Tuesday, March 27, 2007

2 more weeks...

"I don't wanna close my eyes. I don't wanna fall asleep cause i miss you baby, and i don't wanna miss a thing. Cause even when i dream of you, the sweetest dream will never do cause i miss you baby, and i don't wanna miss a thing..."

Serve the country they say, armagedon i say.

Haha, clock ticking tocking, slowly but surely as usual. 2 more weeks before i enter Tekong, and i quote, from weixiang, " to search for new inspiration and fresh ideas, from the lovely small island", situated at changi++. Since we got to take a ferry to the exact destination. Changi seems so freaking fffffffffaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrr.

Watched Mr. Bean some day, can't remember when though. It's been a while since i took note of the day that passed, or is currently passing. Well that's gotta change soon, can imagine myself striking off away 5 weekdays every week, and calendar facing my wrath after every single weekday has passed. Of course, the first 2 weeks confinement will mean that i would amputate away april from the calendar.

Anyway, Bean was quite funny, and retarded of course, contradictory to my sister comments of "bu hao xiao de Mr bean". Guessed there's a generation gap there, every movie that i thought was nice was translated to not nice in her brains, oh well, you can't figure out what the young are thinking nowadays, as my mother always say.

Facing the sun's wrath after i went to sentosa on sunday. Bloody freaking wrong decision to go there. Blistering hot sun, i don't think we need a "sunshine" movie to destroy the world, that kind of sun on the weekends can easily take half the world down. Now have to wait awhile for a change in skin, damn it.

Oh yeah, glad to add that i am finally done with all the scholarship thing, quite irritating when the documents are lying all over. What i can do, i have done. I think it would be quite tricky to actually obtain that scholarship, oh well, let nature take its course. Hopefully can, but if i can't, i won't be losing to much sleep over it, just over the money.

Continuing with my journeys in krynn, now at the tower of palanthas, and just as my title of my blog suggest, the gates opened for the master of the past and the present. Don't you just love raist? Haiz, really wished everything in this world was so simple. If you're not evil, then you're good. Of course, and the neutrals who strive to restore the balance. I want to use magic! Maybe with my character, i may end up like raistlin as well, walking down the path to become the greatest of all. What great writers, margaret and tracy, salute them.

On a more random note, damn all the ah bengs in the world, especially those that keep on pestering others. Ta ma de.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

movie and movie and movie....

The whole week practically filled with movies. Friday i watched stomp the yard, pretty nice dance moves here and there. But the snakes and wolves thingy were pretty lame and childish. Expected nicer dancing than just some clapping all over the body, but overall it was quite ok, only that the BGR part was damn boring. I can't understand why they need to add that in movies that's about dancing. You got served had about the same storyline, can't remember though.

Saturday watched music and lyrics, quite a sweet movie, nice songs and everything, the plot quite cute also. The retro song is the best though, hahaa oldies my favourite.

Sunday watched Happily N'ever After, ya very very nice, and cute. No choice man people do read my blog you know HAHA. I think the mambo very cute, always talk rubbish. Not really for kids i think, i don't think they get most of the jokes.

Yesterday met up with thia, and we watched 300. Inspiring movie, nice fighting and everything. I especially liked the killing part, so skilled and they coordinate so well together. Really is enjoyed watching those enemies getting slaughtered. Then read the newspaper today, Iranian talking about the movie being a propaganda.

Seriously, what rubbish.

Music and lyrics there was a part they used the buddha statue for the crap dancing and dressing so indecently. DID ANYONE COMPLAIN?? Although i felt offended, but then it's just a movie. Understand the words it's just a movie? Nobody is saying anything, i think they really nothing to do.

Should be going down to NUS tmr, submit my scholarship documents, see how it goes ba. Another 2 weeks before i get enlisted...OMG..haha

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Mahjong, casino..BADDD

Just recently came back from my cruise trip to phuket and penang. This time, it was purely a gambling trip, instead of the sleep eat sleep eat kind of trip.

First night already got summoned to the mahjong room to play my first 2 rounds of mahjong. At first sweating, because they were playing 50 cent 1 dollar, zhi mo another $3, and gang is $3 $6. The stakes were pretty high, for my standard, so could only get use to the stakes after awhile.

Mahjong was on almost everyday, so i clocked abt 7 8 rounds of mahjong experience on this trip. A rewarding process, earned $40 at the end, but lost 110 on the last day as i really did not want to play, but was forced anyway. Got used abit to guarding people, trying to guess the cards they want and need. Still at the amateur level, but at least its better than before i went up the cruise. So darrell ong you better watch out. LOL

Other than that i went in to casino for a stroll. Haha end up helping my aunties to cut the cards, then in the end losing streak changed to winning streak. Most of them recover their losses, and went on to win money, so i guessed its good. One of my auntie won quite alot, then give me 700 as "commission". Well i guessed how the term "hard earned money" came about.

