Thursday, August 31, 2006

A trip back to maris stella...

Today was teacher's day, so naturally, went back to maris stella. Before that showed my face in school first though. Played cards throughout the whole thing, then after that went back to maris stella.

As usual, they had their annual teacher's day concert, which was always very joker-like. Now they have an external emcee, instead of some kuku PRC scholar. How times have changed, our time are really very different from now. Could hear those deafening cheers and boos when i entered the hall. Seriously, it's been a long time since i have heard such loud cheer and appreciation, really missed those days when you think back.

During the performance, there was some prize for the judges, which the emcee announced one by one. "Mrs Justina Tay!"

Wah you could see our faces, all damn shock, heard she got married to a doctor or some guy along that profession. I also noticed alot of new young female teachers, guess the marists now would not be so desperate. I still prefer the name Justina Lu though, sounds nicer.

Met up with some of my friends, francis, edmund, jason to name a few, it was really fun meeting up with them and talked about our life, the boring part though. Let's hope next year we are still able to meet up and talk about the interesting stuff that happens in NS.

Went to talk to Mr Lim, mostly telling me not to slack and work hard for the next 2 months. He has become the 2 consecutive winner in a row of the Marist Teacher Of The Year award. Very impressive indeed, aiming for a hat trick next year i guess, heard he's planning to get married next year too.

He said something that was quite sad, that teachers feel very happy when ex students come back to the school and see them, but after that, they have this feeling that we all have moved on without them. Life would be so much easier if we do not need to move on. Then he also mentioned that after our As we'll be going into the army, and don't know when he'll be able to see us again.

I didn't noticed how time fly, 4 years since my idol became my form teacher, and 2 years since i left Maris Stella. I still miss the school, the jokers, the lessons, but that's history already. Sometimes, time really pass so fast then when we stop to reflect, a few years our life have gone by. complicated at times.

I'm very motivated to study now, maths god actually told me not to slack, how to defy? Haha, look forward to tomorrow. KFC! About time to get some match fitness under my belt.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Prelims are here...

I just realised that it's been a damn long time since i carved and spit out a new post. Nothing much happening in my life these few days anyway, just the routine mugging and eating and sleeping, just that finally, i'll be able to call a stop to all the tutorials TEMPORARY, to concentrate on getting those facts and knowledge into my head.

Wednesday is my GP paper, and after that would be AP. haha, ok lame. The next paper after my GP will be after the 1 week September "holiday". I just realised that mugging is seriously a freaking waste of time. Look at this blog, mug for what seemed like a few days, then i realised 3 freaking weeks have flown by.

STILL, i don't seemed like i got alot of work done though. Haiz, feeling quite stressed up now. Finally get to know why people find A level a torture. The 1 and a half years are ok, its the last 100m thats tiring and stressful.

Teachers' day is coming, i should be going back to MSHS, however stressful and busy, this one day is dedicated to my teachers, of course must go back to see how they are doing.

Currently trying to organise a KFC training this friday, everyone is so busy mugging that they forgot how to kick a ball. Plus the gang haven't really met up for quite some time, so yeah, time to meet up!

Ok time to sleep, must adjust my body clock back to normal time to sleep, or i can imagine wednesday dozing off during the GP exam, haiz sometimes life really sucks. Yeah sometimes, not now though, cause i'm in high spirits!

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Chalet after A level anyone?

I just came back this morning from my cousin's 21st birthday chalet, damn freaking big, makes me feel like i'm being cheated for booking those pasir ris and changi chalet.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Most sought after...

Have been searching for a song that i could relate to, and i've finally found it. Funny though, it has always been in my computer...

Reo Speedwagon - In My Dreams

There was a time some time ago
When every sunrise meant a sunny day, oh a sunny day
But now when the morning light shines in
It only disturbs the dreamland where i lay, oh where i lay
I used to thank the lord when i'd wake
For life and love and the golden sky above me
But now i pray the stars will go on shinin',
you see in my dreams you love me
Daybreak is a joyful time
Just listen to the songbird harmonies, oh the harmonies
But i wish the dawn would never come
I wish there was silence in the trees, oh the trees
If only i could stay asleep, at least i could pretend you're thinkin' of me'
cause nighttime is the one time i am happy, you see in my dreams

We climb and climb and at the top we fly
Let the world go on below us, we are lost in time
And i don't know really what it means
All i know is that you love me, in my dreams

I keep hopin' one day i'll awaken, and somehow she'll be lying by my side
And as i wonder if the dawn is really breakin'
She touches me and suddenly i'm alive

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Fast And Furious Singapore Drift...

Yesterday went out to esplanade to watch the fireworks showcasing the singapore theme. Its kinda last minute because she didn't want to go, then 2020 i asked ong, and he said going, in msn that is.

