listen until quite interesting, i shall crash CJC sometime later in this week.

Yeah have been thinking past these few days, which subject should i take? Its either physics, maths, econs, higher chinese or physics, double maths, higher chinese. Either way, I'm gonna drop higher chinese after 3 mths, then take either f maths or econs, depending on the subject combi i'm taking this 3 mths. Mr lim recommended double maths and physics, and therefore, I'm following his decision and take that first. Economics i shall still attend the lecture, and hopefully, be able to cope for the first 3 months.

I still don't really know which one to take, although i already decided, still got some time to think it over, hope i don't screw my subject combination...

Monday, January 10, 2005

Difference between a sec sch and JC.

When i went into JC, the lifestyle is totally different. Well, took about a few days to adapt, firstly, the introduction of the opposite sex. It may seemed weird to the nerds especially, but our gang sure won't have any problem coping, rite? hahaha.

Next we have character and language using. With the inclusion of the opposite sexes, normally you won't find anybody shouting " Chee bye la! kao peh la! fuck you la!" in the classrooms, yeah the guys became very refined, in fact, they became too refined. Anyway, who cares anyway, there's marists who's in NJ, who's in CJ, who's in VJ, and of course those in TJ, who doesn't give a damn, but then again, when there's no one shouting together with you, where's the fun man?

Then we have the study system. Gone are the days where you just sit in the classroom and sleep, gone are the days where you can do everything by yourselves without the teachers help, gone are the days you can pass everything without attending classes. Now, teachers play an important part, lectures play an important part, tutorials play an important part. Don't forget the amount of time you spend in school, and of course another period of time where you must read lecture notes beforehand and do your homework and etc.

I'm feeling it now, the stress, the days where we always go bowling and feng liu everyday are over. Seriously i don't feel like retaining man, and of course A level is so different from ORDINARY level, you can't slack around everyday and get all As. Sian hor JC life, and the worst part is, you'll get busy until no time to look for girlfriend. ahahaha, maybe i shld heed my father fren's advice. "study no. 2, chabo no.1, anot study study study no time pa toh"

Today didn't go school, why? lecture starts at 12, I'm expected to be there at 730, which is i'm supposed to leave home at 545, school ends at 1245, and i'm supposed to go home after that, which means my travelling time is longer than my lecture time. So why go? Went to see the doctor under constant nagging from parents, he asked me a stunner question,"do you smoke?" I mean, what's smoking gotta do with coughing? Well anyway, i said no, and he prescribed alot of tablets for me. The drowsiness effect took over soon after and i went to sleep. Woke up with head aching, went to play pool with my cousin. We were quite on form today, 2 hours played at least 15 to 20 games. Can't wait for my PDP to start, hope they choose me into billiard club, and I'm considering taekwondo too, maybe i shall join with ben lau. MSHSTKD shall rule TJCTKD, hahahaa.

Well going to school tomorrow, but at a later time. Yeah no use going so early to stone, must rest since I'm sick. Mass dance rocks, i still dance whenever i hear those songs.

Sunday, January 09, 2005

Renaissance 2005

Yeah, sadly to say, the orientation is over. The 4 clans have united, and of course the good will always win. It's been a freaking fun week, nvm about the waking up, nvm about the long journey, it's all worth it.

Thursday TJC rocked suntec, yeah, the SC dedicated the mass dance songs, so we were dancing around the fountain. It's quite cool, when everybody is doing the same moves as you. We danced in front of the public man.

Lectures started, quite boring first few lessons, and the subject combination i decided are Physics, double Maths, and the stupid LEP. Yeah, so freaking lame LEP, i shall be the worst LEP student TJC had ever accepted. I will bring glory to Mr Lim Beng Huat, his hard work shall be remembered, i shall help him spread his way of presenting answers. Yeah, I'll work hard for maths, ya maths only, the rest don't say first.