On a more serious note, it is quite sad to see them so obsessed with gambling. It's like addicted to drugs, maybe something more serious than that. That's why i was abit reluctant to accept the "commission". If i don't accept it, it may seem like i'm arrogant or something like that, then if i accept it, it seems like the responsibility of them winning or losing lies on me. Anyhow, i didn't like the feeling. They adviced me never to gamble, and i guess i probably will never indulge in it. Mathematically they ALWAYS have the advantage, the only thing to turn the tables on them is luck, and how lucky can you get week in week out. One day you are bound to lose, and as they play on your greed, you are bound to lose big.

Guess the gambling genes runs in the family. I like to gamble, dai dee, mahjong etc etc, but i gamble for fun, for laughter. Them, they gamble for money, or in some extreme cases, they gamble because they want to gamble, so even if they win, they still wanna go on, can't get themselves to stop.

Penang was ok, didn't really get to shop much, only got to eat all the penang food, as good as ever. We went to the temple to pray, then went back to my er yi house. After that rushed back to cruise because of my mother's surgical wound bleeding. Today went for checkup again, results should be out on wednesday, hope it's positive. Going through another surgery is quite scary, especially when someone who goes in that door, someone you know, someone related to you. As the door closes, however slim it is, there's this chance you won't be able to see him or her again.

The next day went to phuket, went to the temple, light up some firecrackers. After went to some ulu shopping centre, and bought nothing. In the end can only wait for the last stop, a quite big shopping centre like carrefour. Bought a cheap jeans, i like the jeans there. Looked for it for quite long, because don't know why there's an influx of branded jeans, but in the end found what i was looking for.

THE SACRED 199 BAHT TAG, equivalent to
Anyhow choose a normal jeans colour then try, must as tight as possible, because wash liao will become quite loose. Thinking what my cousin say is true also, who cares your jeans what brand, your tuck out shirt also cover the brand. damn true.

Then went to pia the singlets, only take a few, and starting to regret that i didn't take more. Chose for mh too, since he quite like the singlet. After that buy a addidas shorts, $17. Ok lor, then went back le. Same on board routine again, then after that reach home le.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Don't disrupt karen now...

Haha, don't know why suddenly so emotional.

Days where laughing becomes increasingly difficult. Times where you hope everything else keeps quiet, with only soothing music in both your mind and your heart.

As my title suggests, i'm listening to carpenters now. I think her voice damn unique, really can feel the effect. Quite cruel that she was robbed of her life, when she could have touched many more with her music. Then again on the bright side, her legacy still remains...

Bored, going cruise later in the afternoon, seriously don't feel like going. I can already imagine my activities. Sleep, sleep, sleep. Maybe i bring some shorts go there jog, maybe i can run better when facing the sea.

Will be back on wednesday, until then, may all readers stay safe. May paladine walk with you...

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Dark horse of the century..

As you can see, the title of this post says it all, still cannot really believe i was capable of this kinda results. I can't really remember what really happen that time.

All i remembered was...

"05S9A, Ian Chan."

Then i was there clapping, talking with one of my classmates and closer friends at the back together with chun boon, commenting that ian as usual, going up the stage regularly throughout our 2 years.

I was telling my classmate " Ian arh, always damn pro, zai lor go up again, you..."

"05S9A, Desmond Goh"

*he stares at me, 5s went by..*

Chun Boon then said "call you leh."

I turn around and reply him "call me arh..."

Then my classmate already pushing me out of the backdoor liao, could hear my FM teacher who was sitting behind asking me to faster go up collect.

Ran by the outside to the front, ian was already signing his name to acknowledge getting the results. I went up, and the principal ask me what name. Reply le he gave me the slip, then of course is mai tu liao, check name and IC see correct anot first. Confirm correct liao then smile at him, still take 1 picture, don't know for what.

After that go out talk to ian, wondering how much luck we had to get such results. Haha, can still remember the many mistakes we made during our Post Exam Checks. After that went to thank our subject teachers, then chit chat awhile with my classmates and then bid our farewell, most probably won't be seeing them as regularly as we were in schools.

Happy to see my parents so happy, but sad to see those who didn't do well.

Now few days after, dust has already settled, must concentrate and focus on the upcoming match tmr. Clean nice finish, that's all i want.

Lately not doing much, but hoping to get my fitness up to prepare for the approaching NS. Rejected a data entry job that candy jie jie offered me, as i have no idea what course i want to take.

Set up a Sunrise Club with darrell ong, because i've been watching the sunrise online with him daily in australia time. Anyone care to join?

Then there's katherine, wanting a piece of the action here, by declaring she's bored. And again, the msn sound ring through the whole room, accompanied by the 2 words "damn bored". I also bored, super free but damn annoyed by the constant thoughts "what course should i take?"

Really getting quite irritating, hope i sort it out soon. Give 1 mth only also don't know what to do, hope the openhouse will provide some insights to what i wanna do. Haiz...