Saturday, July 31, 2004

how lazy can you get?

Today is a boring day, imagine birthday eve to be a boring day, u would be half dead by the time the next day arrive. Anyway, woke up early today, and it was raining crap and dog. I was awakened by the fans from the toronto stadium, which is showing live on tv, Liverpool VS Porto. The match wasn't very exciting, as porto was doing the 10 man behind the ball, but they proved to be threatening at times too. Liverpool has quite alot possession but possession doesn't mean u would win, and yeah...liverpool lost. They had more chances i think, but Porto were more clinical in their finishing. Anyway, the rest of the day was crap, staying at home, watching tv, went on net, doing homework. Speaking about homework, haven done much, still have alot maths to do, and the worst part is to hav to do relative velocity. In my whole 15 yrs, 364 days, 23hrs and about 40mins, its the most crappy and stupid topic i have come to study since i began my interest in maths. Anyway, most of the time spent on sleeping, don know why, but feel tired. So yup, trying to do my homework now. About 20 mins to my sweet 16, wat wishes do i hav...definitely, WORLD PEACE. haha... and of course, save this god damn world man, stop using resources like there's no tomolo. Just remember the movie The Day After Tommorow, we will be ending up like those ppl if this still carries on. I wonder how many people remember my birthday..haha. Hmm...My family members wished me in advance, my ah ma gave me $50. Although she quite naggy sometimes, but she is very good to me and my sister, and i feel sorry for her when sometimes relatives scold her. Of course, my gd old cruise fren, clara, as usual, with her superb memory, didnt forget too. haha...thanx. Well, think its back to work, we shall see who remembers later...about 13 mins more to go.....

maths week.

This few days never update, cause father at home at nite, then wan to update cannot update. Anyway, nothing much happen also, only got alot alot alot alot of maths homework. Actually not alot questions la, but these questions require you to think, therefore, waste alot of my time. Today founder's day, shiok, 2 periods of lesson, then went hall attend mass. It's quite lame la, ask non catholic go attend, of course is sleep rite, and thus i sleep while they sang. Yup...after that went to justin house...OLE! The atmosphere quite relac today la, everybody play play, slack slack. Then Ivan the monkey climb up a 20m tall tree to get the ball down, Ball Pick Of The Day. After that go justin house bathe, then going tuition that time saw trevin, thia they all, so me and junlong also sat down and eat. Then after finished eating about 525, then my tuition at 530, haha. Luckily, trevin punch taxi, then only took 5 mins to reach the tuition place. Tuition as usual, then after that come home CM, now very tired liao...wanna sleep. Guess i'll finish my homework tomolo....

Tuesday, July 27, 2004


Today woke up then feeling damn bloody drowsy, thought was the effect from the flu and cough medicine i ate yesterday, so went to school as usual. I expected the drowsiness to go away, but unfortunately it didnt, so i was trying very hard to keep myself awake. Then after that P.E, convinced myself i wasn't really sick and went to play basketball. Felt ok during the match, but straight after P.E became worst, couldn't keep my eyes open. Then never finished my physics homework, kena send out of class. Very suay lor, i everytime finish his homework wan, but then too many ppl never bring or never do, so he got pissed and send everybody out. After 1 period went for photo taking, i'm still wondering how they broke the bloody chair while standing on it, and the most amazing thing was nobody fell. After that candid shot, then did my noob hair. Those taller wan cheong to the front to sit, then when everbody settled down, i dive in and landed on their legs. think my whole body kena photographed, cause i lying there. After that chinese lessons, 3 periods. Feeling very uncomfortable then, wanted to sleep but couldn't sleep, anot the teacher kao peh again, so i kept myself awake, dozing off occasionally. After came home, buay ta han liao then fall aslp. woke up already evening, then went to hav dinner. The headaches are still there, and my work alot haven do, also cannot pon school. Damn it man, now i understand why sick is not good, affecting my rate of progress, hope tomolo will get better. Now only hope to finish my work and get to sleep...

Monday, July 26, 2004

congrats...100 more days to live.

I wanna apologise for the inconvenience caused, didnt hav the mood to blog these few days, don know why also. Anyway, overslept today and missed the copa final, but just for ur info, brazil won on penalties. Went to school, nothing much happen also, today not much lessons la, only kena kp by the geog teacher again, don know why, but they nag and nag and nag, the stress sucks. Then hav to write some lame form for achievements not recognised by school, and of course i got nothing to write about, even if recognised by school i also cannot guarantee got things to write. I mian qiang write a few small achievements down lor. After school went home, then slack, bought some stationary, did my homework, then came online. Listening to jay new song now, qi li xiang. Absolutely rocks, i just wonder how ppl can be so creative, composing and writing endless songs, and it just keeps getting better. Anyway, today is a day for celebration, we got exactly 100 days left to Os, yes...100. Mug as hard as you can now, cause armagedon is coming...

