Sunday, March 05, 2006

Cruise, once again...

Friday went up to cruise once again, this time it was to watch my all time idol 高凌风. The first night was a typical night for regulars for me. I went for dinner at the restaurant, then went back to cabin and sleep. Haha, slept for about 3 4 hours, then after that couldn't sleep already. Then asked my father to go drinking, since there was another $100 voucher. This time i chose something different, wine from spain and some never drank before de, which didn't taste too bad afterall.

My father met up with some of his friends, then invited them to join us, since it was 3 bottles and only 2 persons. They were smoking half the time, only me and my father drinking away. In the end i realised after all the socialising that they were the sisters of Mona Koh, something like that. Remember Newpaper, the mamasan who got shot and was paralyse by the bullet? Yeah her, considered famous i guess, since she made it to the paper, but i wouldn't wanna get famous in this way, quite tragic really, enduring the pain everyday every night.

After the drinks i finally got sleepy, and slept til next morning. I was the first to wake up, so went to have dim sum at the restaurant, then went back to cabin, and back to sleep. When i awoke, it was lunch already, so yeah, went to eat again, living a pig's life. After that went to do abit of my physics, abit scary that i was so sucky at the subject. I was quite pissed though, cause can't seemed to do any of the TYS questions, sad case really.

Struggling for quite awhile, then decided that enough was enough, so went for sauna to chill and relax. The cold bath was forever chilling, but this time it was only 6 degrees, jumped in and out, no more than that.

Then it was time for the bbq dinner, nothing much this time, so didn't really eat much. It was showtime after that, and my idol was his usual self, entertaining the crowd as usual, teaching people how to play baccarat. "you qian bu du, dui bu qi fu mu"(got money don't gamble, let ur parents down), ahaha, very funny, then he said another even more funnier phrase. "du guang shu guang, wei guo zeng guang" (gamble away all your money, bring glory to the country).

After the show i went up to the deck, it was unusual really, because it was a cloudless night, the stars were so damn bright in the sky. It was the first time i could clearly look up the sky and see the stars shining so brightly, amazing.

There wasn't much to do afterwards, so i went back to cabin, and watch snooker on tv, shaun murphy VS steven maguire, basically 2 noobs on the snooker table, alot of mistakes here and there, but i guess no one can play as well as our current no.1, nicknamed the rocket, ronnie O' Sullivan. 1 mistake, and he'll take the set, as simple as that.

It was sleep after that, and when i woke up, the ship was back in Singapore, time passed so fast, haha, partly because half the time i was sleeping, but well, it was nice watching my idol perform on stage once again. This time i didn't go into the casino, partly because there were damn many smokers, not that i'm discriminating, but the last time i almost choked to death because of the smoke. The bigger part is because gambling is not good, and because a particular someone doesn't like it also.

Ok enough of the words, sounds so boring too, i shall bring out the pictures. Actually intended to do a virtual tour of the cruise, but my sister's camera low on battery, spoiler man, i only managed to cover the cabin part. Enjoy!


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