Friday we went to Changi Airport to stone. After orientation night, where we had our performance and mass dance. It's quite sad actually, walao, orientation end means lectures starting, then tutorial starting, which means it's back to normal school time. Study study study, i rather stone in auditorium hear the SCs talk crap. Ya at changi airport, the girls initiated the porn talk, so the boys continue from there and discuss various interesting issues. Nothing much that marist didn't know, so i was quite bored there. I did some maths, and pissed some of them off by singing and trying to play bridge when i don't know how to.

After that took the first mrt home, so when i reach home is about 8. I went into stealth mode, tip toe walk, open close door quietly, bathe and sleep. Then to 430p.m., i woke up, changed my clothes, eat my supposedly yesterday dinner, then took taxi to ECP. It was quite pathetic there, the food was not marinated, so no taste. Ya watch clan members play bridge, then did a few dance, then cycling awhile, nothing much really. After that went to parkway play pool for 20 mins then come home.

It's been a long time since i utilised my laptop. Yesterday record breaking 26hrs out of home, yeah, this week is 1 hell of a week, but at least i enjoyed it, so I'm giving myself 1 day to rest, which is monday. Ya anyone bored can feel free to ask me go out. That's about all for the first week of JC life. Thanx SCs and OGLs for helping us to settle in and this week has been fun. Guess I'm starting to like TJC, but anyway, the DM in TJC is a mother fucker. FUCK YOU BASTARD.

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Dancing in the sunlight.

This 3 days of orientation was fun, first day was quite sian, but then we got quite enthu after that. Yeah, today we had wet games, objectives was just to make people wet. Then plus the cheering and dancing. Then cheer again, dance again. Then we cheer again, dance again.

I aga aga know 4 songs le, so haven't heard the last song yet, but still trying to memorising most parts of the songs, yeah then almost can't take it today, fell aslp on some void deck chair.Everyday, at least 12 hours out, I'm already quite tired le, hopefully can wake up tomorrow.

Yeah, then we got into some performance finals, performing the idols audition stuff, yeah, I'm ken lim. hahahaha. Tomorrow gonna start lecture soon, i hope it would be fun, but don't know why i feeling stressed man.

Then have an OG outing tomorrow, going to suntec and dance, ya those free nothing to do, can go there, 8p.m. to see me blunder. hahaha

Monday, January 03, 2005

First day.

Today damn tired, i didn't really got to sleep at all, message was coming in the whole night, then when i knew it, it was 5a.m. Got up, took a short bathe, then change into my uniform. I was surprised it still fits, considering i was sleeping and eating daily for the past 2 months.

Yeah, left home at 545, and guessed what, i reached the damn school at 7, it was one heck of a journey. Ya saw many many different people in different uniforms. The first few hours was freaking boring, talking about subject combination and stuff, which requires a lot of thinking. Yeah shall decide on my subject combination once i start on the lectures, which starts on thursday.

Learn quite a number of cheers today, but i'm still confused about the mass dance, yeah, i just remembered that i forgot it all, hahhaha. Well it was quite fun la, met new faces, new people, but sadly to say, not alot of chio bus around. Ok la, no need chio de, hahaha, i like can liao. Yeah, anyway, most probably going to other schools after 3 mths, but don't know la, we see the standard how lor.

Today played some quite stupid games, i'm in some funny name clan and some funny name group, which i don't know how to spell. Forget it, after the mass dance i was damn shag, it's like 6p.m. liao, then luckily father fetched me home, tomorrow maybe going east coast park for THE AMAZING RACE. Think i shall slack again, and help my group to lose the competition, I'm the demerit point king, yeah, no group shall ever think of winning with me on their side.

Tomorrow must wake up at 5 again, don't think i'll stay up late today, eyes can hardly open now...

Sunday, January 02, 2005


Ya today some girl call, should be the OG leader, then she said "tomorrow 7 must reach school hor, meet at auditorium."If i reached school by 7, then what fucking time must i wake up by. I'm already dreading the damn long bus trip there, therefore i decided to call everybody to talk cock, but sadly i no free outgoing, then darren or darrell also not with me, sian... i can only turn to my mp3 player.