I changed and pia down, and called ong on the bus, "i still at home.." Hahaha, more or less he's gonna missed it. Anyway reached cityhall and with a little difficulty found justin and co.

Walked to some place to watch the fireworks, couldn't see the low ones though, blocked by the big durian. It was quite nice, especially during the last part, where they commando style shoot all the fireworks out continuously.

At the end of the fireworks show, i asked "where's the Singapore theme?"

Haha, the whole fireworks display like nothing related to Singapore. After that we walked around and stone around raffles city. Then decided to go eat dinner after an hour of walking. Halfway walking to old market, a group of them decided to go TS, they favourite pastime. Then me sj bear and wC went to find food. In the end we ended up at Chinatown eating.

Change of plans then, as some were still not 18, no clubbing. Me and wc then went to singapore shopping centre for some seasoning. The holes were quite big, so easier to pot balls. After that went into canto night. wC ordered 2 mug and sit down, then the singer on stage, "xie xie..."


We sit there stone for a while, they were playing techno, damn irritating. We went to meet up with the rest afterwards, and saw the Singapore version of Tokyo Drift. All lined up at the traffic light, then when it turned green, woo hoo, straight away accelerate and can hear the gear shift, at least 10 over of these cars going pass.

After walking to PS, we were at the bus stop and again another group of cars went speeding pass after the traffic lights went green. One ferrari was dulan of the cars in front showing off, then he also retaliate with his own, easily owned the rest of the cars that were making so much noise.

In the end, we end up at cine playing pool, damn boring also. Caught the night rider back home, and slept after a bath.

Now just woke up, damn bored, back to studying then...

Monday, August 07, 2006

A short week...

Today was quite a much anticipated monday compared to the rest of the weeks, because its national day week, and yeah alot of holidays.

Lesson was darn boring, and with only 5 hours of sleep, was feeling damn tired every lecture or tutorial i went, luckily got to sleep during the talk about censorship. Due to my high level of concentration, i managed to wake up to take down some points before going back to my sleep.

At the end of the day had First Impressions, which was quite interesting because i didn't know that considerable knowledge is required to dress well. I didn't like the person giving the talk though, discriminating ah peh clothings.

After that went home, and saw rae on the way home. (didn't want to typed this out, she requested) She gave me some geog MCQ to do which i fared pretty well(although i failed) even without geography knowledge. I kinda miss those humanities subject, ahahhaa, write like a super machine gun, and still failing, those secondary sch days are so much fun...

Adrenaline still pumping in my body, have been feeling it since yesterday night. You see, this fucked up 3rd uncle of mine came by and went off with an extra $50 in the pocket, and of all people he had to steal from my poor sister that fucker. Apparently he was "dropping by" to borrow money from my father, who sadly wasn't free. Therefore he decided to take matters into his own hands.

Firstly going into my father's room, which unfortunately for him, i was inside. He opened the door, i diao him with "fuck off" written all over my face, and he subsequently went out. In my room, my grandmother was inside, so didn't think he would dare do it. Therefore all that's left to steal is from my sister room.

Although there's no evidence, i can logically infer from all the statements given by the witnesses and first handedly noticing some situation, and it all fits perfectly. My mother and 4th auntie saw that fucker walking into my sister room.

Furthermore i deduced that those who stayed in my sister room long enough to do suspicious stuff.

1. My 5 year old nephew who had no reason to steal. (I did check him out to ensure that there was nothing on him just in case)
2. My 2nd auntie who couldn't stop giving my sister money, so steal?
3. That fucker who i assumed to open the drawer, take the money, lock the drawer and took the key with him.

If you still don't believe me, stating no evidence. You can jolly call the CSI come and i will fucking bet my life on it that his fingerprints will show.

From that incident until now, about 26 hrs on, i'm itching to fuck him upside down. I've already officially warned my mother, do not let me see him, or he sure kena jialat. I don't care if my grandmother side her children, which sadly she always does.

That fucking drug addict has been nothing but a useless piece of shit in this world, now i've really come to realise the true meaning of fei wu. I used to believe that the fucking drug addict would turn over a new leaf, and converting into a christian would give him the extra help, or so my christian aunties said. Thank you very much, seems like everyone in my family who convert to christianity convert without understanding the whole concept of what it truly means and requires of its followers. Result? a group of fuckers smearing and corrupting the religion, which sadly is very common everywhere nowadays.

If merely converting can fucking help him turn over a new leaf without doing anything else, i won't be studying so fucking hard for my A levels.

Now this fucker decided to change his hobby for a start, and went finding prostitutes instead of taking drugs. I rather he chose the latter, then i'll gladly dial the CNB hotline and grab his ass back to where he truly belongs.

Ya anyway, now after fucking one for quite some time, he decided that she was the one for him and wants to marry her.

That's not the main point, the main point is he put words into my father mouth and said that my father once said he would sponsor his wedding.

