Monday, February 28, 2005


ha ha.........
ha ha ha ha ha ha....

I've let everyone down, especially myself.

What a bastard.

Saturday, February 26, 2005

The Day After Tomorrow...

The day after tomorrow.........

Where will you be......

Sunday, February 20, 2005

Sleep, eat, tutorials, casino

Yeah my trip to the cruise can simply be described using this 4 words.

Firstly, went on board, had my dinner, then back to cabin, a sleep and i woke up at 10am, went to library to finish my tutorials, managed to clear my "debts" then went for lunch. After that back to sleep, then went for sauna, then dinner again.

After that watch Xie Lei show, he sings hokkien quite zai, yeah then went to the casino after that, downed 3 glasses of wine, watched people playing baccarat. Saw what casino can do to a person. Firstly the gd side, there's this shoo called ding dong, where banker wins, then player wins, then banker wins again and the pattern carries on... Ya there were quite a no. of players, 1 particular guy, 1 hand he went down 10k, yeah 10k mind you. Then when the pattern continues he increases his bet, til 40k. In between he won about 200 odd k, that's like freaking alot, then finally the pattern broke, and he lost 40k to the casino.

"Nvm, we slowly analyse..."

What the hell, he win 200k liao still slowly analyse, i was stun man, but yeah who knows, maybe fri nite he lost 400k...hahahaha.

The dark side now, saw 1 guy, he whack 13k down, lost, 10k down, lost, last time 9k down, still lose. It seemed like the casino was intending on winning all his money. Before i walked off, i saw him holding his head in disbelief. Haiz why gamble away all the hard earned money man... you could use it for better purposes. Anyway, heard from my father friends that a person jumped into the sea to commit suicide. He was never to be found...

This had been happening for quite a few times, see how big the damage a casino can do? Yeah i wonder what's gonna happen if we had one casino in sentosa.

Anyway, i was shocked to see how many young ladies there were in the casino. All quite chio man, even the dealers also looked not bad, darren go sure TS. The "rolling" girls and dealers, wah got standard arh.hahahahaa...

I'm so tired, go sleep le, school is on tomorrow, sianzzz....

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

it just keeps getting worst...

Haiz, i didn't know darrell's departure had such a big impact on me until this morning. Hahaha, i almost cried for no reason. One day passed, just one day, there's 1800+ more before he finishes his course. I heard that after 2 years, the feeling would not be there anymore, we won't feel close anymore.

I hope it doesn't happen to me, i don't want this bond to break, and i hope we will prove them wrong. It's quite funny, darrell studying law, later he really become lawyer.

Opponent" objection!"

Darrell" kan ni na lar chao chee bye, can't u see i'm talking! Fuck you understand!!"


hahahahaa, yeah i hope he still remembers his hokkien when he comes back. Today after school i pon contact time then chiong straight home to FM, but still did not see darrell online, maybe settling down. Housekeeping matters, i think we need to appoint another organiser, now darrell is gone no one is gonna organise K box or whatever, which will be like sian. Now K Box also abit phobia le, later go there sure think of him, then whole person sure sian no mood to sing.

Today whole day was like damn uncomfortable, walking zombie, tomorrow got 2 tests, so freaking sian, trying to get some stuff into my head, slow progress i must say. Haiz i so stupid now, think accepted a virus file into my com, blinking idiot rite?

Think i shall go study for my test, hope i'll be able to pass, though i doubt so...

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

A new journey for my dear friend...

Today actually wanted to half day, but didn't managed to do so because of P.E. After that was around 5 plus, then i waited for darrell call before going to the airport. I took a cab with randall to the airport.

We were the first to arrive, then after that mervyn and the rest came. The airport was quite crowded, alot of people were also going to Trinity college, but all quite nerdy, guess darrell would be the only singaporean slacker around.

We went to eat swensen, but due to time constraint, we didn't managed to eat the ice cream then went to the departure gate. Then we decided to take some photos, then all took turn to hug darrell. Then darrell took photos with sheena, then we were singing Ai Wo Bie Zhou, everyone was looking at us, then alot people cried. I almost did, but i managed to compose myself, i think it would be better to cry at home. If not for those jokes that they made, tears would have flow.

After that darrell found out he lost his ticket, then chiong here chiong there find, but in the end issue a new one, yeah, then he went in.