Saturday, July 24, 2004

the most special moment of my life

Sorry for the inconvenience caused. my house under upgrading, so went to my uncle house to stay, today just brought the laptop over. Ya... yesterday got the band concert, then after school went home, took a bathe, nap, then 3++ meet justin they all. After that we went to cine raiders play gunbound and cs. Then after that we play bowling, i first game on form, personal best 174...haha...they call justin turkey king, i double king. Then after that went to eat then straight away cheong to the singapore conference hall. Quite alot ppl there, then we all cheong to the last row to sit. Apart from the occasional screaming and shouting, it was quite boring the concert, but aiya, its mainly because we don't know how to appreciate music, but the band members did generally a good job. The climax of the concert was at the last part, where everybody were shouting and screaming. Then they played the school song. We all stood up and sang the school song, Everybody like turn back to look at us. That was the best moment of my life, i dont regret choosing and coming into maris stella high, this is wat it is all about, "brotherhood". Then after that the band members shouted our marist chant, then we replied. Keep on shouting and shouting, after that abit seh. Then all cheong to lao pa sha to eat. only 10 plus ppl, reach there that time 3 ppl arrange table for us, then don know which one to join, so paiseh. After that stone here and there, then all decided to return home. Haizz... maybe this is about the last time we can cheong until like that, since Os is approaching. I couldnt help but think about wat is gonna happen after Os, our 4 years of frenship, so many happy moments together. We could get together even after the Os, but got new friends liao, it will never be the same again. Haiz, life is like this, we hav to move on. and when we die, we bring these memories away with us.

Wednesday, July 21, 2004


Today woke up and went to school. Then have lessons as normal, the geog test and ss test was quite ok i think, also just anyhow whack. So after school intended to stay in school to study and do work, but then kena influenced again, so went to orchard with justin they all. We went to toa payoh central, then i saw my cousin there, hit me for no reason, siao kia. Anyway, we took 143 to Orchard and Trevin kena zap, cause he also become nerd, then always homing, then everybody pissed. After went to eat lunch at burger king at cine, walked pass yoshinoya then saw yiheng and his stead. After lunch we went to 9th floor, then our sponsor, one question:" wan to bowl anot?" Then he see majority raise hand then straight away cheong book lane, si bei on. Then ya, i quite on form la, play 3 games, get 3 drinks. Then 4th game the top scorers match. play with darren 1v1. start off well, but fumble on the way, then went try to recover don seem to get the first strike to get me going, so lost by alot to darren. After that i cheong back to my uncle house, since my house was upgrading. Then my father, sister and uncle went market to eat.(mother playing mahjong, as usual.) Then return home to find everything is in chaos. Everywhere was covered in thick dust. Things got worst after that, heater switch was spoiled, and therefore, NO HEATER, the water damn bloody cold, like the day after tomolo  like that. I wonder how to live in this house, I'm already getting irritated by the dust generated by all those drilling. Anyway, I am going to try studying now, tomolo still got chem test, hope can scrap through it, as my house is now not exactly an ideal place to study.

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

the greatest that ever lived...

Today went to school as usual, nothing much happen. Then came home, did some work and sleep. Its always fixed la. After that did abit of my homework again, then bing rong msg me to watch discovery channel. There's this documentary on Bruce Lee, to me, the greatest martial artist that had ever lived...It talked about his works, philosophy on martial arts. It is kinda sad still thinking about it, he has no more sons to carry on his generation after brandon died. He also has a lot of interesting quotes. mood for blogging today, must go study le...tomolo test..

Monday, July 19, 2004


Firstly, have to apologise for the wrong information on my previous entry. PM Goh is not having his last rally. By the time he stepped down, the next rally is spoken by the by then PM lee. OK...anyway, today was a typical monday. Woke up in the morning feeling lazy, almost went back to sleep again, but managed to drag myself out of bed. Then went to school and everything happen like it should on a normal monday. Then after recess kena zap by chinese teacher, he seemed to be bloody pissed off, and i would be if i was him. Its not the first time the class was in chaos, ppl screaming and shouting, like girl like that. Ya, then heard news that ming yuan whack a guy from band. My hero sia...haha...then we keep pestering him to tell us more info on how he whack the person. Then after school went confrontation with those ppl, then talk abit crap then go home. Alamak, i still thought got fight, make me so kan cheong, in the end...nothing happened. After that went home, nothing much to do, figured out it was too noisy to study, so took a nap and study at nite. After that went market to eat, then slack here and there. Then tried to study abit of chemistry, and intend to continue on later, then after chemistry do abit of ss. Yep, I'm going to study. thats about it for today.

