Sunday, December 30, 2007

Don't blame me i was starting to get pissed...

Sui la, apparently got damn bored and ta da, created myself to play. Hahaha sometimes i just hate myself, finishing 16 still can't score goals. DAMN

Wow, resolution time..

Seems like this place had been long abandoned, just like how the tower of palanthas was closed by the black mage when he used his life to cursed the beautiful tower into a wretched hideous building, until of course, the master came back and reclaim it.

2007, it may seemed slow at times, but looking back, it's like flying at F1 speed. I could still remember my reflection on the 2006, with the highlight being the concert of robin gibbs, and the surprisingly good results.

Anyway time to look back on the year 2007, undoubtedly the highlight, and unfortunately is my enlistment to the BEST and MOST EFFICIENT workforce in Singapore. From then on went through what every guy in Singapore will and went through. Fast Forwarddd.................

8 months into service, can't say achieved much, but learnt quite alot during this period. Of course, there was the dark period where my mother underwent operation for her cancer and the long recovering process that was required. She's much better, but still a long way to becoming fully healed. Therefore my first wish for 2008 is for her to become completely healthy again.

Resolution time, 2008, quite a few things i wanna do. Firstly is to thoroughly enjoy myself in New Zealand, can forsee a good trip ahead, and hope it turns out to be. However shag i may get, i shall hold on til R & R.

Next would be my first time running a full marathon, hopefully can complete it, which is like fulfilling 1 of my life's goal. There's no better time to do it when you have a full year to play around with. After that hope the momentum will carry on for the end of year standard chartered marathon.

Guess that's the most pressing matters on my mind at the moment. Wishes will still be the same, safe and sound, stay happy always, and you la, so frustrating.

hahaha would i ever be? i wonder....

Sunday, December 09, 2007

line phobia...

This few weeks are passing by so antagonisingly slow, can't take it already. What seems like years, had actually only been weeks. Every week is quite routine, go outfield, get fucked, then go home.


Anyway, went to play mahjong yesterday at darrell house. Its been quite a while since i touched mahjong, got abit rusty. Lost abit, but won most of it back in the end, lost $2. Quite a small game, although there were many big doubles everywhere.

After that went for supper, then dou feng to harbourfront. I wan a license too, think i should go australia take, sounds easy. Hahaha.

Reached home at around 330, and saw the news that liverpool lost. Haiz, from what i hear and see, liverpool were unlucky to lose by a 3-1 margin. Referee once again, at the centre of the controversy, useless piece of shits, mistakes after mistakes, cannot make it.

It's ok, critics feel free to write us off, most of the sports journalist and analyst talk crap anyway, wonder why so many ppl read and still believe the rubbish they write.

Gotten a cold, weather has been bloody weird today, think i should take a nap.