Friday, March 10, 2006

10 weeks gone...

It has been a while, and the 1 week break is a relief really. This past 10 weeks have been mugging like hell, and now i'm truly tired of it. Glad i can take a little break now and then before the new term begins.

I wouldn't really call it a break, but a day at home is also considered a break. Just that i can mug 24/7 at home instead of only less than a quarter of it. The block test is near, and i'm having no feel, when there's no feel you can't perform. Let's analyse this, maths 9233, i've developed a phobia of this crap subject, its so unlike the E and A maths during my secondary school days. I think it's just a mental problem, must have confidence in my answers, anyway its 9233 rite, its suppose to be easy. 6 marks a few steps enough already, no need to check for any traps in the question.

Then there's F maths, its hell really, i'm not catching any balls in mechanics, neither am i catching any in statistics. In the end i almost failed my PROBABILITY test, yeah the sec 4 topic. I confused myself with binomial, poisson and geometric distribution, when its just simple addition of different cases. Bloody hell, that's what happens when i do too many tutorials before hand.

Chemistry wise, it's just 3/4 of the organic chemistry syllabus, plus an ionic equilibrium. Getting a B and C is seriously no problem, but after looking at those people collect their A level results, i have to reflect abit. I am an A student man, except for the language part of course, and i'm not scoring any As in their pathetic exams, really hopeless degrading to this kind of level. There's alot of work to be done no doubt, guess i have to keep persevering.

Then to physics, which there is nothing much to be said, i'm way way behind, and realistically, i won't except an A in the A level for my physics, even though the exam is a couple of months away. The best is to get a B i hope, must put in more effort in my physics, can't remember the last time i did a tutorial.

Then there's my favourite subject GP. Still on the 38th parallel of the final score, guess 50% of it depends on my luck, and until i figure out how to write a bloody stupid essay to convince those people, it'll stay this way. Life as an A level student ain't easy, and it ain't fun at all...

Looking forward to sunday, get some match fitness with my fellow mates, should be getting a new squad number, 18. Can't think of any players with that squad number, but nevermind, my parents will love it since they yearn for a natural 9 everytime they go into the casino.


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