Sunday, February 19, 2006

Do you believe in posession? Lok tang...

I just came back from the home of a medium, and witnessed some stuff that could not be explained. Well it had been a while since i went there, i still remembered that mh wasn't really very convinced, and doesn't really believe the whole thing i guess.

This time there was something extra. 2 guys, 16, just finished O level i guessed, and a middle age lady came too.

At first was to get the 平安符(amulet for protection) from the medium, already in trance and he was the 三太子(third prince). He told me that i got 2 things i did that never told my parents. Haha, at first i was very stress already sitting in front of him, so couldn't think of anything. Well, i don't really believed there's only 2, but i think i figured out what those 2 are. Guess it will be the secret between me and the prince.

After that, the middle age woman, who was sitting at the corner, started to shake, first the legs, then the head, the tian jiu niang niang, came out rather peacefully. She sat on the stool and waited. The 2 16 year old guys, burn some incense and went to pray, then both sat on the stools afterwards. The 1st one, the taller guy, eyes closed slowly, started coughing, then stopped moving as if he fell asleep. Then he started jumping up and down very aggressively, 3 people were around holding him down, and others was asking him to calm down. Ya his actions were very familiar, well because he is well known, the monkey god. He jumped onto the stool with 1 leg, in his trademark sun wu kong move. The other guy, meanwhile also started reacting violently, with 3 guys holding him down. He was the 红孩儿.

After the 2 of them calmed down, the monkey god and 红孩儿 started chatting. 红孩儿 was speaking in chinese, and the monkey god, well in his monkey language. Then the 三太子 started to talk, and conduct his lessons. One by one, the 3 gods were taught how to walk the ba gua thing, followed up by their own move. There was one particular interesting scene. 红孩儿 knelt down and pay his respects to the third prince, then after conversing for awhile, one of the spectator thought the conversation was over and asked him to get back to his seat. Then 红孩儿 replied softly in chinese "If the third prince never say i can stand up, then i have to carry on kneeling."

After the lesson, the gods pay their respect to each other and to their teacher, then went back to their seats. Like how they came, they left. 三太子 then said something funny, "now i can rest." Now at their conscious condition, the 2 guys looked very tired, perspiring all over. My auntie helping out there said that it was very strenous on their body.

At first i was very doubtful about this possession thing, believed that although there are a few genuine cases, most are done by fakes. However, the reasons cleared all doubts about these cases. Firstly, in the human realm, the third prince is actually the father of the 红孩儿, and when the signs came, he initially forbidded his son to be a medium, but the deity was persistent, and so they struck a deal that 红孩儿 can only appear at certain times, like once very 3 months, or something like that. The monkey god case was even more worse.

The monkey god actually possess that boy in school, and know what the school did? They called the ambulance. -_-, nice try. In the end his parents also had no choice but to strike a deal with the monkey god. Then the parents still have to kneel down in front of their "son" and call him da sheng ye.

Honestly, i really envy the 2 boys. It is an honour to let the gods use your body, and if i was the one chosen, i would gladly accept it. I've already been thinking of how to let them know. Anyway, the main objective is to help people right? So yeah, this will be the only CIP programme i will gladly undertake. Haha.

Ok i shall stop here, cause you readers here may think i'm mad, except for maybe thia and bu fan da shi, my 2 fellow buddhists. Seeing is believing, and since i saw it, i do believe it. Anyway, i don't intend on praying to them forever, i hope to be one of them, so yup, i must work hard!


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