Monday, March 20, 2006

Newcastle VS Liverpool

This was by far the most positive game from the last 3 games that liverpool played. Against Arsenal we were poor, and we were somewhat lucky to be able to win 5-1 against fulham, but the performance against Newcastle was simply superb.

I must say at the beginning, when i saw crouch face at the dug-out, i was very unhappy. Although not 100% fit, fowler i felt should start in the game, because of the 2 "world class" centre backs that Newcastle possess, therefore i felt that it would be better attacking through the centre, instead of relying on crosses to crouch.

However, after the first 10 mins, i concede defeat. I got to hand it to the boss man, the formation was simply wonderful, full of movement and the back 5 was as solid as usual, though they had problems with the offside trap, it was good considering it was their first game in that formation. The formation? 5-4-1. Sounds like a team going for a draw eh, well think again. Warnock and kromkamp, both constantly running down the flanks, and that becomes 3-6-1. Then there's our kewell and cisse on the left and right flank respectively, drifting in to collect the ball at the centre of the park, that makes it 3-4-3, and the free role of gerrard, wonderful.

I always thought this formation would be perfect for england, but liverpool applied it very well. The first goal was a nice cross from kromkamp to crouch, slightly in between the 2 defenders, and to be fair crouch got nothing much to do, except to nod it into the net.

My favourite was the 2nd goal, garcia with the ball and gerrard running into space, garcia sprays the ball to cisse, and he picks up gerrard. Gerrard with a delightful cushioned header to crouch, who then returned the ball to him, and gerrard simply slot it into the back of the net.

However Newcastle kept themselves in the game with a free header, as i've said the back 5 needs more practise yet. I was feeling quite nervous at the start of the 2nd half, but boumsong presents us with a gift. Mimicking what david james did a day ago, he improvised it better and mis kick the ball, then crouch proceeded with the 1 on 1, to be fouled by boumsong, well early bath for him.

Cisse scored from the spot, but truthfully i wasn't very impressed with his attitude, going on to provoke the newcastle fans, i mean what the hell, he need to learn the world "respect". The boss would surely have a talk with him man, but anyway, i think his time is up.

So back to reality, and to school, horrendous exam today, i can't imagine how i pass my GP. The composition was simply disastrous for me. I'll show you the format for a compo.

1. Intro
2. Thesis
3. Point 1
4. Point 2
5. Point 3
6. Point 4
7. Point 5
8. Conclusion

Then i'll show you what i did.

1. Intro
2. Thesis
3. Point 1
4. Point 2 ( At this point i am not feeling any link at all, so back to thesis)
2. Thesis (and so on...)

What the hell, how can i pass like that man, comprehension was relatively easy, until when i finished the paper.

Me" Walan eh like quite easy the compre.."
Classmate 1" knn difficult leh..."
Classmate 2" Ya lor, simi lan jiao multiculturalism..."

This type of scenario happens all the time, and i usually fail in the end. Haiz, but over le so i don't care. Tomorrow is the crucial day for me, it will determine whether the block test is a success or a failure, stress man. I shall now go all out gung ho now, can't afford to fail tomorrow...


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