I so dread going to temasek junior college. Ya, if go Saint Andrew or National at least got something to be excited about, but temasek, haiz, hear liao also sian. It's like....SIAN.

Just realised how bad the situation at Phuket is. My cousin is from the airforce, so today he on standby. That time he flew to Phuket, send some ration over, and send some people over to singapore. He said that people were waiting at the airport, there's even this guy who queue for 2 days 2 night, waiting for the chance to get out of the place. Then he said when the plane was full, people cried, they begged, they kneel, but nothing could be done.

Haiz, the scenario is chaotic there, the people there even collect money from victims relatives if they want the body back to be buried. The thing i'm worried about is, what if the money we send there, the food and necessities that we send there, didn't reach those people at all. The corruption rate is quite high there, and so what about the citizens? What do they live on, how are they going to survive?

I really hope those people have some conscience and really bring the necessities to them instead of keeping it to themselves. Yeah, a major catastrophe, feel it....the power of mother nature. Don't ever think of defying her.

The other side of Singapore

Ya New year eve went to town, actually wanted to volunteer to help those sri lanka people. Thought i would be finally doing some meaningful things in life. Unfortunately it is not to be, there are already enough volunteers, so after standing there for half an hour, we walk all the way to cineleisure from YMCA, they walk too slow so me and edmund go first.

Then play pool for awhile, then after that sneak into K box sing abit, then after that walk around stone. After my dinner i went to find justin they all. After buying mineral water and some ice, we slack at one corner and drink XO. Quite hot la the liquor, but nothing can make me fall, then chee lim drink until whole face red. Then got police walk pass some more, we cover the XO and cup, then act nothing happen, lucky man, if tio caught go police station lao peh come down i sure jialat.

After much consideration, we decided to go uncle ron wife sort of cafe in raffles place. They ordered drinks but i don't dare as darrell never state it's on the house, but anyway, everything is on the house, then countdown. After that alot of them went home, then me darrell dchen justin darren yiheng chee lim went to clarke quay walk walk.

From there i saw a different part of singapore, the ugly side of singapore. There's not a single decent soul around, then dchen saw some people on drugs, which is like yucks. Yeah, the place ain't clean, and i also don't like the atmosphere. Alot people tried to pick a fight, but we act blur walk away. Then ya, alot of weird weird things happen, then there was the law enforcers walking around, which i don't think was useful. Things were still not very safe. Ya after that saw blood on the floor and lamp post, apparently a person was beaten up, unconscious on the floor. Didn't dare linger around for a very long time, so we keep on walk, and find taxi at the same time. So many freaking people waiting for taxis, and so many taxis on call, wait until i dulan. Ya, finally got a taxi after much walking, the taxi driver was a hokkien speaker, so ya, so the chance to show my skill also. He's quite fluent, first sentence when he was turning left at a cross junction and there were people walking, he said" kan ni na chao chee bye, seh liao, kia ar neh man". which means wat the fuck, walk so slow. Then after that we communicate in hokkien all the way to my house. The fare was like $13, ya, quite cheap ba, then i went home bathe then peng liao, cannot take it.

Clarke quay is not the place for me i'm sure, i rather go to some lounge to really sit down, drink a glass of red wine, listening to some soothing music, yeah, i don't like crowds, especially with indecent people all around.

Yeah randall just called me and said the OG leader just called me, which is going to be my turn soon, cause he born in 30th july, and me 1st aug, we shld be in the same group, and the OG leader is a girl! When she call me, I'm gonna zap until she cry, now wat date liao then call, ma de.

But anyway, i decided, grand entrance to TJC at 8am, when the reporting time is 7am. Yeah i heck you. The Marist Destroyer Club, posted to schools around the nation, which is our aim, to destroy as many schools as we can.