Sunday, July 18, 2004

wassup with sundays?

Sunday is the worst day of the week, there's practically nothing to do on a bloody hot and humid sunday. Anyway, kena pulled out of bed at 9+ today by my parents. I was so pissed and groggy, then went downstairs to eat breakfast, then like still in a blur state. Then came back home, went on the net and did abit of my homework. Tried to study geography but little progress was made. So went to tuition afterwards, then decided with jason that we gonna act blur and just forget about our chinese tuition. So i am watching the NKF show. As i hav said before, its the only show that can make me drop a tear. I figured maybe because its touching and everyone's crying, so will bu zhi bu jue cry also. The most wasted part is Fei yu qing not able to come and perform...sian halfway. Anyway...hope this week is gonna be a better week, with so many bad things happening to the class last week. oh ya oh ya...and i want wish my hia di, chee lim,  a god damn bloody happy birthday. hahaa...fell aslp talking to me darrel darren, the 3 Ds. Are we that boring? hahaha...I don think can hit 1million this time, no big shot to persuade ppl call. Look at 5566, those 5 monkeys can just come out and sing then raised 200000 calls, so ridiculous man. lee guo huang, my idol just came out and sing the modified verion of ba qian huan gei wo ba. After singing, the no. of calls jump drastically, still jumping lor. They did a good job editing the song.  Well, its all for charity man... lets be more generous. another 20 plus days, and it will be the last national day rally of our PM Goh. A much anticipated speech, but i rather its not his last...but well, we hav to move on. weekends are unproductive, i rather there's no saturday or sunday, so i would be more motivated to study. Ok.. hope tomolo will be a better day.

Saturday, July 17, 2004


today was a slack day. woke up at 7, then thought i was late for school. Almost wore my uniform, then realised it was a bloody saturday, so went back to sleep. Then woke up around 10 and breakfast was on the table, i appreciate it, parents woke up early in the morning and went to the market to buy breakfast. They usually pull me up of bed when i was younger, but figured out I'm old enough le, won't wan to accompany them to the market. Then after that finished my maths homework, not much difficulty. Then started to move the house cause my father wanted to buy new furnitures. Up and down the stairs carrying my old study table, quite tiring, but well...good exercise. Then brought my sister to tuition then lunch, before rushing back for CM. Quite off form at the beginning, but then picked up after my players came back from injury. My flu from the morning became worst, so i took some flu medicine then went to sleep, still feeling kinda groggy now. Anyway, went online afterwards...then chat until now. Latest news just now, PM goh is going to step down on August the 12th. Quite expected la his decision, but i don't feel like changing a PM. He did a relatively good job as a PM, although i don't know exactly wat, except for those FTAs with other countries, for a better singapore. He's from a poor family, so ya, more or less know the thoughts of the poorer ppl, but mr lee, from a rich and influential family, so ya...don know wat to expect. Plus recently he went to taiwan and screwed our relationship with China, although China was sort of over suspicious, but he shouldn't do that. Anyway...most of us would hav high expectations on him...since previous PMs had done a good job. ok...enough with politics, haha... not really into it though, cant even name ministers. Think I'm gonna go slack now...since there's not much time for me to slack.

Friday, July 16, 2004

damn it

Today woke up and went school, first lesson was chemistry, which turned out to be disastrous. My group was asked to present our project, me justin darrell. This 3 combination, wat type of project can we come up with. Anyway, we presented unrelated stuff, and die lor...confirm fail. After that chinese and maths then english. After that assembly with some lame english quiz. Assembly ended, and it was time for OLE... Today i think never score any goals, super off form. Then after OLE went for usual lor chinese tuition. Then after tuition, still in my sch u, return home. My parents then decided that today it was the day to shift our rooms. That was when i was very very very PISSED. I know they did it for my own good, but listening to a so called accurate 'feng shui master'...haiz...anyway, he told me and my sister that we had to exchange room so it could help in our studies. So, my parents heeded his advice anyway, and started moving all my stuff there and all my sis stuff into my room. This is so freaking pointless. At first, i thought it was a gd idea, but after being ordered to move so many things, i changed my mind. This is so damn ridiculous, and the layout of my "new" room is so bloody ugly. Anyway, O level is all about hard work, i don see it related to any of the bloody feng shui. Can u imagine, placing my bed right in the middle of the room...which bloody idiot would even think of that..? Ya, so i was that damn pissed and of course, my sis too. A room i've slept for around 10 years, and they just decided to change it because a clown says so. I made a damn big mistake, i shouldn't even agree to change the rooms in the first place. Anyway, I'm still very pissed now, i hate it when the room is dirty. quite a bad day today, but going to play CM now...thia and bear waiting fer me...

