Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Ah nyung ha se yo...

Back from korea a couple of days ago, rest for a few days, then now about time to blog about my trip.

Generally the people there are very nice, i think they are much nicer than Singaporeans. In my 7 days there, i never met someone who left a bad impression on me, machiam no pai kia one. Then i think they are more compassionate and very patriotic. There was this news where a kid was throwing stone down his house, then hit another kid who later died because of it. The mother took all her money, mind you she was quite poor, and gave it to the victim's family as a form of compensation. The victim's family rejected it, and asked her to use the money to raise her kid.

Tell me, do you seriously think Singaporeans can do that? I think you kill the kid liao, before you reach your home the lawyer's letter already in the letter box.

Anyway, my tour group quite sad, alot of aunties, only 3 guys including me, then the most chio girl is probably the tour leader, SMU student. Next time go university can do this part time, can travel then still got allowance, although abit only.

The scenery there very nice, alot of mountains to climb, then their tourist attraction is really countless man. I was wondering how singapore survive in the tourist industry, Fort canning park? What the hell.

Go korea, 1 thing is to see chio bu. At first quite disappointed, cause never see any. Then the last few days approach the city then see some not bad de, but overall super chio one only got 1 or 2. Then heard the guide say chio bu all in North Korea, chui man, go there later tio radioactive substance enter body.

Learned quite alot about koreans in this trip, a very independent group of people. Very impressed with their military, though they share the same airport as those commercial airlines. When landing i saw a few F16s parking there, ahaha. Then their police damn cool also, if i was a korean confirm go join police, martial arts confirm damn zai, plus got sunglasses to wear for their image.

Intersting tour, different from what i totally imagined about koreans,and they have some wonderful spa places. The one i went to got 6 different spas then still got 1 cold bath, then got outdoor spa, then got 3 saunas, plus 1 sleeping room. Wah i go inside for about 2 hours, haha shiok.

Alot of pictures, don'tknow where to post them, will find a way though.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Nothing to do...

This few days have been used to play JX2 online with thia and bear. I think if i continue at this rate for another week, i can backpack china without any problem, from wudang shan go down to xiangyang, then pass through lingbao mountain to shaolin. Quite a fun game, especially when you have friends to train with you.

Back from genting a week ago, but was very lazy to blog about it, nothing much really, went there to enjoy the weather and SLEEP.

Yesterday went kayaking with my brothers, quite fun man, didn't get to see them for quite some time, so time to gather. Alot of jokes going along, guessed i missed out on quite alot of things.

Don't feel like elaborating, haha genting pictures will be up soon, let the pictures do the talking...