See what i mean, this fucking bastard is suppose to be my uncle, and he's using my father, which is his brother to fucking further his cause, whatever it is.

I've grew up tolerating alot of shit, but you fucker has just crossed the line. I'm still coming to terms that this fucker is my uncle. PUI, today's generation is totally different now, so don't talk to me about being elder or whatever crap. From today's onward, you shall be named fucker, liked it or not, in front of my parents or behind it, it will still be the same, FUCKER.

PS. Despite the many fucks in this post, i'm still damn pissed...

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Look at the time!

I just finished my maths tutorial, damn!

Don't know why i ended up coming to this blogging page, ok nite!

Saturday, August 05, 2006

A meal at Villareal?

Yesterday was special, jia hui and gang organised a belated birthday celebration for me.

As usual the beginning is always the same, everyone got the message to meet at somerset at 6. Luckily i learnt from my maris stella days that the 6 that people usually mentioned is not singapore time, so yeah, i decided to leave home later. In the end i reached the destination at 615, with no one in sight.

Chun boon called and i went to meet him first, and proceeded to stone with him for about 45 mins in the Vilage restaurant. At first i thought we were going to villareal to eat, about the same the pronounciation. Then there was this fat shit manager with a fucked up attitude making enemies all around the restaurant. I swore i would have wrote a complaint letter if 1 was given to me.

Stone for about 30 mins at the table before katherine called.

"where are you?"

"at home" i replied.

"they walking there liao leh, you faster come hor."


Hahaha, predictable, so after that we were all waiting for the 2 boss to come, talking cock here and there to waste some time.

Dinner was good, since i no need to pay, hahaa. Bill turned out to be $111.77, nice number. After that walked to Taka and cut cake, abit extra cause got quite a number of couples doing their stuff at those dark spots.

Some more they told me my present not ready yet, then i sorta guessed what it was. It was quite unexpected, cause i didn't think they would go through all the trouble to get me the Liverpool jersey, which they did.

After that it was quite late, then all decided to go home, so as i've promised had a bottle of wine with mh and shaun. Then this guy came out from no where, "can you spare me a cigarette?" What's wrong with these people man, maybe those addicts are being blinded by the nicotine and couldn't see that we don't smoke. Even if we do, what makes you think i'll give it to you. Like what wC say "1 cigarette 50 cent leh!"

After that went to have supper at the market, which was playing elvis songs, good ambience, except for those no life drinkers on their daily routine. Went home, could feel a little of the wine effect, very comfortable, so after a bath dropped dead on the bed. Haven't felt this happy in quite a while, blame the As.

Thanks for making my 18th birthday worth remembering.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Finally 18!

Well well well, time is passing by real fast, it seemed to be so distant a long time ago, but now i'm finally 18. A lot of options have now opened up, but we must note that with old age comes great responsibility. No more juvenile courts, so yeah, all the 18s, think twice before you do anything. Other than that, you can party, drink, smoke, practically do everything, and of course, win! Nono, not bet, cause it doesn't guarantee you money, but win does, hahaha.

Anyway, birthday is afterall just another day. I was doing my chem paper til around 12++ when the msges started coming in. I'm damn touched by the no. of people who remembered, or even some who knows my birthday.

I could still remember the first msg which was from my classmate, i had to check my class's namelist to find out who it was, LOL. Clara and her sis with their "be BRAVE" msges, hahaha ok i try.

Then elaine and a few others, particularly my marist brothers TWS, thia, cs, bear, etc etc. Clearly remembered wC msg as he sent it at 2am, barely glanced at the msg and the time before falling aslp, not sure if i replied him though.

Then alot alot others in and out of school, particularly the whitley people, rae, kelly, chun boon, jia.............quite long list..........................

Chun boon and his classmates very nice, though i don't know them very well, they still gave me a card. Hahaha, some of the comments quite lame, but thanks anyway.

Another of the funny msg that i received was from michelle.

".....Happy birthday....don't mug too much."

What the hell man, hahaha, see the msg liao i also stun.

Quite boring also today, thinking about the tutorials that need to be done instead of how i'm going to utilise the privilege of being 18. Tomorrow will be a maths day, oh my god, 4 tutorials waiting for me to be cleared by the end of today.

Ok to end this, this year's birthday wish, or rather wishes include:

1. No more war between Israel and Lebannon. Or at least hope 1 of them is annilated. Stop killing the innocent!

2. Not getting into NDU, please please please...

3. A levels, 3A and GP B4, physics? wat physics? LOL would need a miracle to get B.

4. Liverpool winning EPL, CL, FA CUP.

5. Hope this 15 weeks fly by.

6. You...I guess that can wait for now.

P.S. Will have to find a day to have a drink with my cousin, i got no choice, i promised him. LOL