Thursday, September 30, 2004

The Last Samurai

So today, i had nothing to do, then i realised i could spend the next 2 hours catching up with the movies that i had missed during my secondary 4 life. I went to my father room, took out the original The Last Samurai disc which i bought but didn't get to watch, and played it.
Well, after finished watching the movie, scenes were flashing pass my mind even when i was studying. This story depicts the reality of life, how people either adapt or lose out. One group, however, refuse to succumb and stand up for what they believed-the samurais. From young, i was fascinated with swords, and i have comed to adore samurais too. They may look cool, which may appeal to other people, but it is their character that i truly admire - discipline, loyalty, honour. Bushido, the way of the samurai, they follow by this code and therefore transcend over the fear of death. The irony was the samurais were fighting against the imperial army, which meant, Japanese VS Japanese. They were killing their own kind, which is a sad thing to see. Eventually, all the samurais were killed and the leader, before he died did the harakiri, a ceremony whereby the swordsmen cut his abdomen with his own sword. It was a very touching moment, they died without fear, and died with honour. The soldiers in the army then bowed with respect after every single one of them died( of course Tom Cruise didn't die).
I was deeply touched, and i felt like it would be an honour to fight alongside and die with them. I wonder in my past life was i one of them, having no fear of death, fighting alongside these warriors. The pity was that emperor did not dare to go against the council then, but after the samurais death, he stood up and did what was right. Another lesson learnt, never take your friends and families for granted.
Haizzz...I'm so affected by the movie. Sadly the world has now changed, people either fight for wealth, or for fame. If given a chance, i would rather die a honourable death. Although the era of the samurais has ended, their spirit still lives on, and it will not vanish with time. Some people may think the movie is boring, but it is the plot that is nice, depicting the life and code of a samurai. I don't think I can sleep tonight after watching the movie. Imagine living in that century, well, maybe i am one of those warriors lying dead on the battlefield. Suddenly, i didn't think the Japanese are that bad afterall. I salute the samurais, and hope their spirit will live on forever.

Sunday, September 12, 2004


movie marathon? sports marathon? NO. Instead, study marathon. Yesterday sort of studied for 12 hours, probably the most in my life. Anyway, prelims starts tomorrow. However, i do not have the "pre exams" symtoms. I don't wanna think about the aftermath, I don't want to think what's at stake, but it just appear out of nowhere, making me pissed and nervous at the same time. 70%, is that alot? I guessed so, but i was demoralised by the other 30%, with a L1R5 of 24. Seriously, i don't see myself in any JC for the first 3 months.
Any pre exam feelings? Of course. I hoped that it would be all over soon, and how, i don't think I'm prepared at all. Well, i did study, but I can't remember anything now, maybe that's got something to do with confidence.
Anyway, this few days a lot of countries are experiencing the power of nature, e.g. charles. Hurricanes and typhoons are raging all around the world like they owned it. Well, they do owned it, and because we humans are out to destroy it. Haiz... recently so many ppl are out to destroy it. Another example, in Tioman, they gonna build a 18m marina or sth like that smack in the middle of some natural forest or sth like that. Imagine how many animals or plants are going to adapt or go., heard there are 20 over endangered species. Prelims tomorrow, expect more paper to be used, more trees to be chopped down. I would laugh if there's no more oxygen in the world, because some ppl just like to burn and use papers like there's no end to it. Back to studying, hope i can do well for this prelims, or i"m seriously deadd.

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

About me.

So this is some conclusion about me, from some internet quiz, with credits to elsa.

Since you were a child you have felt you could not just be yourself and be loved. You had to earn your love in some way by being or doing something special. You are far more self-protective than most people realize. Your best love partners are also work partners.

You need to be close and you need to be free. This is a major life conflict which has always created complications for you in close personal relationships. One manifestation of this may be a tendency to pursue the unavailable or the unreliable.

Power struggles plague your relationships. Either you become the dominant partner out of a fear of being controlled or you become very passive, controlling indirectly through guilt or manipulation. Your father may have been emotionally abusive to you.

You are assertive without being overly aggressive and usually go after what you want with confidence and enthusiasm. You enjoy sex and your partners tend to be dynamic, successful people. Your natural energy and moxie is usually sexually interesting to others.

Your sense of humor is one of your outstanding qualities. It usually manifests as a rather wry wit. Anyone you're close to must share this sense of irony. You probably have a special talent or an absorbing interest. Your closest ties are likewise involved.

You're not awfully good at being disagreed with. You delve into matters, think them through thoroughly and expect your conclusions to be universally shared. Flexibility is not your strong suit. No one should try to lie to you or keep things from you. Somehow you ferret out others' secrets although you keep your own.

You have a quality people trust and you are often sought after as a confidante or an advisor. You have high moral and ethical standards and it is imperative that anyone you're close to is a person of the highest integrity. You prefer well-educated people.

Well, can see some very true points, but some of them never go and reflect on before, so ya, please comment.

Monday, September 06, 2004

wassup with all these tourists?

