Friday, December 31, 2010

gone with the wind

And i've officially moved, in fact i've moved for a very long time, just didn't want to disclose it here, and i doubt anyone comes in here anymore.

Happy 2011 people and this place shall be the keeper of memories during the period where i forged many bonds with many others...

Saturday, June 20, 2009

*looks back*

It's been such a long time that i've neglected this place, and finally i'm back. I doubt anyone even comes here anymore.

Oh well guess i should just leave it as it is. Maybe coming back in occasionally, reminiscing. Time flies, people change, the world revolves.


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Don't buy the sun.

20 years ago this day, tragedy occured and 96 liverpool fans went to a football match and never returned home. Gone but never forgotten, you'll never walk alone.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

It's been awhile...

It felt so long since i last blogged, but it's just 1 month only. Life has been about rotting these few weeks, will attempt to work when i come back from Europe.

Anyway, some sad news, even though i'm not sure if anybody ever comes here anymore, but i'm contemplating closing down this blog. The day that i started this blog, was because of the man up there, and now, the story has come to an end after a good, probably 8 9 years. I'm not sure if i could bring myself to do it.

Dragonlance was a part of my teenage life, and it's just a shame that the stories are coming to an end, all that's left is the lost chronicles of the one and only, raistlin majere.

It has been a real pleasure entering the world of krynn. Watching Tanis and co. fight tarkhisis, then their children coming into the world, fighting chaos, then the plot of stealing the world, the appearance of Mina, and eventually her choice to become a god of neutral.

It's such a pity, that there probably won't be another book in this world that fascinates me as much as margaret weis and tracy hickman.

And so the beings of krynn went to dreamland , with the gods and the 3 moons watching over them.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009


And so, another 1 of our brother left for Australia. How time flies, the last time i remembered, it was darrell leaving like 4 years ago? It was with a heavy heart, maybe because we're were still young then, and Australia seemed like very far away.

Fast forward, and today it's cheelim's turn. Similarly, the feeling is still there, but somehow it just seem different. Australia don't sound very far and strange anymore, he seemed to be just a drive away, although we still have to fly a few hours, but he don't seem so distant at all.

Maybe as we grow, we accustom ourselves to people coming and going, and people leaving the country for a good few years are inevitable, be it schooling or working in the future. The scary part is instead of feeling sad, we feel numb, hope this doesn't happen though.

We'll definitely miss him, growing up together and having the best days of our life together, who wouldn't. Can't wait for him to come back after the short term, it'll be fun.

Thursday, January 15, 2009


Life is not all gloom afterall. AT LEAST, I GET TO FULFIL ONE OF MY DREAMS.


Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The year 2008.

Haha it's been exactly 1 month since i posted here, the last being a post from india. So here i go, looking back at the year 2008.

A year of work, or should i say fun, ok not exactly fun, but not exactly useful too, whatever la. The most place i've visited in a year. Nz in feb, which was great. Phuket in march, damn fun too. My first time stepping into HK territory in July/August? and thoroughly enjoyed myself. Then to India, which kinda suck, but its all over so looking back it doesnt suck that much. Then phuket penang again, which was very refreshing and relaxing.

Year 2009 approaches, a bad year for dragons apparently, fan tai sui, and should stop drinking/gambling, wonder what i can do, LOL. Half a year of studies await, and i'm not even sure if i could get back to mugging, it seemed so long ago. BUT FIRST, going on another few trips before school starts. Looking at Holland, taiwan/hk, shanghai, hmm still thinking whether i should pay a visit to wudang, HAHA. Have to take the financial crisis which is hitting spore soon into account. EVERYBODY HAS NO MONEY AND ITS GETTING TO ME. Maybe i'm peer pressured into being poor.

Hahaha, a boring christmas eve, i can imagine an even more boring christmas. OH WELL, MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE.