Sunday, March 26, 2006

Merseyside Derby...

After the game, i concluded, Liverpool is strong enough without stevie G on the pitch, which means we could play 10 man in Anfield and get away with the win. If we had the 11th man and stevie G included, we would have been invincible.

Last night game was important to all the reds and blues fans, considering that the stadiums are just a walk away. Everton started the game well, and things were not looking well when our skipper got sent off, but well i thought the referee was ridiculous, rules are dead, and humans are not. This is a derby man, and considering the passion fans have about football, how can he give yellow cards like a student asking countless questions because he skipped lecture.

I thought it didn't look good when stevie got sent off, liverpool were not playing particularly well, but apparently they woke up from the card, and with a little bit of luck and superb finishing, phil neville put it into the net for us! HAHA, i was laughing like mad, man utd player turned evertonian, hahahaha, it made a real lot of fans happy.

The 2nd goal was nice too, garcia made it looked easy with the header on and lob, but it was really the screwed up defence of everton, thank you very much. Everton then got back into the game with a tim cahill header, but thanx again to van der meyde for his elbow tackle, red card and bye bye.

Kewell then sealed off the game with a wonderful strike from outside the penalty box, beautiful.
Alonso and Sissoko was equivalent to 4 man, protecting the back 4 superbly, crouch and garcia doing their part upfront, causing problems for the everton defence.

Man of the match? I would say its a joint award to both Neville and Stevie G. Stevie G because his sending off woke the team up, and i believed that liverpool were losing the battle with 11 man, so yeah, a sending off was a positive sign this time round.

Neville because, well he's an ex utd player, a present everton, and he loved liverpool that much to help score a superb goal from the alonso corner, great job dude! HAHAHA


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