All right, there's another thing to complain about once again, this time, abit of geography is involved. So these so called relatives from France come to Singapore as tourists, and to visit their father, which is my father's big brother. Well, I don't feel very close to them, and of course, didn't give a damn about them. Thus, my poor uncle, which is their father, had to ferry them around like someone working in the tertiary industry, and buying clothes and shoes and everything for them. At that instant, he don't look like a father, instead, he looked like a slave to them.
No wonder, there are so many negative impacts of tourism. I resented their carefree spending attitude, who cares if they are rich, but they are spending the hard earned money from taxi driving of my uncle. I began to hate them, and who cares if both are my so called cousins. I would bash them up if given the chance, so what if your size is equivalent to rikishi, i would crush you all the same.
Anyway, after spending few hundred at dinner to entertain them, they went home, thank buddha, but that was not the end. Recently, they called back and asked for some chinese books as presents, and it cost a hefty $720. Then my uncle is willing to buy it and send it to Paris for them. First of all, you bastards and bitches from Paris, please use your fucking brains and think, afterall, he is your father, and you expect him to buy such stuff for you when he's driving a taxi for a living? Please, looks to me that you didn't inherit the chinese traditional values before you immigrate. Secondly, if 40 pieces of DVD can let you learn chinese, then let me tell you, chinese would not be called a subject, much less a language.
Therefore, my message to you is: Use your own fucking money to go learn chinese at some language centre and get lost. From what i see, we don't need such tourists roaming around Singapore, and definitely, for their case, tourism can't seem to be any form of education as they are still the same old spoiled brats. Mark my words- I would kick both your freaking asses if you give me a reason to, and of courseyou would have tocontribute most of your money to our medical sector.

Sunday, September 05, 2004

what is love...?

All right, so i did not intend to post any more entry, but seeing so many many things happen this few days, I just wanted to voice my opinion in this matter, please don't take it to heart if this entry offended you in any way, just my opinion.
So, on that fateful day, can't remember when, school was as normal, then came the news. i turned back, and heard"eh dgoh, you know your hao peng you break liao?" Haizzz...obviously i don't, cause i seldom bother myself with other people's businesses. Then came a detailed explaination of all the factors leading up to the breakup. At first, it was Justin post on the 29th of August talking about his own opinion on cs and cheryl. I shall not talk about the content in that entry and yes, it does not contain anything good. So, cheryl happened to read that entry, and apparently got very mad, and broke with cs.
Ok, you can guessed what happened afterwards. From an outsider point of view, I can understand how both parties feel. On one hand, i think the biggest factor is because of the gang's pressure on the supposedly loving couple. I can sense it, everytime we go out, there's always bound to be someone talking about cs and his so called meeting lifestyle. Well, sometimes they sound like they are joking, but apparently, cheryl don't think its funny. On the other hand, the mindset i got from the gang was that cheryl was too sensitive and over-reacting. Well, i still can't come to a solid conclusion who is wrong or right, even if i got one, i won't be disclosing it but definitely, I think the real victim is cs. Yes, he had to handle the pressure from the gang, always accusing him of meeting and making him an outcast(I must say I contributed to it too), and also hear the complaints of his girlfriend. In the end, they broke up, cheryl ending up angry, the gang think that it's funny, but the real victim, the only one who could feel the pain was cs. Maybe i was wrong, maybe he felt relieved after this relationship was over, but this, only cs know.
After the breakup of cheryl and cs, then attention came to cl and michelle. Their relationship was getting worst too, because of the so called propaganda by cheryl. I don't really know much, until today when i heard that they too, have broken up. I knew it was a matter of time. You can't love a guy and your sister hates them and his group of friends. I really can understand if she wanted to break, but I was disappointed about the remarks after they broke up. "jolly well tell him to go and die if he wants", I mean, why can't they remain friends even after break up, or just leave it as it is, take it like nothing happened. Instead, she chose to say such remarks, which would inevitably add more pain to cl. Now, i heard rumours that cl said he wanted to die, and judging from his character, even if he did not die, he would have attempted to. So afterwards, when he is dead, would you kneel at his funeral and sob? Even if you do, it would be useless, he won't come back. If you don't, can you live your life with your head held high? I mean, you just indirectly caused someone to take his own life. Therefore, i sincerely hoped that you could take back your words.
For justin, i don't really know much but heard that he also attempted to take his own life. Haiz...why man why? Don't torture yourself, there's still a long way to go, it is not the end of the world. Anyway, we must all learn to kan4 kai1 a bit, dying won't solve anything. Once again, i would like to stress that i am in no way trying to offend anyone, that's all i guess, i hope this entry would help all those involved.

the holidays begin.

So, term 3 has ended, and prelim is 1 week away, and what have i done? Nothing. Anyway, went for ss lessons today, almost overslept and i should have done that, with our beloved ss teacher mrs chee starting lessons at 9, when she told us 8, and of course, everyone was pissed at her. After lesson, i missed the fun part, some of my classmates, one of them John(real name not disclosed to protect their identity), went up to the top floor, and there it was, the money meant for our swimming pool. Yes, he used the money for our swimming pool and modified it into a smaller version, "the legendary jacuzzi". It has been a centre of speculation for marists since Brother Anthony friendster account was set up, and it all came to an end as it was confirmed today. Of course, to those who don't believe me, there are evidences, i would post the picture up if I can for all of you all to see.
After that, i went home, and saw something which i dread to see. There, on The Straits Times lay the headlines "Russian Siege End In Bloodshed". Damn it, all this while, i have been stressing for world peace, but i don't see any. First, conflict arises after justin posted his own feeling on his own blog and somebody who wasn't meant to see it saw it. Now, this. I mean, what's up with all those rebels. I don't see the Ming Sect people taking hostages and demanding the government to give up the throne. If they think the government is ineffective, they should just do it the legal way, or they could just do any way they want, and just don't involve the innocents, but they just have to do it. Anyway, shame on you rebels, you would have gain my respect if you did something more honourable instead of hiding behind the back of small kids. So, i'm not exactly sure about the exact casualties, but heard about 400 died? Imagine the pain and anguish, and of course, the pressure Mr Putin would be under.
Well, the holidays begin, but a tragic end to russian siege. haizzzzz...what's this world becoming into? My condolences to all those parents and family who lost their loved ones. Of course including the family of those rebels, I pity you because your father or husband or whatever just doesn't know how to think and died for nothing, bringing with him or her so many innocent lives.