That familiar back i saw as he walked further and further away, i'm afraid it would be sometime before i can see that figure again. Now everyone is planning to go Australia and visit darrell, maybe i can go, after i ask my godmother(red guan yin). Days would undoubtedly be weird without darrell, he was the one who planned everything, he was the one who paid everything, he's the one who crap the most. The days ahead would be boring without him, i'm sure of that, but he would be back, then we shall rock wherever we go again. I'm feeling kinda uncomfortable, whenever i think of him, how long he would be gone, haizz.... Time really flies, practically flies, hopefully during this period of time, it speeds.

However i'm glad our marist culture are spreading far away, overseas opportunity, i'm sure the discipline committee would have a hard time over there, well hey, we got a marist there.

Yeah darrell, please do not slack too much, study hard and get the course done and over with. Please do remember, that you have friends, and more importantly your brothers here in Singapore, waiting for each day to pass quickly, waiting for you to come back...

Life would truly not be the same again without you my friend...

Sunday, February 13, 2005

my feud with theirry henry.

Yeah this few days had been gambling, due to too many people, had to resort to playing blackjack and si ki pi instead. Thus began my feud with theirry henry, i don't know what's wrong with him, i never offend him, but the cards i take, it's always his jersey number. Damn, caused me to lose quite alot of money, but nevertheless, i managed to win a small $10 when i went to trevin house.

The feeling so shiok, win money damn high, become so generous, hahahahaa. Anyway, yesterday went to play pool, i think got 5 6 hours, still trying to perfect my "breaking" skill. Yeah, then that's about it, heard tomorrow can wear home clothes to school, wonder if i should wear a shorts and singlet go. hahahaha, and yeah, think i take a half day leave tomorrow, quite sian.

After that should be going to darrell house, having a bachelor club steamboat, bo bian lar we all. hahahaha.. Today just played a whole afternoon of FM, damn shiok, liverpool is back to its best, hope can maintain there, best buy is still downing, my favourite player. Yeah the chinese new year seems particularly quiet this year, but anyway, HUAT ARH....

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Happy chinese new year.

Oh yeah, today we went back to maris stella at 7, then realised some changes were made. School now starts at 8am, so its like damn late lar, we waited for quite long to sing the school song. Anyway, we at first stood in the middle section where everyone could see us, but was asked to move away afterwards. hahaha, anyway, we managed to sing the school song, then after that went to greet our teachers, it's quite cool man, we pontang school to go visit our teachers.

Yeah then we finally got to sit on the chairs, the alumni bench, together with the teachers, and we watched the new year celebration stuff, it's about the same, every year around the same things. There's a new teacher in the school, in charge of the discipline committee, but i think DK shld be the boss, that idiot got a fuck face. Yeah, so heard from Mr lim he's doing his master degree, very busy nowadays. He also doesn't have any form class, doing other stuff i think. He said the batch this year cannot make it, not like our batch, all pros, hahaha.

He also told me not to look back, and to move on. Yeah hopefully i can let go of the past, look to the future, and fulfil whatever destiny i'm borned to do.

A new year has arrived, a new journey of life begins. We now have our own lives to lead my friends, our own way to go, darrell going overseas, and many of us walking our different way, this is where we seperate. It had been a wonderful year for me, and you all have become a part of me. I wanna wish you all a very happy new year, and all the best for what's gonna happen in the future, move on yeah? Hopefully i'll be able to do the same...

Someday, somewhere in the future, our paths may cross again...

Monday, February 07, 2005

The marists are back...

Today ended school at 12pm, then went to toa payoh central to change a new bank book, queue up for a freaking hour. Then i called darrell and we met and decided to crash CJC. The school quite strict, cannot crash wan, but managed to find royston and junlong, walked around, never really saw any chio bu, but quite fun lar.

After that we went to orchard, walk and walk and walk, bought a cap, my brand de, quite cool. Then we went to take neoprint, damn funny, we were making alot of noise, then at one point the worker there walked over to find out what was happening, then trevin made one mistake, and everybod "chee bye lar!!!!" hahahaha, we laugh until peng, noobs taking neoprint, damn ugly some more, all act cute...hahahaa.

After that went to collect my cap then went home, very tired of all the walking, yeah tomorrow is gonna be a fun day. Our gang is gonna pontang jc then go back maris stella sing school song, hahahaa, rocks man, it's been a long time.

I'm so looking forward to tomorrow....

