Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Arsenal vs Liverpool

Well, its time to talk about the last fixture at highbury, counting down to the new loser stadium, Emirates stadium. I think its quite ridiculous really, giving up the rights of the name of the stadium to fund it. Can't help it i guess, growing trend in the footballing world, everyone obssessed with money. Anyway Arsenal also ain't a british club, considering the no. of foreign players they have.

Anyway, i almost puked when i saw the lineup for the Liverpool team. Everything from the defence to the midfield was good, then peter crouch? I could like predict what was going to happen. That was a very very stupid mistake by Benitez, if he wanted to play football, he should put someone like morientes or fowler in, not crouch and sending long balls to him for him to lose it.

The first goal was superb, no complaints about it, after that it was almost arsenal all the way, although liverpool tried to match them for their movement of the ball. Crouch was losing ball ALL the time, and nobody was supporting him, except for the occasional runs of steven gerrard.

2nd half came, and liverpool leveled with abit of luck. Then i thought we may be able to win the game because arsenal was starting to panick. Then the man of the match, decided to send off alonso because he slipped and fouled a arsenal defender. What kind of fucker is he man seriously, and i just realised he is not doing anything to change that decision. He can go to hell man, doing things against his own conscience. Rot in hell dude.

Then gerrard made a mistake in the last 5 mins of the game and when it fell to henry, there was only going to be 1 result. I kinda felt sad for him, cause he was arguably the better player for the whole game, trying to inject some hope into the team. However its a stupid mistake really, but well, if you do the same thing and the ball fell to crouch, i can guarantee he can't score.

The referees for the game were very poor this time round. Not only for the sending off, but also for the numerous offsides given, when the arsenal players were clearly on side. This type of big matches with such lousy officials, stupid crap.

After a 8 month assessment of peter crouch, i deem him a squad member in the liverpool team, but he does not deserve a starting place in the liverpool team in every game. He provides support, but more often than not he does not. His heading ability is very, very poor, good control of the ball, but can't bring it down fast enough. I'm starting to feel he's not worth the 7m, although the worth for money part still goes to cisse.

The back 4 ain't stable this time round, i believed is because of hyypia being toss into the team for a big match so far after just recovering from an injury. Guess they are tired by now with their 50th game of the season.

I'm starting to hate the media though, a bunch of crap who thinks they can analyst football better than the top managers in the football business. I'm referring to their suggestion on which player should be sold, then went on to name 7 players from the liverpool team. Where was the lists for these people when we were on our record 11th consecutive cleansheet? All these people just know how to talk and talk, when their ability is only like, singaporean standard.

No wonder footballers hate these people so much, they are just talking nonsense, so i guess next time i shall not read the newspaper too much, polluting the mind with their crappy stuff. Benitez was right, football ain't just about 1 game, but everyone in the media thinks so.


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