Thursday, July 15, 2004

Its coming...i could feel it

Another day at school, quite slack today...first 5 periods all language lesson, so just sit there rot, then chemistry lesson everyone presenting their project on the macromolecule, also sit there rot. Then maths lesson, kena scolding from mr lim, cause most of us never put in hard work. Haiz... i can feel the stress, everyday...its increasing, a little at a time. Maybe Mr lim is right, this is just not good enough. I can see other ppl already starting. The sense of urgency was there, like wat ms foo said, but 4 Benedict...most of us are still taking things one thing at a time, slacking, forgetting that prelims and Os are near. Well, cant bother much about them. Everyone is on their own now. Either we make it, or we break it... The a.maths test was quite ok, but was stress at the beginning after receiving the lecture, but i managed to finish the paper. After that went straight home, and found mother playing mahjong again. Ya, so i kicked up a fuss, which she ignored anyway and did abit of maths before taking a nap, then went market for dinner. i think i hav to cut down on sleeping, anot i wont get anywhere. Progress of my studies are slow, but at least...its getting on its way. I really think its time to get serious...for once, before i really screwed my whole life up. Think i'm going to do a little bit more of maths and get to slp, tomolo is gonna be a busy day.

Tuesday, July 13, 2004


Today was just another boring day. Well, a good start in school anyway. Cheng siong came in and apologise for wat he did yesterday, with a chocolate...haha. Then of course, i don bear grudge easily, and besides, saying sorry is difficult, so ya lor, no more tension again. Then after that lessons all the A.maths test, not that bad la...but then i draw finish graph then saw the question got error, then sian halfway, no more time some more. Then later all those slack lessons lor...then after school actually wan go bowling with justin they all, but then figured out Os coming, studies more important, so i went home. then as, slp, study. That about sums it all for a boring tuesday, for now...back to study.

Monday, July 12, 2004

what a day...

today is such an eventful day. As usual, went to sch. then a HOD teacher came in and talk to us about our humanities subject for a period, so just sit there and stone. Then after that geog period get back test results, thought i will fail, but pass in the end. Ms foo was clearly shock too...hahaa..this is my 1st time passing in 4 tests plus 1 prelim. Still get 2nd highest some more, I'm taking the path of greece man. Then nothing much le...After sch went to meet, suan cheng siong cause he got remedial. So we go toa payoh central talk cock sing song, saw 2 policemen bullying small kid, because he vandalised...hahaa, quite comedic. Don know a policeman need camera for wat. After that went to drink lor, haha..then use hao peng you money, which proved to be a costly mistake. After that justin go and meet, then we walk whole place looking for him. Then after that saw cheng siong. As expected, he dulan la...then after that found justin with the bendemeer sec wan. then after that cheng siong kao peh lor, i also stun tio. Then after that pay back the drinks money, then chee lim also dulan, then me, chee lim, darren and yiheng go home. Haiz...a few dollars only ma...guys arh...quarrel not because of women, then is because of money,so bloody true this phrase. Then went home quarrel with sister some more, bloody hell. So small only keep on talk back, so i smack her with the newspaper. what an idiot, one of this days...I'm gonna whack her jialat jialat, and nobody, i mean NOBODY...can stop me. ok...think I'm going back to study, tomolo maths test. Another day gone, the Os approaches...

Sunday, July 11, 2004


Finallly.....dgoh HAS COME blogging. Anyway, this is my first official entry, but i figured out no one writes an entry so early in the day. But my purpose is not to talk about what I've been doing today. I just wanted to submit an entry dedicated to kao peh this freaking blog. Ni hao hia, so bloody tedious to do, worst than the a.maths vectors. But due to my high intelligence plus alot of try and error in the matrix template, I manage to produce a decent blog. so how...not bad rite. wats the rating man...? Yesterday homing whole day...trevin tried to influence me out, but father on cruise sms say cannot go out...then sian one circle also. then today also dedicated to homing. Sunday is damn boring, and homework haven finish, and tomolo sch start. But best thing is can watch soccer in class. So ya...back to work. Everybody give me ur url i can link again, cause i forget where i paste trevin wan...