Sunday, February 06, 2005


Yesterday went to sentosa, almost can't wake up, darrell called and i only barely managed to pull myself out of bed. I went to have breakfast with parents, then kena conned by my father, he told me going to harbourfront from serangoon very near only, then dropped me there. After that i realised the no. of stops i had to take, quite dua pai, everybody was waiting for me and cl.

After that went to sentosa, saw bingrong afterwards, then thia, royston, sj all come. Then the usual stuff happen lor, we went to play vball, swimming, and mostly talk cock. Then after that got another scandal come out, hahahaha, i didn't know until cs told me, i always got scandal when i go sentosa.

Then after the sentosa trip i sent wenting home, and she got lost. Yeah, she doesn't know how to go home, abit cannot make it, so have to call back to darrell and ask him for directions. Hahaha, then walk her to her house, making sure she got into the correct house, then i went to meet our group. After much discussion, we decided not to go k box because wasn't worth it, thus they came to my house. In total, we watched 5 football matches, until 6 like that, then they went home. Quite seh man, i almost KOed.

Anyway, after they left i went to sleep, then woke up straight chiong to mh house eat lunch and bai bai, then we went to shop for 10 mins and play pool. I finally know how to break, damn shiok. Then went for dinner with parents. I'm so proud of myself, i managed to look at a bowl of shark fin and said " i'm not eating this." It's time we do something for these poor animals, especially when it's endangered. Therefore i'm gonna do my part, like my environmentalist partner tan wei xiang always say"SAVE THE ENVIRONMENT!"

Rocks, what a good weekend, but the thing is, what's gonna happen to my f maths test tomorrow? hahahahaha...

Saturday, February 05, 2005

CNY carnival.

Today was quite excited in the morning, cause afternoon there's a carnival, which means i'll get to see all my marist friends again. Yeah went swimming in the morning, quite funny too, everybody was learning how to dive. Apparently, no one knows how to dive except me, hahaa, ya and there's some painful moments for some of the "noobs". They anyhow jumped into the pool, causing the "piak" sound, ouch that sounds painful.

After that there was lesson and lesson and lesson, fell asleep during LEP gu3 wen1 tutorial, soooo boring. After lessons went to canteen, then after much consideration, winnnie was too hungry to care and therefore, we went to lunch together. Talking crap for most of the time, then after that went back school to train. Yeah, i finally learned the pro way of breaking a ball on a pool table, just need to adjust a little and apply more strength.

Then my marist frens came and i went to entertain them, brought them around the school and we talked about our jc lives. It's kinda good to see them enjoying themselves. Then my real gang came, darren, thia, cs, kw. We talked cock for most of the time, then they all decided to try and come in tjc, especially darren, he said vj is too boring for him, mixing with all those gays and the people there are too guai.

Then somehow darren got cut on the eye there, so went to clinic then went to cgh wait for him, he had 2 stitches, ouch. Meantime, the rest of us were crapping away at the 7-11 store there, quite fun la, endless stuff to talk. Then after that went home, super long journey, but luckily take mrt.

Rocks man, although carnival was damn small, but not bad lar, saw alot of frens, ahahaha. I miss my sec school...

Wednesday, February 02, 2005


Today a very interesting thing happened. Time flew passed and it was 1245pm, so we decided to go for lunch, and pontang civics talk. After coming back from lunch, it was around 2 plus, and the civics talk was going for about half an hour. Heard from insiders a talk was given by some doctor, and so there was a small quiz.

Doctor" Can desmond goh from CG 30 please stand up and answer this question?"

Well, of course everybody looked around, and guess what, nobody stood up. Why? apparently desmond goh is slacking in the stage under LT1, haiz, tomorrow sure kena kan by my freaking civics tutor again. Ma de, how fucking suay can u get, out of about 800 people, that whatever doctor has to call mine, and get me into trouble.

Haiz, so i thought i would be super off form in billiard, but luckily i was quite good, managed to beat 2 seniors and almost had a chance to win the president. Anyway, he was too zai lar, i on form he off form also can beat me, ya but i'll train hard, hahaha. He also teached me how to break, next time gonna try it when i play pool. So tired, haven finish my tutorials, jialat, tomorrow sure kena kan again. Woo hoo, they like to kan marists i realised. Everyone trying to act guai, but its alright, i'll just be natural, and see what comes...hahahaha