Sunday, July 27, 2008

Simian line...

Was feeling bored so went to check up on my palm after my auntie analyse my hand. Google it and realise that there's alot to palm reading, quite interesting.

Saw this survey, and realise that some of the characteristics are quite similar, especially the part where our dreams come true very often, and having similar nightmares. Experts even say that people with simian line tends to go to the extreme, something like that.

Haha, interesting read to pass the day, maybe can research on it for fun, it'll be fun to see other people's palm, since it's like quite unique to each individual.


2 consecutive days having supper with mh, guess it'll be some time before we can do this again. It's quite hard to find a companion in those hours.

I guess at some point of time everyone will leave singapore for awhile, to explore the world, to fulfill their dreams, to work. Who knows maybe i'll go too, can't rule that possibility out, even though i hate adapting, and leaving, and not being able to eat all the food here.

Went to have dinner with my da yi, and found out that her husband, which is my uncle, don't know how to pronounce also, is not doing very well. It's quite worrying, and my father believed that the operation and the constant medication took alot out of him. Haiz, seeing him so sad and sian is just so uncomfortable.

Having quite a head spinning night after the nap, groggy and all. Quite a lovely night though, not very humid temperature just right.

Hope you find the golden sky without meeting the storm...

Friday, July 25, 2008

hectic week..

Had a short week at work, wed was out already. Seemed to be a rather as usual day when suddenly andrew wilfred became so enthu about going to zouk, so i guess i had no choice but to follow. Still in the end, we were late and couldn't get in. Met more people outside of zouk than in the past month altogether. In the end went to mos and spent the night there.

Went home slept for like a few hours then woke up to go sentosa. Everybody was seh, as in us that were out last night. Reached sentosa like in the afternoon already, and the sun was quite bastard, damn freaking hot. Because of that crap 9pm show, they kept playing volleyball all the way. Brawn without brains, beauty(also not very chio) without plot, cannot make it la.

After that went to eat and walk around, by the time i reached home was already 9+. Took a shower, then shot dead on bed already. Morning woke up 6, went to ecp for the run, ended with a crappy knee, and slept.

I don't have enough time to sleep, much less finish my taichi show, got another show to watch already. Guess that'll keep me occupied for the coming months.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Tell me what am i suppose to do without you...

This few weeks have just been pure boredom. Think i saved quite alot, stoning at home watching tv, maybe only a little increase in the electricity bills.

Realise i've been missing something crucial - football.

Every saturday feel so bored, so restless, flipping channels after channels. Really can't live without liverpool.

Oh my god can't wait for the freaking season to start. COME ON YOU REDSSS

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Is there no more hope?

With the gradual change in weather, and weird climate patterns, it seems like the world itself is coming to an end. The happening the movie, may seemed quite stupid, but you can't rule out these possibilities, you can never win mother nature.

For all mankind?

Does that really exist anymore? Just look at today's newspaper, a monk, put to shame, and you thought he doesn't care about the money. Maybe being in contact with all these luxuries swayed his mind, or maybe, he's doing all these for those really in need. Afterall, at least he doesn't have a gold tap and doesn't fly on business class, or does he?

Still i quite pity him, futile attempt by the newspaper to link him with all the porn videos seized in a house that he stayed occasionally. Something like that, couldn't be bothered to read on, people watch porn doesn't mean he'll watch right, hee embezzle money doesn't mean others will do the same also right.

In the past, people got through crisis because they had 1 thing -hope. Can we even do that now?

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

HK - airport

As stated, these are the "wallpapers" stucked on the windows of the budget aeroplane, if you ever call it one.

Budget has its own class, even their sunrise is of low quality.

A rare picture depicting the true altitude we are flying at, look at the clouds, so far up.

Another fake.

Breakfast at changi airport.

Just a light one, just enough for our stomach to be empty when we touched down in hk.

You actually have to switched off your hp here at this place, in case it causes a massive power failure and communication glitch in the aeroplane if you went near it with a hp ringing.

I thought i could pretty much sleep anywhere.

I was so wrong. Don't be deceived by their excited faces, the period of time i slept( 15 -20mins) is DEFINITELY more than the period of time they were awake.